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University is an opportunity

(5)·By adeolu a·Law· Jun 2023
University is an opportunity to grow and be more thank what you ever thought you could be and that's what allows you to make the most of it
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Linguistics, Year 4 Plus

(5)·By Katherine B·Linguistics· Oct 2018
It has truly helped me prepare for my future, it was a wonderfully social experience that was also filled with adventure and a sense of belonging. This human rights focused university gives freedom and acceptance to all of its community, together we are a family. :)
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Criminology, Year 1

(5)·By Stacey R·Psychology· Oct 2018
My university experience is great. I do a part time online course supplied from the university of essex. I have always wanted to do a degree but could not afford to leave my full time job to study full time. So this arrangement of studying part time and working full times is brilliant and would recommend it!
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Sociology, Year 3

(5)·By sophie k·Sociology· Jul 2021
it was very fun, the department did a freshers welcoming party where we had dominoes and wine!! and the su had events on all the time it's very nice and affordable the silbred centre and the albert sloman and huge places where you can go and study all my professors are the most interesting people i've met essex uni campus is like a mini town and there's never really any need to go into town , there's a shop a cinema a bar and restaurants
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Psychology / Criminology, Year 3

(5)·By Shifa N·Psychology· Jul 2021
During freshers week the psychology department organised many events to get students to make friends and learn more about the structure of the course. It was a very welcoming environment and we played games to break the ice with fellow students The accommodation was spacious, clean and safe. We have 24 hour security on campus and every flat has a residential assistant to help with any problems. The accommodation was cleaned once a week and spotless. We made the majority of our friends within our flats :) Lecture halls are incredibly clean and very spacious. The classrooms and library have multiple work spaces, you will never not find somewhere to study. Our student union is one of the friendliest group of people I've ever met. They can assist you with any problems you have. Our campus also has an on-site doctors and even a prescription delivery service. The lectures are easy to follow and the lecturers are so friendly. They all offer help outside of lectures to ensure all student are up to date and receiving the support they require. Colchester is a very friendly town. The residents are welcoming and polite and the town centre has many good places to eat, party and shop! Great nightlife! :)
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Politics at Essex

(5)·By Shantel O·Politics· Jun 2023
My university experience here has been amazing. Most lecturers are helpful and are always willing to go the extra mile, and the student Union is fun. Only downside is my dissertation supervisor is not that great.
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Law / Legal Studies, Graduate

(5)·By Ayesha T·Law· Jul 2021
The first week involved of understanding how the online platform work. We were introduced to our tutors and student advisors. We were also introduced the subject layour. I do not live there as I study online. However, I have heard great reviews about the accommodation. I hope I can complete my masters The online library is good. The student union is also very helpful and great. Always there to help The course structure is calm and does not seem to be rushed. The layout is explained well. Weekly lectures are given which are very helpful City life is good. Lots of friends and colleagues
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Biology / Biotechnology, Year 2

(5)·By Priya K·Biology· Jul 2021
Fresher's began before the course started, so I had plenty of time to enjoy all the events held by the clubs nearby Really good, clean flatmates, close to lecture halls and modern Onsite gym was really close by, as was the library. Loads of su stores for last minute shopping however security was poor Really involved lectures who made an effort with the students, great resources and also some lectures are interactive which is fun It was different more quiet than what I was used to and as it is a town however it really grows on u and you can always find something to do
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Economics, Graduate

(5)·By Roukaya M·Economics· Jul 2021
Good Essex gas Great accomodations, it one of the only universities where you can survive without leaving campus. You have all the different types of restaurants and a huge variety for all products in the shops, even halal options Amazing! 24h accessibility Lecturers were really passionate City life can be calm and busy at the same time. Plenty of cute little pathways
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Lovely campus, awesome academics

(5)·By Celia H·Other· Oct 2018
I'm currently an International Relations/Politics student and so glad I choose Essex. I went to an open day and loved the campus - its so convenient and friendly and I love the lakes in summer.

The academics are great, they really know their stuff and being a research university, they teach from experience and relate to today and also encourage us to get involved.

I love the campus experience but is great being near to London too but much cheaper living costs, my accommodation is ?70/week which is one of the cheapest I found.

I've got a part time job on campus, the job shop advertises all jobs around the area.

Love my time here so far, met people from around the world and friends I'll have for life.
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Eye opening!

(5)·By Ayla G·Business· Jun 2023
This university has opened my mind to education and inspires me for a better future.
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