University of Exeter FAQs

What is the main address of University of Exeter?

The main address of University of Exeter is: University of Exeter, Streatham Campus, Northcote House, Exeter, EX4 4QJ

How many campuses does University of Exeter have?

University of Exeter has only five campuses.

University of Exeter’s campuses are:

  • Knowledge Spa in Truro, Cornwall.
  • Penryn campus in Falmouth, Cornwall.
  • RILD Building in Exeter, Devon.
  • St. Luke’s campus in Exeter, Devon.
  • Streatham campus in Exeter, Devon.

Specific courses have to be studied at particular campuses.

Who is the Chancellor of University of Exeter?

University of Exeter's chancellor is Sir Michael Barber. The university's vice-chancellor is Lisa Roberts, who is also the university's chief executive.

Does University of Exeter offer Clearing courses?

Generally, University of Exeter will offer Clearing courses.

Does University of Exeter have any online courses?

Yes, University of Exeter does offer some online courses for students.

What is the motto of University of Exeter?

University of Exeter's motto is Lucem sequimur, which translates to "We Follow the Light".

How old is University of Exeter?

University of Exeter was initially founded in 1838 as St. Luke’s College. It then went under several transformations becoming Exeter School of Art in 1855, Exeter School of Science in 1863 and then the University of Exeter in 1955, when it received its royal charter.

What is the acceptance rate for University of Exeter?

University of Exeter has an acceptance rate of around 80%.

Is University of Exeter a Russell Group university?

University of Exeter is part of the Russell Group of Universities.

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