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Exeter - Cornwall campus

(5)·By Amelia T·History· Jun 2024
I’m studying at the Cornwall campus. I love it down here, it’s quite a small place but I think that gives a more close-knit feel because you’re often bumping into people you know. There’s a great selection of societies down here, I would recommend the water-based ones since we are by the sea, of course. I like that we share a campus with Falmouth uni as it means you meet so many different people and also means you can take advantage of all of the arts societies and facilities down here too. Nights out in Falmouth are great, there are a few small clubs but I think the best nightlife is in some of the independent music venues down here, they have live music on basically every night and it’s a really chilled vibe. Transport between Falmouth and Penryn is good but not great to get to many other places in Cornwall, except for Truro.
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(5)·By Wing L·Psychology· Jun 2023
sufficient tutorials and module convenors are happy to answer questions
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Medicine, Year 2

(5)·By Max M·Medicine· Jul 2021
I really enjoyed freshers week during 1st year as it was actually a freshers fortnight. This meant I had a lot of time to meet new people and have a lot of fun. Furthermore it gave me time to get to know exeter before the real work started. I lived in old lafrowda, and I really loved it and miss it now. I had a 10 person flat so was always something going on. Also being next to the student club is so ideal for nights out. The facilities are all very modern and easy to access. The sports facilities in exeter are world class and incredible to play on. The student bar is a bit small but it's on campus so very convenient Medicine at exeter is very self directed so you have to do a lot of the work yourself which is good as I find that more engaging than sitting in lectures all the time. Also allows me to do more of the things I want to do like play sport. The city isn't too big but not too small so is easy to get around. It has a large range of shops and is all very picturesque and quant
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Marketing, Year 2

(5)·By Julia S·Marketing· Jul 2021
Freshers week was amazing. Every single night for the entire week, each club had a different themed event so there was plenty to choose from. The uni as well as the local town did a lot to welcome new students. I have had the opportunity to visit many friends at different accomodations, all of which were really nice and I never heard any complaints. All in face areas whether on or off campus. Library had endless resources and you can get help whenever you need it, all classrooms are fitted with the newest technology, sports facilities are up to date and have amazing machines and there are a loooooot of societies to choose from whether sporty or not. Student Union always keeps up to date with students across all matter whether academic or not. The lectures were amazing because some I got to experience in groups of 500 in big lecture theatres, and some in small classrooms of 30 where learning was more focused and creative. Had the Opportunity to be thought by some great and well known professors which made me feel special. City life is amazing, not only the town centre has everything you need in a walking distance, it is very beautiful with a lot of history itself, and the local restaurants and cafes are the best. The night life is amazing too, every night a couple of different clubs were open so there was never a time where you would be stuck at home bored.
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Psychology / Criminology, Year 2

(5)·By Phoebe W·Psychology· Jul 2021
My freshers was very good. Lots of events and information. Really enjoyed the number of tasters for societies. I had great accommodation. Really great quality and close to campus. Paying was easy. Didn't use that many facilities. Those that I did were high quality and clean. Great places to eat. Really interesting content. Nice lecture halls, easy to find. Lecturers were very good on the whole. Really great! Plenty of nightclubs! But also a really nice city, perfect size and it has xmas markets!
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Geography, Year 2

(5)·By Lauren J·Geography· Jul 2021
Amazing. met loads of friends, went out a lot, discovered the best places and explored my city. Signed up for a few clubs Ensuite single room. Very clean and help available. communtiy feel Very good, well kept and accessible. Enjoyed the library study spaces which can be booked separately. Sports facilities also excellent Engaging with good teaching. Range of modules. People around me ntenterested in the same things with a good support network Not too big butbjust the right size. plenty of pubs and clubs, with bowling and batty bingo on offer too. Trains to the coast and other towns
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Computer Science, raduate

(5)·By Jamie G·Computing· Mar 2019
Really enjoyed it, got taught some basics about programming and the hardware and software of computers. It's my kind of thing so I decided to continue with it and now I graduated. I don't regret it at all, I also made some very close friends who I still talk to on a daily basis.

My first thought when I walked in was how clean it is. It didn't smell bad either. The room is nicely sized and came with everything I needed, I have no complaints.

The library is huge and has a large selection of books of every genre. Classrooms are tidy and are never usually left in a mess after lessons. Sport areas are great, I used them often.

I love computer science so I enjoyed everything about the course. It was entertaining because there was always something new I needed to learn. The lectures were perfect, I never got bored and I made sure to take notes and it helped a lot.

City is great, after moving here a couple years ago I have no complaints. There's everything I need up on the high street. People are usually really nice too, you don't run into many rude people which is a plus. I really enjoy living here!

Make sure to take a lot of notes because it's a lot to take in and learn. Can be overwhelming if you don't. Bringing a drink with you helps a lot too. It's a course that can be hard if not taken seriously, I found it hard myself but I really enjoyed it and I still gave it my all and ended up graduating.
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Physics / Astronomy, Year 2

(5)·By Nicola W·Physics· Jul 2021
There were plenty of activities to do both organised by the uni and not. The phsyics society put on a lot of events. It was a good time to get to know the campus and your course mates. A lot of different accommodation to offer. Some on campus which is useful. Quite expensive even far away from the uni. Clean and well looked after. Library is huge, a great place to study when there is room. Sports facilities are amazing, gym is great but a bit pricey. Lecture theatres are great, lots of room and very clean. The lecturers are great, they make lectures a lot of fun. The content can be quite difficult but there are a lot of recourses to help us. The lectures are only an hour long and you don't have many in a day. Exeter is a good city as it has a lot to offer but isn't too big. The nightlife is great as there are many clubs. Quite clean and not a lot of trouble, it's a safe area.
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(5)·By Nicolas M·Economics· Oct 2018
So much to say about this University. The wonderful campus, the friendly and relax atmosphere or the incredible sport facilities. My experience so far at this University was a perfect mix of relaxing activities, networking opportunities and brilliant studies. Exeter is a lovely city as well. It might be difficult at first to climb all its hills but once you've gained some muscle, you will be able to explore and enjoy the campus.
The staff are always supporting you, always keen to enhance your experience at University. The Lecturers are opened, academically marvellous and efficient in sharing their passion.
I strongly recommend this university where everyone can blossom and find itself.
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Law / Legal Studies, Year 2

(5)·By Annabel M·Law· Jul 2021
Terrifying but amazing! It was great to step out of my comfort zone. It was brand new, very clean and modern. It was slightly further away from uni but I still liked it. The staff were super friendly. Facilities are great. Love the campus style Lots of opportunity for feedback Relatively small city but has everything you need. Love it
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University of Exeter

(5)·By Jessica B·History· Jun 2023
Exeter's campus is one of the main reasons I chose it as my first choice. It has really nice views and the buildings are very well funded so there's plenty of facilities. The humanities department is very good and the lecturers are extremely helpful with anything you might need. The accomodation is very nice, and good value for what you're paying for.
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