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Great Social and Great People

(5)·By Ray H·Economics· Jun 2023
Society and sports culture is massive!
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Law / Legal Studies, Year 2

(5)·By Annabel M·Law· Jul 2021
Terrifying but amazing! It was great to step out of my comfort zone. It was brand new, very clean and modern. It was slightly further away from uni but I still liked it. The staff were super friendly. Facilities are great. Love the campus style Lots of opportunity for feedback Relatively small city but has everything you need. Love it
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Fantastic University

(5)·By Denise B·Psychology· Jun 2023
I have absolutely loved my uni experience so far! The accommodation is incredible, my course is so interesting and there's so much support. The mental health and education team are really easy to contact and so caring. The campus is beautiful and in a great location, and there are always really cool society's and events where you can go to things like the beach, pumpkin farms, expeditions etc. I also love the sports facilities and the fun sports society's like benchball. I cannot imagine myself at a different university- I feel as though they really want me to thrive here and they provide so many opportunities for career networking and tasters, as well as really helping with practical skills! The lecturers are super fast to respond and also have very useful office hours where you can ask for extra help. I'm super happy with my uni choice.
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Amazing Uni

(5)·By Emma A·English Studies· Jun 2023
I love my uni! The facilities are amazing, especially the gym. It's a gorgeous campus with loads of trees and very diverse.
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University of Exeter - green and cozy campus

(5)·By Elly-jayne W·Business· Jun 2023
The university of Exeter is a wonderful university with a lengthy list of resources, courses, facilities and accommodation options, I personally live at home and commute to Exeter (25 min drive ) and I couldn't be more happy / comfortable spending my time on campus for the day. The study spaces are comfy, respectful and incredibly useful - with the option of quiet rooms and booked facilities, the food options are fantastic, including veggie and vegan food ! ( I'm vegan ) and the people are wonderful. Some of my favourite modules include leadership and teams and marketing and society, both of which have been delivered to an excellent standard. Overall I couldn't be happier with my university choice and I would encourage anyone from any discipline to seriously consider such a wonderful campus, community and university. There is also the option for a year in industry with plenty of degree choices, I am doing this and the support given is outstanding !
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Law / Legal Studies, Year 2

(5)·By Emma P·Law· Jul 2021
Most of it was online because of COVID but it was sufficient in the circumstances It's a 10 minute walk from uni but it is a nice accomodation. They are really modern and good to study in Lecturers are friendly and I get a lot out of it Different to what I'm used to as I'm from the countryside but i enjoy it
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Why Exeter is right for me

(5)·By Freya H·History and Archaeology· Jun 2023
The accomodation is beautiful, spread across the campus and beautiful nature city. There are plenty of affordable options, all with their own unique charms, and the campus is just as beautiful too. There's plenty of greenery and nature to relax and unwind, and the city is small but not too small, so the perfect balance of big city and small town life.

The course modules are perfectly varied with plenty of options to choose from to specialise in various fields of the joint honours degree. And the facilities that the university offers are fantastic. There's plenty of study spaces, both in cafes and amongst nature, that provides a spot for any student if they prefer busy or quiet. And the nightlife is decent too. Not as varied as bigger cities like London or Bristol, but there's plenty of clubs and local pubs on offer.
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History, Year 2

(5)·By Georgie·History· Jul 2021
Freshers week was full of introductory lectures and activities that prepared me for my course. It allowed me to make friends on my course and familiarise myself with the department. Exeter's accommodation is outstanding. I was in the Printworks in first year, which was 15 minutes from university and 5 from town meaning it was the perfect location. The facilities were exceptional, including a study room and social area. The facilities are great. The library is modern with loads of study space and easy means of taking out and returning books. The sports facilities are exceptional and the Athletics Union and the Students Guild ensure there is a society for everyone. The course gives a breadth study from Medieval to Modern history in first year . It also allows two choice modules to further each students individual interests as well as more theory focused modules on the key concept of historiography which is essential for any history student. The city is a beautiful place to study with all the amenities you could wish for. It is small enough that it feels safe and well kept but the nightlife is great with many bars, restaurants and clubs which each have specific nights to go on, meaning they are always packed with your friends.
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Law at exeter

(5)·By Harry S·Law· Jun 2023
Brilliant course, great tutors.
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Biology / Biotechnology, Year 2

(5)·By Holly R·Biology· Jul 2021
It was so much fun I had such a great time and everyone I met were all super friendly. The city is really fun and super easy to find your way around with tonnes of things to do. Accommodation was brilliant, they felt so new even though they were built a while ago and were cleaned twice a week and the cleaners were so lovely. Really nice set up the fridges and ovens all worked really well and the communal area was massive. Facilities are great, there's loads of spaces and different areas to do work in and the lecture theatres are really big and have everything you need. The coffee shops on campus are also a big win, The course is super interesting and develops loads of details about previous learning while making sure everyone who comes from different backgrounds are able to get to the same area of knowledge. The lectures are all really engaging and the practicals make the course even better as can put into practice everything learnt in the lectures. The city is great it's pretty small for a city but that makes it super easy to find your way around, and if you like being by the countryside but also being 10 minutes train journeys away from the beach then Exeter is perfect for that! It also has everything super close by so only need to walk 10 minutes maximum to get to a shop.
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Geography, Year 2

(5)·By Lauren J·Geography· Jul 2021
Amazing. met loads of friends, went out a lot, discovered the best places and explored my city. Signed up for a few clubs Ensuite single room. Very clean and help available. communtiy feel Very good, well kept and accessible. Enjoyed the library study spaces which can be booked separately. Sports facilities also excellent Engaging with good teaching. Range of modules. People around me ntenterested in the same things with a good support network Not too big butbjust the right size. plenty of pubs and clubs, with bowling and batty bingo on offer too. Trains to the coast and other towns
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