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Forensic Science, Graduate

(5)·By Sarah E·Forensic Science· Jul 2021
Freshers week was a lot of fun with the university organising a lot of activities for us to do. These activities let us meet our new friends for life and get to know our lecturers and the university campus space. The nightclub was a major bonus for Kent as if allowed an easy night out with your new friends whilst also feeling safe. The accommodation was clean and spacious. Kitchen was a very good size and lots of space for each student. My room was a lovely size again with an ensuite, and surprisingly the bed was comfortable. The library was very good, lots of people to lend a hand and lots of study space to get work done in-between lectures and revise. The lecture theatres were also a good size with a theatre for all group sizes. The student union were very good, always standing up for what the students wanted and being their voice. My course studied a wide range of areas within forensic science, allowing for a broad range of careers for life after university. Each topic was interesting and informative. The practical elements of the degree were extremely useful in order to apply knowledge from lectures and was great to see knowledge become real life. Canterbury is beautiful and has lots to offer. It felt like a home away from home, cute little shops and a great afternoon stroll with the friends. Lots a activities in town as well such as punting, which was always a fun thing to do in the summer.
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Forensic Science, Year 2

(5)·By Gabryella S·Forensic Science· Jul 2021
Really interesting, we were set up with different activities demonstrating what we'd be facing in the future The accommodations are good and modern. They provide good quality space The library is big and provides us with various study areas being alone or for groups. We also have easy access to study material Lecturers are friendly and provide us all necessary help with the modules. We have good facilities for our lectures Canterbury has many shops and is packed with night clubs. It's definitely a student city
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Languages, Graduate

(5)·By Eloise S·Languages· Jul 2021
Freshers week was great-there were loads of things going on! There was the Freshers Fayre during the daytimes where you could find out about different societes & sports clubs and then events in the evenings like quizes and different themed events. There were also cool activites to get to know the campus, like scavenger hunts. There's a variety of accommodation to choose from and the options suit everyone's needs. There's catered or self-catered, en-suite or shared bathrooms, houses or flats, single or double rooms, accessible rooms. There's so many options and most people get what they prefer. The accommodation is cleaned regulary and any problems are fixed quickly. There are loads of facilities! The library is enornous with loads of study spaces- silent or social depending on what you prefer. The sports facilites are also great, there are a few sports halls for differsnt sports and the outdoors fields are great too. The gym is very well equiped. The courses are great because you can choose your modules, and pick what interests you most. The lecturers are engaging and make lectures very interactive It's a beautiful city with loads of pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants. There are lovely open parks and a beautiful river walk. Theres a good choice of shops and its a lively city!
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Business Studies / Management, Year 2

(5)·By Uke C·Business· Jul 2021
Freshers week was great, allowed me to meet loads of people some of which I am living with now. I don't actually drink so I was surprised that I found it as enjoyable as I did, but it all worked well. Really amazing accommodation, I was fortunate enough to get allocated a room with a double bed and an en suite. Although I'd liked to have seen them offer some kind of questionnaire to help allocate similar roommates to you. All facilities have been fantastic, I can honestly say that I'm not able to complain about much here at the university of kent. I am sporty so make good use of the gym and sports pitches, and others like the library have all exceeded my expectations International business has been really interesting, they have made the course more relevant to current times by updating case studies and using recent examples to help us find it more applicable. All lecturers and seminar leaders have been really knowledgeable and happy to go out of their way to help when needed. Canterbury is ideal for me, it's not too big that you irrelevant but not too small that you get bored. It has everything you'd need as a student including restaurants, clubs, shops, as well as cinemas and large areas of park, all of which is surrounded by historical architecture
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Drama, Year 3

(5)·By Harry N·Drama· Jul 2021
Exciting, lots going on, uni put on a lot of events for us Comfortable, understanding of disability, easy to move into Plenty of study facilities, lots of societies that are really friendly Good lecturers, people who care about the subject, very helpful Very calm but good nightlife and very pretty
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Dance, Year 3

(5)·By Maya L·Dance· Jul 2021
The most amazing introduction to the bright city of London and all its quirks It was really nice to be welcomed to the accommodation, everyone is so friendly. They're so many events to go to, meet new people. So it was a really warm enviroment Library's and student unions I'd say where the best part of living st student accomadatoon and being at uni. The libraries are fully stacked with so many books I was always living in the library. The course help me gain a lot of self discipline through my dance degree. The lectures were very strict which made the students a lot more motivated to become a better dancer. Full of colour, I was mesmerised how beautiful the city was once I moved to London. Everything was so big and never ending tunnels and places to go.
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Psychology / Criminology, Year 3

(5)·By Rebecca B·Psychology· Jul 2021
It was good! Not as exciting this year because of COVID so most things took place online whereas usually the atmosphere is incredible. The accommodation is great here. There's a wide range for all various prices and sizes. I recommend highly. All the facilities are faultless at the university of kent campus. There are no facilities that don't meet my needs Everything was good! They were taught really well, with good online resources! It was nice! I'm from a small village so it's a different experience being in a city
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Psychology, Year 2

(5)·By Zoe W·Psychology· Oct 2018
I am thoroughly enjoying my Year 2 at Kent and will be sad when it comes to an end next year! My lecturers give so much enthusiasm when teaching and all of the associates go out of their way to help! The night life is just as amazing with a nightclub on campus and then multiple other venues just a short way away in town. My university experience will forever be something I cherish and I am so pleased I chose Kent!
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Drama, dance and cinematics, Year 2

(5)·By Anna R·Drama· Oct 2018
I love it! Great facilities, wonderful city and amazing lecturers!
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History, Year 2

(5)·By Zoe M·History· Apr 2019
It was good, there were loads of socials that introduced you to other students and helped you get used to the campus life

I went for the most affordable accommodation and I loved it! It was a lovely 5 bed house and had great facilities with great housekeeping

Library had a lot of work done to it in my first and second year. But now it has finished it is such a great place to study. There are also a good amount of restaurants and bars on campus

I really liked the fact that I had a large selection of subjects and periods I could focus on. This really helped me understand what area of history I was passionate about and thus what I should do my dissertation on. It also made the course much more tailored to myself

Lovely! Canterbury is such a lovely city and has a great student vibe. There are so many places to eat and it's so beautiful

Make the effort to talk to your lecturers and ask for advice/questions. Most of them are really passionate about their subject and want to discuss it more with you. Don't be afraid to ask!!
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Anthropology, Year 3

(5)·By Connie B·Anthropology· Jul 2021
It was great! We got to participate in an archaeological dig, and there were plenty of events to get involved in to get to know people, both with anth-soc and the Uni in general It's pretty good, obviously there are varying standards depending on how much you're willing to pay, but I haven't heard of anything really awful! The library is fantastic (banging sandwiches too) sports facilities are great when they aren't too busy, and the SU work really hard for us! I found the content really interesting and engaging, and the lecturers try to make everything as interesting and memorable as possible. SAC offer lots of talks, guest lectures and trips which made the course even better. Living in a city is fantastic, especially when so much of it is student oriented- there are loads of student nights, student shopping evenings etc. It's nice to be somewhere busy while simultaneously safe for students
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