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English at Leeds

(5)·By Kate S·English Studies· Jun 2023
I did my UG and PG degree at Leeds and have always been blown away by the support offered to me as a first generation student. All at the School of English are passionate about their discipline, and this shines through their teaching.
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History, Year 2

(5)·By Joanna A·History· Oct 2018
The teachers are all so passionate and experts on the modules they teach. If you ever need any advice or help on essays they are willing to help if you also put the work in and make effort to make 1 on 1 appointments. With my course I have found that the modules are so diverse and there as none of them are compulsory you can pick which ones seem best for you!!

The nightlife in Leeds is definitely the best thing about my time here. With such a large student population theres always things going on and events are always selling out. Its an exciting and cheap city and only a short drive away is the beautiful Yorkshire Dales to get away from the chaos when essay deadlines are looming!

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Geography, Year 3

(5)·By Amber A·Geography· Jul 2021
Freshers was fun but very intense - you end up at the worst clubs but it's great to meet people at the beginning Great accommodation - proper mad one! Not all like that so pick James ballie Very good particularly the sports stuff (not that I ever went) but there should be more libarays because they are packed during exam season Good course - fieldtrips would have been good but covid got in the way otherwise lectures were good etc Great city and night life would highly recommend no regrets
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Anatomy and Physiology, Year 1

(5)·By Aine F·Anatomy· Oct 2018
Intercalating degree so only here to study fot the year. The course itself is Very challenging. Great university and student life. Greay atmosphere around the universitg and city. Everyone is vert friendly. Plenty of clubs and societies to join. The socials are great evert wednesday. Plenty of places to eat and go to drink. Wide selection of offers across various places for students .The library's are all freezing what is annoying. Happy I took the year to come to leeds for the year.
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Mathematics, Year 2

(5)·By Anna H·Mathematics· Oct 2018
I love my uni the nights out are amazing, the lecturing is of a high quality and there's so much support if you need help with anything! There are so many societies, something for everyone and there's always lots on in the union. I love it here.
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Accounting and Finance, Year 3

(5)·By Leanne H·Accounting· Oct 2018
A very inclusive university with so much going on - for example, they host 'give it a go' activities every year to give students a chance to try out what the different societies have to offer. The University is central and social with so many chances to find like minded people. Great nights out, for whichever types of nights you enjoy - there's an international night, jungle jam raves and then of course cheesy nights.
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Geography, Graduate

(5)·By Connor R·Geography· Jul 2021
It was pretty good. My course had lots of activities on and I managed to meet a lot of people from my course very quickly. I stayed at James Bailie Park. This was fun but also a bit noisy. The facilities at university of Leeds were excellent. The gym could be bigger though. My lectures were mainly good due to the passion expressed by my professors. My course was good as we went on many field trips including to Mallorca. City life in Leeds was amazing as I was close to all of my friends and there was always things going on.
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English Studies, Year 2

(5)·By Charlotte B·English Studies· Jul 2021
Freshers week was good, there was plenty of events both uni ran and external. I stayed in university accommodation during first year and the accom ran many ice breaker events and social events with free food and gifts. There was a lot of nightlife events going on every day of freshers week too The accommodation is lovely and averagely cheap considering how close to the city centre it all is. When I stayed in accommodation last year, it was sleek and accessible, very sociable with many events on. I was very happy living there University of Leeds' facilities are wonderful! They've got many good libraries, sport areas etc and the student union has lovely social areas, bars and shops. It's one of the star features of the uni I love learning at the university of Leeds and before covid-19 I loved going onto campus for my lectures and theatre workshops (as I do English Literature and Theatre Studies). There is a big range of lecturers and great pastoral support City life was always something I was looking forward to when going to university and it hasn't disappointed so far. Everything is so accessible and close to the uni. Transport is brilliant and nothing is too far to walk to
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Social work, Graduate

(5)·By Charlotte H·Social Policy· Oct 2018
Fantastic experience, met some great friends, ace nightlife and bagged a dream job after graduating! Doesn't get much better than that really!
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Medicine, Year 3

(5)·By Chileshe W·Medicine· Jul 2021
It was really fun, since we had the university of Leeds freshers which was really exciting, allowing me to meet new people. We also had a medic freshers week specifically for our course allowing us to do multiple events. It's excellent quality of accommodation and the maintenance is really efficient with dealing any problems. They also have great events on for all students to attend throughout terms. The student union is incredible, especially the events and concerts that go on there. The library is easy to use and locate and are all spacious. The course is really student friendly and it has a great combination of knowledge based learning and placement. The students are also excellent so working in teams with them is great. Leeds is really electric and exciting and there's always something to do. The centre is beautiful and the clubbing scene is great.
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Marketing, Graduate

(5)·By Aria B·Marketing· Jul 2021
Best time of my life. Got to meet loads of new and different people It's a good size room compared to when I went to uni in London. Kitchen is quite small Massive gym, classroom were quite big, library was really good place to study I learnt the necessary skills to do my job now. Also very interesting Brilliant, loads of pubs and clubs. Bit rough around the shed and did see someone get stabbed
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