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Geography, Graduate

(5)·By Alice B·Geography· Jul 2021
Very fun freshers week we went out every night to different clubs and bars. Explored the city both at night and in the day and yeh freshers fair let us see the opportunities available at the uni My accommodation was slightly pricier than others but close to the city centre so we could just walk into town and didn't have to pay for a bus pass like other off campus accommodation. It was social within my block however difficult to travel between blocks to socialise - I agree this is for safety however made it less sociable. Library had a good selection of material however was slightly run down. It was impossible to get a desk when everyone was revising and always cold! Student union (guild) always had events on and do the best burritos on the world - they support worthy causes too! Sport areas were well run however the university gym was a little small Sometimes we would be studying books that the lecturers themselves had written! All at the forefront of their field and made lectures interactive and fun. Good mix between teaching and questioning. Very lively so many bars and clubs to go to in the evening and also good student deals with cheap entry/ drinks. The city itself is full of culture so you get a nice balance of nights out and interesting days out! Liverpool docks always have fun events running and there are little Christmas markets every year!
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Dentistry, Year 4 Plus

(5)·By Heba I·Dentistry· Oct 2018
Moving from Canada and away from home, I was quite nervous. But this university and this city became ?home away from home.? I have grown so much in the last 4 years and have made some lifelong friends. This is my final year of dentistry and the course in UoL has prepared me so well for the ?real world?. I was involved in bhangra and bollywood societies and met people from other courses which gave me a nice break from dentistry. The nightlife, the food, the attraction sites - there is so much to do here at any time of the day. I am really glad I moved to Liverpool. It has been an incredible experience and I will really miss it when I graduate.
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Geology, Year 3

(5)·By Connor C·Geology· Oct 2018
The university campus is compact and brilliant! The lecturers are very personal and supportive and work on many research projects relating to their teaching areas and being this new knowledge into their teaching.
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Psychology, Year 1

(5)·By Ruth F·Psychology· Oct 2018
So far, my university experience has been amazing. Accommodation is fantastic, the societies are great, lectures are interesting. The staff are phenomenal and incredibly helpful and supportive. The university resources online (such as official course forums, library books available as ebooks, etc) are a god send. The nightlife is great, and there's always something to do for people of all tastes (both at night and during the day). I've met fantastic people and can't wait to progress further.
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Accounting, Graduate

(5)·By Hannah T·Accounting· Jul 2021
The uni put on loads of events for the students including a round the city quiz instead of our first lecture. Dominos and half a pint of wine always offered at every event. I lived in crown place, good for those who don't mind sharing and there's even a cleaner for communal areas. Liked having an en-suite as I wasn't used to sharing a bathroom. I never spent much time in the library's until second year but there's so many resources which I would defo advise to use. Many sporting facilities like the gym and sport teams. The lecturers knew that our degree isn't the most exciting but despite that always made it as interesting as possible. Including standing on chairs and throwing food at us to get us involved. I come from a small town so when I moved to Liverpool the nightlife stunned me. There's something for everyone including £1.50 tequila shots in cava
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Law, Third Year

(5)·By Katy M·Law· Oct 2018
My university experience is challenging but so rewarding. Third year of law enables me to meet face to face with clients and real legal problems to solve. I've also made the best friends. I don't regret my decision at all to come to university. Has been the best experience! Especially since I met my current boyfriend there. Uni FTW.
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Pharmacology and pharmacy, Year 2

(5)·By Jada B·Pharmacology / Pharmacy· Oct 2018
Really enjoy being at this uni, there is so much for students to do around the city and also the university guild provides lots of things to do. Also the lecturers always help when needed.
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Law, Year 1

(5)·By Lydia K·Law· Mar 2019
Very busy and hectic but made lots of lovely friends.. My accomadation is really nice and clean. All the staff are really friendly and helpful.. Very good facilities. The gym is usually very busy but the 24 hour library is very helpful.. My course and lectures are very well structured and resources are readily available on VITAL.. Lots of opportunity for socialisation and going out. Plenty of nice restaurants, bars and clubs and shops.. Its a lot of reading but it is worth it.
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Nursing, Graduate

(5)·By Sophie S·Nursing· Jul 2021
Very busy! I was out every night as I was a rep for the in town events. Definitely the best way to start your uni experience I stayed in private accommodation The gym is amazing and has a fab pool which I still use now. The union always has something going on and you can book out rooms We always had guest speakers in which gave us a proper insight to the real nursing world Liverpool is the best city in the world. Everyone is so friendly
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Criminology, Year 2

(5)·By Amelia D·Psychology· Apr 2019
Freshers week was okay, clubs not the best, wish the events they had on were better. The university could have made it clearer what was going on during the day. Over all would rate it 6/10.

I live in private accommodation, ran by then student housing company called ablett house. I picked here because it was closer to the uni than the accommodation uni was offering me. Ablett always put on games and events in the common room for us and the people are very welcoming.

The library offers lots of space, there is mutiple different areas to go depending on the level of noise you want to work in. The lecture halls are big but to benefit everyone they have more than one screen. The classroom are equipped fully so you don’t have to worry about forgetting something and know that your going to be taught the best you can. The sports areas are good but very overpriced and a bit away for the uni so requires having a bus pass.

The people in my course are very welcoming and easy to talk to. The lecturers themselves are the same they make you feel comfortable enough to to ask questions if you get stuck. They make the work challenging but easy to follow.

I love living so close to the city centre it makes think so much more sociable as I’m only 5 min walk from local pub and clubs. I am also surrounded by mutiple other accommodations so easily make friends. I am close to the shopping centres and have many local shops to pick from.

Keep up to date with all work and to make sure that you complete the seminar work because it’s really helpful when it comes to exams and essays later on. If you happen to miss a lecture i would find time to make notes another time.
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Dentistry, Year 1

(5)·By Sarah C·Dentistry· Oct 2018
Crazy hard and I can't go out that often as I'm so busy with work
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