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Great university

(5)·By Isabelle H·Management· Jun 2023
On campus accommodation is great, although the food isn't the nicest it's such a fun sociable experience and having vistited other unis with self catered accommodations I wouldn't change mine. I find Nottingham to be the perfect size for students, lots of clubs and bars but not too big a city to get lost! I love it here and wouldn't change it at all!!
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English Studies, Graduate

(5)·By Lucy M·English Studies· Jul 2021
So much fun with lots of events and mixers on Mostly catered halls, rooms with shared bathrooms that get cleaned twice a week 2 huge libraries, huge gym and sports areas, can't recommend enough The tutors were capable and the course was very wide and varied. Lots of variety and opportunity to get involved The city was great, lots of clubs and bars, lots of events for students
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I'm so glad I've come to UoN

(5)·By Layla R·Chemical engineering· Jun 2023
The university of Nottingham is a beautiful university. First of all the city has loads to do whilst also being quite quiet due to not many residents. The city is made up of mostly students so you feel very safe and comfortable. The university itself is set as its one little village, making you feel very at home. The accommodation I chose, Nottingham two, is quite far from the uni but I chose it due to the big room sizes and en-suite options. I really enjoy my chemical engineering course. Both students and lecturers are really friendly and helpful. Lecturers are willing to give up all of their free time to help you understand their subject and never get frustrated with you. The social scene at Nottingham is also very vibrant. I personally don't drink so was afraid my social life would be drab. However, you always find your people and the uni life becomes amazing.
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Business Studies / Management, Graduate

(5)·By Trisha U·Business· Jul 2021
Absolutely amazing! Super hectic, but since everything is optional it was an amazing array of talks, socials, events and lectures. Really clean / I stayed in catered halls and the set up was such that we made friends so easily! I'm beat friends with all the people I was in halls with 5+ years ago :) Everything was top notch. The architecture and facilities are truly marvellous and few universities have the same level of infrastructure and beauty! Firstly, the teachers. All so awesome! Secondly, the interactive courses and highly updated and innovative course matter :) Nottingham is one of the most fun cities to live. It's surrounded in culture and affordable entertainment. Perfect for any English or International students (like myself)
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Other subjects allied to medicine, Third Year

(5)·By Sarah N·Medicine· Oct 2018
Absolutely loved my time at Nottingham. The lecturers are so helpful, they all know you so well, are always there to help and go out of their way to make he lectures interactive and fun. The facilities are fabulous and such good value for money.

It has been the best two years of my life so far and I have felt so supported throughout
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Amazing uni!

(5)·By Ruth T·Languages· Jun 2023
I transferred here following a bad experience at a different well known university. I was nervous to move, but Nottingham have been so accommodating. All my needs are met by the staff here and I feel fully supported. The quality of teaching is really good and the campus is beautiful. I wish I'd come here from the start as it feels like home and there's no other university I'd recommend. I don't stay in the accommodation, but from what I've seen it looks really good. It's all on campus and fairly close to the facilities. There is also a hopper bus which goes across the differenct campuses and a local bus which goes through campus past all the accommodations. I find my course really good and it has a wide variety of interesting modules. You can also do up to 40 credits from another school as a subsidiary module which gives you a bit more freedom, particularly if you struggle to pick one subject. The facilities are top quality, with multiple libraries, study spaces, coffee shops and other shops including costa, boots, spar and subway all on campus. The social life here is great. We have a big SU and the city centre is filled with clubs, bars and other social activities like crazy golf and axe throwing. It's a great uni in a great city.
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Amazing Course

(5)·By Keira L·Psychology· Jun 2023
Great course and facilities. The module choice is great and Nottingham as a whole is an amazing place. The campus is beautiful and feels like home. I'd recommend this university to all. The help is great here and the learning is an amazing ecperince.
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Great for Engineering

(5)·By Megan L·Engineering· Jun 2023
Excellent facilities for engineering students, libraries are great
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Very good

(5)·By Lily M·Languages· Jun 2023
Despite a few strikes and lectures that are hard to understand. In general nottingham is a friendly and very welcoming environment, with a. Great language dept.
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Pharmacology and pharmacy, Year 4 Plus

(5)·By Amy H·Pharmacology / Pharmacy· Oct 2018
Amazing! So many great clubs, bars and restauraunts as well as seasonal events such as Goose Fair and Xmas Markets. University campus is beautiful and so green. A lot of money has been put into building a brand new gym which is amazing.
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Art and Design, Year 1

(5)·By Rhianna·Art· Oct 2018
I've had such a great time at university so far. My tutors are always so passionate about my course and are all in the industry which is a big help. I've made some amazing friends this year, our favourite nights out being cocotang or rock city. We always have a laugh. I'm absolutely loving university so far and can't wait for what's still to come. :)
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