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Great university

(5)·By Isabelle H·Management· Jun 2023
On campus accommodation is great, although the food isn't the nicest it's such a fun sociable experience and having vistited other unis with self catered accommodations I wouldn't change mine. I find Nottingham to be the perfect size for students, lots of clubs and bars but not too big a city to get lost! I love it here and wouldn't change it at all!!
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Chemical engineering, Year 1

(5)·By Lizzie S·Chemical / Process / Energy· Oct 2018
Fab so far. Freshers week was awesome and absolutely shattered especially having induction sessions alongside. I'm living off campus on Raleigh Park. I liked the campus accommodation but I love it here, my flat mates are all super cool and it's much bigger and prettier than I expected. Especially love the LIDL across the road - my weekly shop this week was less than ?20 (love the 2 litre bottles of diet lemonade for 17p). Everyone else on my course that I've met is catered so I guess chemical engineers can't cook lol. about the university - the lecturers are nice and helpful and funny
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University of Nottingham review

(5)·By Jess W·History· Jun 2023
The University of Nottingham is an amazing uni, I love my course and all the facilities that are offered. The campus is absolutely stunning and Nottingham is a great student city. I would recommend everything about the uni.
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Politics and international relations, Third Year

(5)·By Abi F·Politics· Oct 2018
The best experience I have ever had! Not only do I love my course but I've made best friends for life- Nottingham is the perfect place to study, in my opinion, with both great student satisfaction and academic record.
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Social Policy and Social Work, Year 1

(5)·By Amrita S·Social Policy· Mar 2019
I enjoyed freshers week, we had a lot of introductory lectures involving a brief overview of the course and a change to meet service users. An organisation called SEA talked to us on the importance of social workers, we worked alongside this company many times throughout the year. As my course is quite small, freshers allowed us to all meet eachother and build relationships before the course teaching commenced. This was beneficial for all of us as we all came from different backgrounds; if we wasn’t given the chance to do this, I may not have socialised with the mature members of the course.

I live in accomodation that is underseen be the University of Nottingham but it is not on campus. I live in self catered accommodation. The accommodation is at a high standard, any issues are felt with promptly and I feel safe in the residence. The residency provides a bus that goes directly to and from the Univeristy; this is a big help as it reduces transportation times.

The facilities at the University are up to a high standard. The library is always quiet and has a wide range of resources available. You are able to book study rooms for group work, but there are many places around the University where you are able to study quietly.

I enjoy my course because of the small class size. As not many studuents take my course, my seminar tutors and lectures tend to know everyone by name. This makes the lectures more personal and allowed us to ask more questions. I also enjoy my lectures because we often have service users coming and talking to us, this allows us to have a representation of our future job.

The city life in Nottingham is good, during the day there are lots of activities to do such as mini golf, laser tag and shopping. The town centre is always busy and full of life. A lot of events go on such as the goose fair and winter wonderland. The night life in Nottingham never fails to disappoint, there are loads of clubs and bars; you will never run out of things to do.

Social Work is not what I expected. There is a lot of stigma surrounding my future profession and it often tend to knock down your self confidence. However, it is always important to remind yourself on the passion you have towards your career. The reason for the stigma is due to lack of understanding of the profession, it is our job as future Social Wprlers to remove this stigma. Furthermore, the profession also retires a lot of emotional strength; from going on placement I realised how stressful the profession actually is.
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Engineering, Year 3

(5)·By Andrea M·Engineering· Jul 2021
Freshers week was busy. We had introductory lectures most days. There was also a group exercise to help us all get to know each other a bit better. The accommodation options cater for all needs. There are many different room types available such as shared bathroom/ensuite options. You can also choose between catered or self catered accommodation. The libraries are great, they have different 'zones' - some where you can talk and other silent areas. The David Ross sports centre is massive, has a great gym, squash courts and all kinds of exercise classes. The student union is located centrally on campus. The course is accredited by IMechE so it is very valuable. The content varies a lot between modules so nothing is boring. The lectures are engaging and are all recorded which is very useful for revision. Nottingham is a vibrant student city. There are lots of great shops, cool bars and plenty of nightclubs.
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Education, Year 1

(5)·By Andrew·Education / Teacher Training· Oct 2018
Having moved to university being originally from Northern Ireland University was a new beginning for me. As someone who doesn't cope well with big changes this was surely one to make or break me! Having moved into my accomadation in city centre it was time to start meeting people I would be living with! That's a nervous thing in itself! After being shy for about an hour once the first few drinks start flowing then everyone gets to know each other and you become like one big dis functional family. Nights out at university are most defiantly the best nights out you will ever go on. They are crazy they are weird but most of all so enjoyable. I remember my 1st house party at university and ending up in someone's else's kitchen at 4am and eating their toast with jam! And ending up in a basement full of mattress that was clearly somewhere I shouldn't have been. Student nights out are so free everyone just wants to relax and find themselves after long days in lectures. It's incredibly fun to meet people from all over the world on student nights out and of all ages to and that's part of what I love no where else can give you that opportunity. Also bonus of being a student is you can always get student deals at the bar!

University lectures come with a high and a low to be honest some days you wonder why you are actually at university and what are you actually learning. I have found myself staring into space after about five minutes into a lecture. Probably shouldn't tell my lecturers that one! University tutors are the most down to earth people ever and I know at my university they really respect what struggles students go through. They are always there to speak with and the university has a good network of support available and I know I have called on this during my time this year. I know at my university the staff always make me laugh during semanairs and they deliver rewarding and interactive learning which suits everyone. They allow freedom and the chance to actually be taken serious as an adult trying to stand on y
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Building / Construction, Graduate

(5)·By Melissa S·Building / Construction· Jul 2021
Freshers week was great. Really eased into things with a lot of introductory classes. Staff were really friendly! Lots of resources to get around campus and the area etc Halls were nice because they weren't flats, everyone was all together in one big building. Nice common room spaces, which were kept super clean. A new sports centre was built in my second year and it was top notch! Classrooms were pretty nice. Library's were quite modern except hallward. Recorded lectures were really useful to have so you could go back to them later. Tutorials were pretty small which was a great chance to get some extra help. City life was quite nice. There's a big mall and a really great cinema. Night life was fantastic too.
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(5)·By Arwen W·Psychology· Jun 2023
I have really enjoyed my experience at this uni so far. The campus is absolutely beautiful and img accommodation (Rutland Hall) is conveniently on campus, where I can access my lectures as well as the gym and places to eat easily. I enjoy the social aspect of my catered accommodation and feel that it's an excellent place to make friends. I have also found the lectures interesting on my course and have been able to access help if necessary. The city of Nottingham is a lively social city with everything you need.
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My open honest experience

(5)·By Arya N·Medicine· Jun 2023
I feel so happy at this university I'm so glad I came here :)
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My time at University so far:

(5)·By Rachel A·Politics· Jun 2023
I am a second year student here at the University of Nottingham, and so far, my time here at university has been a rather pleasant experience. During my application to universities during Sixth Form, I felt rather drawn to what the University of Nottingham had to offer, therefore making it my preferred choice. When it came to selecting my course, there were a variety of courses to offer in different departments, and even within those departments, therefore many options to choose from when it came to selecting a course. In the end, I ended up opting for the Politics and International Relations course, as it aligned closely with Politics and aspects of English Literature we had covered in Sixth Form. In addition to this, reading through the overview of the course on the university page, aside from the rather interesting module choices that were available, the course also had a lot to offer, including many useful placement opportunities and study abroad opportunities for individuals like myself who aim to expand their way of thinking and knowledge, and incorporate new ideas into the way they think, and learn and experience many more new things. Having already completed the first year of the degree, I have been very satisfied with the content we are taught, and the manner in which we are taught. It is done in a manner which makes it both engaging but not too overwhelming for students. With each lecture and seminar, I do feel like I have learnt something rather new and interesting, and in cases where I am too unsure about certain pieces of the content, the professors and seminar tutors have been very helpful and informative during office hours, which are very straightforward to book. The accommodation that I stayed in for my first year was Broadgate Park, through the University, and it was a rather pleasant experience. The team were very welcoming, friendly and informative, making the moving process much easier. Aside from this, it was located in perfect distance from the campus, grocery shops, the town centre, and any other amenities. In terms of the social aspect here, the University provided numerous opportunities for first years to meet people, with a range of societies and clubs which suit multiple interests, sports teams to get involved, and each all had rather engaging social media pages, and therefore I found it easy to get involved with some of the social activities they had to offer, including netball, politics society, and debate society. Aside from what the University has to offer, the city of Nottingham is also packed with many places which allow students to relax, have fun and socialise. To conclude, so far my experience at the University of Nottingham has been rather wonderful, and certainly exceeded my expectations which I had when coming to university, and the city itself didn’t seem to disappoint. So to anyone looking to apply to the University of Nottingham whether it be to study Politics and International Relations, or any other course the University has to offer, I say just go for it, as your time here will hands down be some of the best years of your life.
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