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English Studies, Graduate

(5)·By Sian B·English Studies· Jul 2021
Freshers week at UON was an exciting introduction to university life. Being in catered halls, all of my nights out and transport were pre-arranged, which I thought was great since most students were completely new to Nottingham. The nights out were long, fun and eventful and the uni made sure we were safe and had help available if needed. In my first year of university, I lived in a catered hall on campus - one of many. I thoroughly enjoyed this year, with the stress of food shopping and cooking not an issue for me, I was able to concentrate on making friends and settling into my studies. I felt safe and comfortable. I lived in a shared house in my second and third year, which I also very much enjoyed! I am so thrilled I picked UON - I feel as if no other university would compare. Most of my teaching / studying was carried out in the Trent Building, UON's beautiful trademark building. The gym was probably the best I've ever attended, with amazing floor to ceiling windows, lots of space and a positive fitness environment. There was a large selection of libraries to pick from as well as many different study spaces on campus. The student union was a friendly, encouraging and uplifting space, both the hub of the uni and a great place to relax and/or get food. I loved my course for its diversity - it was not just purely canonical literature and allowed students to study across language, literature, history and drama. We were able to select modules from a largely diverse list, specialising in a range of different subjects. My lectures and lecturers were engaging, offering thought provoking lectures that left you thinking about them long after the lecture had ended. I thoroughly enjoyed the freedom we had when it came to coursework and our dissertation projects. Nottingham is the perfect location for students. The buzz of the city is noticeable, with its lively nightlife and cultural activeness. The city is a perfect distance from the university, allowing the best of both worlds with a beautiful green campus on your doorstep and a vibrant and convenient city a short journey away.
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Chemical / Process / Energy, Year 2

(5)·By Ehui C·Chemical / Process / Energy· Jul 2021
Great, partied every day for a whole week. Met new friends and did many fun activities Fantastic, but my neighbour was sometimes really noisy. Other than that, everything was fine Library is good but not big enough to facilitate the amount of students that we have. Lectures were structured and well planned. Lecturers are easy to approach and give clear information Nottingham has a great city life, with amazing food, shops and night life
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Psychology / Criminology, Year 2

(5)·By tara h·Psychology· Jul 2021
It was good. The introductory lectures were informative and the night life was great! The accommodation is comfortable and clean. I was in the accommodation with the smallest rooms but i still loved it- also was fully catered. The university have a lot of libraries that are big and easy to work in. They have a massive gym in which you can do any sport you like really: volleyball, swimming, rock climbing etc. The course was very engaging, the lectures were structured in a logical way and the contact hours were not overwhelming. The lectures were also recorded which really helped with revision and making sure you understood everything after the lecture. Nottingham is a lively city. There is always so much to do e.g mini golf, restaurants, christmas markets. The night life is also great and everything in the city is close today which is a bonus.
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Chemical engineering, Year 1

(5)·By Lizzie S·Chemical / Process / Energy· Oct 2018
Fab so far. Freshers week was awesome and absolutely shattered especially having induction sessions alongside. I'm living off campus on Raleigh Park. I liked the campus accommodation but I love it here, my flat mates are all super cool and it's much bigger and prettier than I expected. Especially love the LIDL across the road - my weekly shop this week was less than ?20 (love the 2 litre bottles of diet lemonade for 17p). Everyone else on my course that I've met is catered so I guess chemical engineers can't cook lol. about the university - the lecturers are nice and helpful and funny
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Philosophy, Year 3

(5)·By Elizabeth H·Philosophy· Jul 2021
Freshers week was full of opportunities to meet people, join new clubs and see the nightlife. We also got introduced to all the technical aspects of our degree so I felt very prepared to start the following week. My accommodation was catered which was very sociable as we all got to eat together in a big dining hall and didn't have to worry about cooking and cleaning either! We also got an en suite which was great to have my own space but also got to mix with loads of people with our shared common room and small kitchens. Our facilities at Nottingham are really diverse. We not only have so many different study spaces aside from the library, but also an amazing gym facility too with a huge climbing wall and all different types of courts that you are able to book and use as a member. The course is very diverse and allows a lot of flexibility with module choice even from as early as first year. The seminars are really engaging and a great chance to discuss what we learnt in lectures. Nottingham is the best of both worlds because you have the amazing green campus and also a busy and active city. The nightlife is very active but there are also lots of other activities in the city to do if that's not your thing.
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Psychology, Year 2

(5)·By Lauren D·Psychology· Oct 2018
I've really enjoyed my time at this university. There are so many resources to access and the lecture recordings are helpful if you cannot avoid missing a lecture for whatever reason (doctors appointments, family emergencies, etc.). There's a lot of support for people with extenuating circumstances too. There are loads of opportunities to try new things and do added extras such as the advantage award and some paid positions that involve running tours on open days and doing presentations at schools. Also, there is such a large quantity of societies that everyone will find something, be it course, sports or hobby based.
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Social Policy and Social Work, Year 1

(5)·By Amrita S·Social Policy· Mar 2019
I enjoyed freshers week, we had a lot of introductory lectures involving a brief overview of the course and a change to meet service users. An organisation called SEA talked to us on the importance of social workers, we worked alongside this company many times throughout the year. As my course is quite small, freshers allowed us to all meet eachother and build relationships before the course teaching commenced. This was beneficial for all of us as we all came from different backgrounds; if we wasn’t given the chance to do this, I may not have socialised with the mature members of the course.

I live in accomodation that is underseen be the University of Nottingham but it is not on campus. I live in self catered accommodation. The accommodation is at a high standard, any issues are felt with promptly and I feel safe in the residence. The residency provides a bus that goes directly to and from the Univeristy; this is a big help as it reduces transportation times.

The facilities at the University are up to a high standard. The library is always quiet and has a wide range of resources available. You are able to book study rooms for group work, but there are many places around the University where you are able to study quietly.

I enjoy my course because of the small class size. As not many studuents take my course, my seminar tutors and lectures tend to know everyone by name. This makes the lectures more personal and allowed us to ask more questions. I also enjoy my lectures because we often have service users coming and talking to us, this allows us to have a representation of our future job.

The city life in Nottingham is good, during the day there are lots of activities to do such as mini golf, laser tag and shopping. The town centre is always busy and full of life. A lot of events go on such as the goose fair and winter wonderland. The night life in Nottingham never fails to disappoint, there are loads of clubs and bars; you will never run out of things to do.

Social Work is not what I expected. There is a lot of stigma surrounding my future profession and it often tend to knock down your self confidence. However, it is always important to remind yourself on the passion you have towards your career. The reason for the stigma is due to lack of understanding of the profession, it is our job as future Social Wprlers to remove this stigma. Furthermore, the profession also retires a lot of emotional strength; from going on placement I realised how stressful the profession actually is.
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Economics, Graduate

(5)·By Aviv L·Economics· Jul 2021
Freshers at the University of Nottingham was so much fun! It was very well organised by the university. Nights outs were organised by Halls. The accommodation at University of Nottingham was also great. The scenery and greenery on campus is second to none. Cripps hall where I lived was stunning. The libraries and gyms were brilliant. George Green library is where I spent most of my time in 3rd year and I always felt comfortable. It is comforting seeing loads of students in the same position as you. The lecturers were clearly knowledgable and passionate about teaching. That really reflects well on the students. Best city for university. Student town! Never felt unsafe.
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Accounting and Finance, Year 2

(5)·By Ayan a·Accounting· Oct 2018
My experience at University was an interesting one as I came from abroad. I didn't expect Trent to be this enjoyable. It's not just the social life. Although there are some perks about VKs and fancy dress, I think what I enjoy the most is the unity of the students. There's so much support and so many things to get involved in such as Trent girls can and global week. There's no chance for me to feel lonely so far away from home because Trent has become my home away from home. What's more interesting is that growing up I was told that at university the lecturers and tutors don't care as much as they did in high school. That's not true at all over here. The tutors care about the quality of our work and also about our well-being. I got into financial trouble earlier and couldn't enrol on time but the lecturers didn't want me to miss any lectures so I've been contacted by all my lecturers with the lecture slides so I don't miss anything. Honestly Trent is the best university! T-R-E-N-T! WE ARE THE TRENT ARMY!!!
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Politics / International Relations, Year 3

(5)·By Joe J·Politics· Jul 2021
Amazing. Met so many new pals Very good. Had many great housemates and the overall surroundings were friendly Top class facilities. Very modern and clean Very clearly structured and taught. Easy to follow with simple yet demanding instructions on how to study and write essays Very good. Very friendly environment that was always good vibes
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English Studies, Graduate

(5)·By Lucy M·English Studies· Jul 2021
So much fun with lots of events and mixers on Mostly catered halls, rooms with shared bathrooms that get cleaned twice a week 2 huge libraries, huge gym and sports areas, can't recommend enough The tutors were capable and the course was very wide and varied. Lots of variety and opportunity to get involved The city was great, lots of clubs and bars, lots of events for students
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