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Beautiful campus based university but with the added extra of a busy city centre close by

(5)·By Lorna B·Law· Jun 2023
If you are looking for a campus based university with a diverse range of courses then Reading is a great choice. Set in beautiful grounds but also in close proximity to the busy shops and entertainment of the city centre, Reading has a wide variety of courses at differing levels. The level of teaching is excellent across the university and there are many extracurricular societies and clubs to join bringing a good social side to a student's academic study. A really fantastic place to live and study.
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Geography and Environmental Studies, Year 2

(5)·By Adam H·Geography· Oct 2018
Reading has been really good by providing me with lots of opportunites, such as placements and study abroad. The lecture theatre in Henley business school is really modern with comfy seats.

The accomadation is really nice as there is a mix of traditional buildings to brand new builds.

The student union is really good for events and entertainment. I have many happy memories there. There is plenty of events throughout the year, from comedy to music performers.
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Psychology / Criminology, Year 2

(5)·By Alisha T·Psychology· Jul 2021
Boring. Just generic activities planned for all new starters Good depending on where you are placed Good . Library has a large collection of books. Good eating options on campus which cater to diverse student population Individual opinions matters. Given the ability to think outside the box Loved Reading. A very nice safe student town
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Psychology / Criminology, Graduate

(5)·By Angie O·Psychology· Jul 2021
Really well organised, got the chance to meet a lot of people from both my course and nearby halls. I loved the accommodation, plenty of space, under bed storage, clean and tidy kitchen area. Good except the library was undergoing renovation during the majority of my time studying. Very interesting, mostly good engaging lecturers and options to choose. Plenty of nightlife and restaurants/shopping. And loads of activities within a couple miles of the town.
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Loved my time doing Environmental Earth Science

(5)·By Beverley H·Geology· Jun 2023
I studied Environmental Earth Science from 2004-2007, mainly as I was torn between meteorology and geology, however the course was very diverse and I studied everything from biodiversity, to geophysics and forensic geology.
The lecturers were very knowledgeable and the field work was amazing.
Now I am in the oil and gas industry as a business development manager, helping the UK North Sea sector to safely and effectively plug and abandon old wells, such that we do not impact the environment.
Reading is a fantastic city to study in, and the campus is beautiful, with one of the largest collections of trees in the U.K.
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(5)·By Banita S·Geography· Jun 2023
Recently went to the geography department, and the teachers were all so lovely and informative. Students were extremely friendly and gave excellent guidance and advice
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Biology / Biotechnology, Graduate

(5)·By Chi C·Biology· Jul 2021
It was amazing. I was in a hotel as there wasn't enough accomodation, but my university did a good job at still making my experience fun It was quite nice. I moved three times and all three of my accomodations were nice Good My lecturers knew me by name. The course gave flexibility for me to take modules different to my subject area Great. Up beat. Busy but not to busy
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Philosophy, Year 2

(5)·By Chloe J·Philosophy· Jul 2021
It was insane, met some of the most amazing people. Glad I made the choice to come, it's an absolute bash. Living it up! It was pretty sweet honestly, I shared bathrooms with 10 people and you really get to know people quick when you do. Made some amazing memories there. I go to the library nearly everyday. It's the best space to get your head down and focus. The student union nights out are the ones for live for ! The lecturers really have passion. You can tell each one of them loves what they do so much. That's inspiring. Felt really safe while out in town, amazing atmosphere loved going to Maccies after ! That's where it's at. I've taken Maccies so many times into Qclub for a snack in the night
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Geography and Environmental Studies, Year 3

(5)·By Chris B·Geography· Oct 2018
The university has a range of modules to choose from in my degree, including field trips, especially abroad, which has made my experience at the university unforgettable.

I also started my degree with the intention of studying abroad which is neatly provided by the university and I had a lovely term overseas in Norway.
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Uni experience review

(5)·By Debbie B·Accounting· Jun 2023
After finishing my Alevels I did not want to go to uni as I thought that I wouldn't enjoy however I have decided to give it a go and I am so glad I did.
My uni experience has been really positive so far!
First year I have stayed at uni accommodation which was so lovely, meeting new people, becoming more independent. First year of uni was great the pressure on learning was not as big, I have made lots of new friends.
Second year was definitely more challenging, wanting to do a placement year out a lot of extra pressure as I needed to spend a lot of time on research companies and applying which was super stressful however the uni has really helped me to prepare for the application process and interviews. I have secured a placement for next year which I am very excited.
Overall my uni experience so far has been very good! It is definitely challenging sometimes but the outcome always makes it better.
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The breadth of experience you need

(5)·By Emily O·Psychology· Jun 2023
Reading university allowed me to have a great all round experience, with great halls and social events along with an enjoyable, fulfilled course with lots of opportunity
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