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Good uni

(5)·By Ewan L·Finance· Jun 2024
Great university
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Geography, Year 2

(5)·By Ruby S·Geography· Jul 2021
There were quite a few freshers events for students who were at the uni for studying geography. I went to quite a few of the socials and enjoyed it. Other than just socials, freshers week lasted two weeks and there were so many events that made making friends less stressful and fun. The accommodation I stayed in for first year was very nice. It had an en-suite bathroom and a double bed and massive desk space. There was also a lift in the accommodation which was good as someone in my flat was physically unwell so that helped them throughout the year. Library is massive. Has an abundance of computers and study space. There are even private soundproof study booths to help students focus. Classrooms are big. The lecture halls are massive and has surround sound speakers so we can hear the lecturer from the back of the room. I didn't use any of the sport facilities but there is a tennis and squash dome on campus, a gym on campus, and two astroturf field. The student union was where we had our club nights. Cheap and fun. I've loved geography forever so for me I've loved every second of it so far. All of my lectures were enjoyable and the assessments were relatively straightforward and not complicated. Lecturers were always available if I needed any help. Reading's town centre is quite big and has a massive shopping mall with an abundance of shops. The nightlife is fun and definitely accommodates for students.
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Biology / Biotechnology, Graduate

(5)·By Chi C·Biology· Jul 2021
It was amazing. I was in a hotel as there wasn't enough accomodation, but my university did a good job at still making my experience fun It was quite nice. I moved three times and all three of my accomodations were nice Good My lecturers knew me by name. The course gave flexibility for me to take modules different to my subject area Great. Up beat. Busy but not to busy
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Psychology / Criminology, Year 2

(5)·By Alisha T·Psychology· Jul 2021
Boring. Just generic activities planned for all new starters Good depending on where you are placed Good . Library has a large collection of books. Good eating options on campus which cater to diverse student population Individual opinions matters. Given the ability to think outside the box Loved Reading. A very nice safe student town
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University of reading

(5)·By Amalia F·Business· Jun 2024
Everything is great.
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Loved my time here

(5)·By Georgia T·Politics· Jun 2023
The campus is beautiful, the staff are so kind and helpful and all my friends are wonderful!!
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(5)·By margot b·Education / Teacher Training· Jun 2023
I feel that Uni of Reading embraces what we have been given. Although placed in a small town there is much to do, and the uni has really excelled in making me feel a part of a community. With various events, some where your up all night and some just chilling with your mates painting pottery. There is always something to do.
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Psychology / Criminology, Graduate

(5)·By Angie O·Psychology· Jul 2021
Really well organised, got the chance to meet a lot of people from both my course and nearby halls. I loved the accommodation, plenty of space, under bed storage, clean and tidy kitchen area. Good except the library was undergoing renovation during the majority of my time studying. Very interesting, mostly good engaging lecturers and options to choose. Plenty of nightlife and restaurants/shopping. And loads of activities within a couple miles of the town.
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University of Reading

(5)·By Maria S·Animal Science· Jun 2023
With an beautiful campus and highly individualised courses, Reading is the perfect place to build your university experience.
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Business Studies / Management, Year 2

(5)·By Isabella H·Business· Jul 2021
Freshers was more overwhelming and lonely than people let on. It was fun, with lots of nights out, but you have no real friends at that point so you are really on edge and worried. Accomodation is really good, loads of available on- campus accomodation which is all good quality living. I stayed in basic en suite living which was a little over priced but still good and socialable Library is brand new and really good - always busy! student union is known for being really good, with a really good club and atmosphere it's always packed, we love it!! Sports areas and classrooms are average. The course is really interesting and taught by good lecturers who are engaging and genuinely love what they do. Lots of my modules are really hands-on with business ideas and innovation which is so helpful to learning. Reading isn't a major city, so it's good but not great. It's kind of run down, however, we make the most of what we've got and have a good shopping centre and nice riverside areas which make up for it! It's always busy as well which helps.
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Film, Year 3

(5)·By Niamh B·Drama· Jul 2021
It was really fun! There were lots of societies to choose from, so I joined the Drama Soc. My Halls JCR (2nd Year Reps) were also super helpful and friendly. My Halls experience wouldn't have been the same without our second year reps. They were super helpful, from organising socials to helping us find our way around campus and signposting to welfare systems The SU is great, the nightclub and outlets are brilliant and societies are friendly and welcoming. The library was unfortunately under construction for ages but it's great now, even with COVID. I loved the balance of practice and theory that the Film course provides. Also even with COVID we have been able to do practicals which is great, especially when we can use the university equipment and facilities Reading is such a vibrant town, it's a great place to discover new things and meet people to suit every type of person. It's super close to London but still doesn't feel overwhelming, like a big city might.
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