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University of Surrey

(5)·By Jasmine S·Marketing· Jun 2023
I like my university as they support me well and help me through not only the educational side of university but my mental and physical health, it's not always easy living away from family and starting a course but the university makes it feel not so stressful and helps in many ways.
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Psychology / Criminology, Graduate

(5)·By Katherine T·Psychology· Jul 2021
Very good. Inclusive events, great nights out but also there was stuff arranged for the day or if you didn't want to go out. Was a lovely environment to get to know people There is a range of accommodation however a majority of the accommodation available is at the expensive end. But that is expected living in Surrey. My accommodation was very good with great facilities, if a bit cold at times. Extremely good. The student Union club is such good fun. They run a grocery store there in the day on Thursdays. There are multiple study centres around campus and a range of cafes, restaurants and social areas The lecturers were fantastic. There were a few modules that I wasn't particularly interested in but I know I had to completed them to ensure my course was accredited by the BPA. Generally I have really enjoyed my course and found my lecturers to be passionate and supportive Very good. The campus is very close to the town where there is a range of shops and night clubs.
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Drama, Graduate

(5)·By Phoebe·Drama· Jul 2021
Exciting, it felt amazing to be surrounded by like minded people. Lots of partying and exploring the nightlife! Great to be near to London as well. Clean, spacious and surrounded by nature. Extremely easy access to the campus, I was 2 minutes from the library and shop which was so helpful. Some buildings were more modern than others! Outstanding - Surrey sports park was excellent although could have been slightly more affordable for students to use. The library was huge and amazingly situated. Overall a very well provided and spacious place to be. Full on course with lots of contact and practical hours. Exceptional teaching standards and communication throughout. Brilliant location for uni - fun nightlife and a gorgeous high street with every shop you could need. Also minutes from gorgeous nature walks to take your mind off things when needed.
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Great uni!

(5)·By Olivia A·Veterinary Sciences· Jun 2023
I really enjoy my course, and feel I am learning everything i need for my career. It's a great place to study, all staff are approachable and friendly and i feel well supported.
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My experience at University of Surrey

(5)·By Megan W·Psychology· Jun 2023
University of Surrey is a warm and welcoming place. The lake is of particular beauty and instantly made this university attractive to me. Throughout my years here I have thoroughly appreciated the people, teaching style and support.
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University Experience

(5)·By Maisie H·English Studies· Jun 2023
My university experience has been, on the whole, a very positive experience. I have met many friends and achieved so much in my studies. Whilst I struggled towards the beginning of my second year, the help of my lectures pushed me through to achieve the amazing grades that I am achieving now. All the lecturers are so supportive and everyone you meet is really welcoming and friendly.
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Engineering, Graduate

(5)·By Max T·Engineering· Jul 2021
It was great fun, i met a lot of people and learned what the basics and fundamentals of my whole course would be. However, there werent too many lectures so i got to make the most of the social side The accommodation had really good and varied bands for each price range. it was all on campus which was ideal. The facilities themselves were all well equipped and really modern, with new areas being built all the time. However the uni was overpopulated so it was too busy in these places The lecturers were all passionate and knowledgeable, and the course content was spot on and up to date with current technology. The course also offered a work placement year and an integrated masters I didnt go into the nearby town centre too much as the campus had most of everything that i needed. However it was good to have it there for shopping/restaurants/etc
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Great experience

(5)·By Chloe W·Criminology· Jun 2023
My university experience has been overall great. My time here has shaped me as an individual and provided me for valuable skills and qualifications for the future. I would recommend university to anyone who is considering to go
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MSc Sustainable Development at University of Surrey

(5)·By Laura B·Environmental Science· Jun 2023
I have loved my time at university of Surrey. It has been completely perfect, but through their course reps, they have given the sumtufents a big voice and they have really listened to feedback and suggestions and have worked their hardest to accommodate our requests and make our live and university experience the best as possible. I have also been very lucky as my department dedicates so much time to students and we have been able to network and create amazing connections within the department that not only help me in the current time as a student, but I also know they will help me in the future.
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Nursing, Year 1

(5)·By Kirsty·Nursing· Oct 2018
The support is brilliant and the ways in which the course is run is great, however when it comes to revision it is not the best, you are given 2 weeks to revise 200+ PowerPoint slides.

If you don't pass your assignments first time they put on extra support and allow you to book individual or group sessions to help you with understanding the feedback and helping you to improve your work to help you pass on your next submission.
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Business and management studies, Year 1

(5)·By Emily H·Management· Oct 2018
Great. My accomodation is very nice and modern, I manage to make many friends already, then university it's self is great too, especially the societies and clubs available. My timetable is perfect it gives me many days off in order to catch up with work and revision time. Also freshers week, was decent, so many nights out on offer in Guildford would reccommend.
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