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University of Surrey

(5)·By Jasmine S·Marketing· Jun 2023
I like my university as they support me well and help me through not only the educational side of university but my mental and physical health, it's not always easy living away from family and starting a course but the university makes it feel not so stressful and helps in many ways.
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My experience at Surrey

(5)·By Alice B·Languages· Jun 2023
I have loved my experience studying at Surrey. Moving into my Manor Park accommodation in fresher's week and meeting all my new flatmates was so exciting and I've made friends for life. I really loved my accommodation to as it felt so modern yet cosy, and it was really useful that common spaces were regularly cleaned.

My classes have been super engaging and interesting. I have quite small classes which has been great for building a good connection with my lecturers and receiving detailed personal feedback throughout the course.

A highlight of my degree was going on the placement year; I did a semester abroad in Spain and an internship in Paris. The support and guidance I received during the planning stages were amazing and even when I was abroad, my tutor and placement tutor were brilliant at keeping in touch and visisted to make sure the work placement was going well.

Outside of study, I've loved making the most of the campus facilities like the students union and joining societies. I love that most societies plan a weekly event to join.

Finally, the opportunity for students to work on campus have been amazing. I've been a Student Ambassador for Surry for all four years and have really enjoyed the work and feel it's a great opportunity to gain employablility skills and work experience, as well as make connections and receive good references. The university have brilliant employability support and opportunities, which make me feel really optimistic about finding graduate employment.
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Veterinary Sciences, Year 3

(5)·By Ana d·Veterinary Sciences· Jul 2021
Really good! Lots of events organised by the student union and the vet school too. Optional events with non drinking events too. Was really easy to meet people. My accommodation was great in first year. The accommodation in town that isn't provided by the uni isn't so good though, it is very expensive. Really good, the sports park is great and the student union club is really fun. The vet school is super new and facilities are amazing. The lecturers generally take feedback really well and want your input as much as possible. Guildford is quite dead. We are very near London though.
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Civil engineering

(5)·By Anika S·Civil Engineering· Jun 2023
Fully engaging course with amazing focus on employability
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wonderfull university

(5)·By Aqsa Q·Engineering· Jun 2023
The University of Surrey is an excellent institution that offers high-quality education, opportunities for personal and professional development, and a vibrant and diverse community. Its graduates are highly sought after by employers, and the university has an excellent reputation for producing well-rounded, globally-minded individuals who are equipped to tackle the challenges of the future.
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Great experience

(5)·By Chloe W·Criminology· Jun 2023
My university experience has been overall great. My time here has shaped me as an individual and provided me for valuable skills and qualifications for the future. I would recommend university to anyone who is considering to go
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(5)·By Debora T·Psychology· Jun 2023
The university has a large range of support and competent professionals. Lectures are clear and recorded for further reference.
The lecturers give support and guidance.
Support and care all around!
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Student Review Survey 2023

(5)·By Ekow B·Business· Jun 2023
My university experience has been amazing so far because of conducive learning environment, support from faculty and friends as well as financial resources available for my research.
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My experience at Surrey

(5)·By Elena M·Chemistry· Jun 2023
After four years at Surrey, three of which on campus and one on placement, I have had the chance to experience most things that the University offers. From career services, to accommodation and student life, to part-time jobs, Surrey has offered me a great range of opportunities for every budget range and any background. The course i accredited from the Royal Society of Chemistry which makes the contact hours made available both in labs and in lectures even more valuable. the quality of teaching has given me all the knowledge for my year in placement and has shaped my way of thinking at the future. It it bittersweet being in my final year but I have had overall a great experience!
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Business and management studies, Year 1

(5)·By Emily H·Management· Oct 2018
Great. My accomodation is very nice and modern, I manage to make many friends already, then university it's self is great too, especially the societies and clubs available. My timetable is perfect it gives me many days off in order to catch up with work and revision time. Also freshers week, was decent, so many nights out on offer in Guildford would reccommend.
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Uni is great!

(5)·By Emma S·Veterinary Sciences· Jun 2023
My university experience has been great. Starting during COVID made it seem pretty isolating at first but now things have opened up I realise how amazing this experience is. Getting a degree to do the career I'll love alongside the social scene and living with my best friends will never get old!
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