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Better than I ever imagined!

(5)·By Amelia D·Creative Writing· Jun 2023
I didn't know what to expect before attending Warwick, but I've been totally won over by the department. The people, learning and facilities were far beyond my expectations. The Writing Programme is incredible; it's helped me develop my work in a meaingful way.
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Engineering, Graduate

(5)·By Rohan S·Engineering· Jul 2021
It was a good experience. At the time there were lots of different events. This allowed me to meet quite a few people which was nice. At the beginning, there was a WhatsApp chat, aiding in meeting people too The uni accommodation was great! It was cleaned on a weekly basis which was nice. The rooms were spacious, kitchen large and overall experience was great. The facilities are great. The library is vast with many available resources. The classrooms are in good condition. Sports areas are always evolving with a new sports centre now developed which is nice to have. The course is interesting because of personal interest. The lectures are well taught and well delivered. City life came into play in 2nd year when living at Leamington Spa. It's a very nice city, buzzing with students, and social life has always been a positive aspect.
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Engineering, Year 1

(5)·By Joe C·Engineering· Oct 2018
I have found my time at Warwick really enjoyable. The subject is really interesting and stimulating. The campus is a lovely place to spend my time and the accommodation is brilliant. The nightlife is also great, and with leamington and Coventry to go out in, I'm never short of a night out. The sports clubs are also brilliant and really social. The student union respects our rights as students and is constantly looking to improve our time here.
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Education / Teacher Training, Year 2

(5)·By Jessica M·Education / Teacher Training· Jul 2021
It was very good, able to get to know your flat mates and other people in different courses it was very good, good price people are lovely Easily accessible and easy to find you are able to know people who are interested in the same topic as you and lecturers are very helpful very good it's in the middle of big city's like leamington, Coventry and Birmingham
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Marketing, Year 2

(5)·By Gaj S·Marketing· Jul 2021
It was an amazing experience overall. Freshers week brought excitement with lot of networking opportunities. The best part I liked was the different types of clubs to choose from. I wanted to choose Polo club and here it was in Warwick cause other universities don't usually have that. It was amazing as University tries to keep different nationalities in these accomodations, which is a great opportunity to make friends from all over the World. Library and sports areas are the key attractions as their infrastructure is massive and many number of students can be there at a same time. Lectureres were very friendly and apart from the studies it help you grow as a change maker as they say in Warwick. City Life was great aswell, as one get a feel of city as well as a small town, which was the best bit for me.
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The World at Warwick

(5)·By Tapiwa P·Politics· Jun 2023
Top quality facilities and and a home away from home are sind of the things this uni boasts.

Now evidently the appeal for international students is high for a well ranked Russell Group University and Warwick offers just that pristine facilities and a diverse warm community on and off campus
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Mathematics / Statistics, Year 3

(5)·By Davina·History· Jul 2021
No work set by the department in freshers week, just induction talks. Lots of activities set up by the uni. Big fairs in the day, good nights out. Cannot fault it. Good range of prices. I stayed in Arthur Vick and had the best time. Brand new sports centre, state of the art. Library looks bad from the outside but is actually very good. Lots of study areas, each department has their own study room. Lots of support from staff. We have supervisions which are small tutor sessions that I found really helpful. Content is very hard but expected from Warwick maths. Campus university, ideal place for me, had a very nice feel. Live in Leamington Spa after first year, good night life, nice town, not too busy.
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Mixed bag

(5)·By Rebecca F·Psychology· Jun 2023
It depends what you're looking for. Course quality, careers support, accommodation, and social life for me were all 5 stars. However, handling of the lockdown situation, preventing of scandals, communication, and pricing - for me - were absolutely not 5 stars. It costs £20 to be able to join societies for every year you are there, and £100 to join sports clubs every year (not for each club or society obviously, just for the first time). Exam timetables are sometimes released the first week of summer term, so you don't know what needs to be revised more urgently or when you can book holiday. When covid hit after my second term, our first year exams were cancelled and not really replaced with anything, so our first experience of university exams was then weighted at 40% instead of 0%. Overall, it depends on your priorities. I don't regret choosing Warwick, but a lot of things could've been done so much better.
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Finance, Year 3

(5)·By Saumya S·Finance· Jul 2021
It was amazing. The events were so much fun It's pretty comfortable and clean. It's extremely safe The facilities are amazing and easily accessible. They're extremely well maintained The course is well structured and relevant Coventry isn't a very nice place in terms of quality of life. I live in leamington spa and it's amazing.
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Politics / International Relations, Graduate

(5)·By Leyla S·Politics· Jul 2021
Back in 2016 our freshers week was 2 weeks long. In our first week we only had lectures but in our second week we started having seminars too and that made it difficult to keep up with the course material from the very beginning. I believe they have changed that now. I lived in Cryfield halls, which was the cheapest accommodation at the time. We had a lot of people per kitchen which inevitably led to a lot of mess and people fighting over their kitchenware. But it also made us a lot more social and always there was always someone else in the kitchen so you never felt lonely. Student union was the worst space on campus. Did not wanna be inside the building for more than five minutes. It was always very dark and the interior was very unwelcoming. Despite great potential for study space the vibe just pushed everyone away. Lecture capture was really useful. Even if you did go to every single lecture it was very handy to have the recording in case you wanted to go back to a specific thing the lecture said. The city was deaaaaaad. Warwick is a campus university so it is in the middle of nowhere. The closest city is Coventry which was dodgy and nobody wanted to ever hang out there. Leamington is a much nicer town but it is so small that it only has 2 clubs and one bar where events would be hosted.
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A great course in a lovely area

(5)·By ruth g·Chemistry· Oct 2018
I chose to study here because of the lovely campus, and it definitely didn't disappoint. Both my course and the lecturers that taught it were incredible - I still use what I learnt at work today. I made some really close friends here and loved the area so much that I've settled in the West Midlands since graduating.
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