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Geography, Graduate

(5)·By Richard R·Geography· Jul 2021
Jam packed with activities put on by the uni, mixed in with the freshers fair encouraging everyone to join all of the FREE clubs and societies they have on offer. A broad range of accommodations for first year to suit everyone. There is an over supply of student houses in Bangor so there is no need to rush into any decisions. Library, classrooms and sport areas were all fantastic with plenty of space. The student union doesn't really have a space/bar like other unis. There is uni owned pub on the halls site and a separate students union in the centre of town which has a great relationship with it's students. The course size is relatively small meaning you have a more focused approach and lectures are more interactive meaning you have a more personal relationship with your lectures - whom are all super supportive and understanding as well as being experts in their field. Loads of pubs all within walking distance of everywhere but only two nightclubs. Despite this it is pretty much all you need for the size of the place. Failing that huge house parties do go on. Everything is within walking distance and the views surrounding are incredible.
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Biological sciences, Graduate

(5)·By Tiffany J·Biology· Oct 2018
I had an amazing time, the parties were great, the social events were great and the lectures were pretty good too. Bangor is a cosy little town and the furthest you'll have to walk is 25 minutes! Yes the macdonals is quite a walk but KFC is just as good!). The uni have loads of clubs to join from surfing to dog walking! These all individually put on great events and parties too. It's a small little town and there isn't much but what there is here is enough to enjoy and miss when you're home! Worth going here!
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Other, Third Year

(5)·By Natalie B·Other· Oct 2018
Bangor Universiry is unquie. Being the smallest city in the UK it offers the best of both worlds. Everyone here experiences an amazing friendly society, it's hard to fault. We are a untied family always fighting to improve student satisfaction. We the people have the power, the university is student lead which gives each individual the opportunity to lead and learn. No wonder we've won so many awards. Our clubs and society's are free to join and cover a massive variety of options from Sub aqua to Quidditch to snow sports. There's definitely something for everyone and if you really want you can create your own club or society.
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Sports Science, Year 1

(5)·By Caroline·Sports· Oct 2018
The university has been very accommodating. Anytime there is a problem my personal tutor will help me through it. There is great communication and plenty of clubs to go to! Never a boring time here, always something to do. Although there is a lot of work too, we work hard and play hard!!!! Great night life, plenty of job opportunity fairs. Even the Christmas craft fair was great! There are sometimes opportunities to bring friends and family to the clubs, for example the sailing clubs valentines event where you could bring a friend or partner to learn how to sail!
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Nursing, Year 1

(5)·By Rahmah A·Nursing· Mar 2019
Such a great opportunity to meet potential friends from the same degree or different! Loved the variety of different events and being able to put myself forward!

Really great accommodation! Up to date with great facilities

Great library with a wide range of books and areas to study within different libraries

Really great course with outstanding, supportive lecturers! I loved the different kind of lectures as some were very interactive with seminars, presentations, videos and practical sessions or having different lecturers teach!

Really nice city life as it is a very small city with nice shops, cafes and restaurants! Close to Manchester and Liverpool for the weekend and great nature areas to explore in the whole of Bangor and North Wales

My course has been very eye opening in allowing me to see my future in healthcare butnot nursing different opportunists such as PA, community health worker, health promotion specialist or a public health practitioner! A huge variety and life experience with different schools.
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Psychology / Criminology, Graduate

(5)·By Emma N·Psychology· Jul 2021
Really enjoyable, got to know the area and met loads of great people Really good facilities, plenty of room and storage. No complaints. Loved the library! Great for revision and uni work. Enjoyed having a mix of small classrooms and large lecture halls. Amazing teachers! Mix of large group and small group learning/teaching Great! Everything from accommodation and lectures to shops and clubs was all in walking distance from each other. Would be better if the town had a few extra things such as a cinema and Primark.
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Philosophy, Year 3

(5)·By Verity H·Philosophy· Oct 2018
My experience at uni has been amazing! All my tutors are the best I could have asked for, being really supportive and encouraging! Societies are free, which means I've dabbled in a lot of different ones! I'm in a big roomy house with a double bed this year and it's not costing me much at all, which makes budgeting really easy, meaning I have spare cash to treat myself! I've had opportunities to volunteer through uni , which have really improved my employability and set me up for the future! The area is basically crime free, so I'm never worried about my safety, and I've met so many amazing people from all different paths of life. Uni has been so much fun!!
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Theology BA

(5)·By Sarah F·Other· Oct 2018
My course is a lot more flexible from the start as i thought it would be and some modules wee different to expected. i feel confident I have gained skills through doing this to go on in the world, transferable skills and skills through the course. The academic advice i would give is to start essays as soon as you get them and make lots of notes and organise before typing them up. dont leave assignments to the last minute. The halls of residence in Bangor that I lived in in first year are very nice and good value for money, new ones have been built since which are nicer. The housing for following years is very available and reasonably priced. the pros of a student house is living with friends and having some more freedom. the cons is the fact bills ae not included in the rent and have to be paid by us. the area we are based is a small city with lots of students and is lively with the mountains on one side and the sea on the other, there is plenty to do in the city and the surrounding area which is essay to get to by bus and train. It would sort someone wh doesnt mind living in a smaller city and likes a picturesque environment. the library is very well stocked and easily accessible, it has a good online catalogue and short loan system for when everyone needs the same ones for an essay. There is a new bar in the su and on the residence sight with deals, theme nights, internet, tv's and special offers. It is reasonably priced and reasonable in size. We have plenty of computers within the library, many 24 hour computer rooms and there is internet everywhere. We have full sports facilities. my university has plenty of clubs and societies- everything form religious societies to drama societies, and all the sprots societies you can think of including octopush, surfing and mountain walking. you can join as many or a few as you want, I am a member of the christian union and bangor english drama society. I more a pub person than a club person in general anyway so i tend if i go out to go to the pubs in bango
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Creative Studies and English Language

(5)·By Hannah E·Other· Oct 2018
My Lecturers all know me by name and take the time to learn what I'm interested in. All the lecturers have set office hours when you can go and see them and, in my experience, they are always available by email. All the accomodation at bangor is ensuite, and you share a kitchen with 6-8 others. They are all modern and have wired internet connections which are pretty fast and good for watching stuff on Iplayer :) The Nightlife here is mixed really, if you're a party person then there are 3 clubs to choose from; Peep, Embassy and Academi (The student run club) all of them have their merits and all run special nights each week. Students tend to go out on Wednesdays and Fridays, and sSaturday nights tend to be the ones wehere the locals go out more. This isn't a problem, but if you want the true student experience you avoid saturday nights. There are loads of bars, too. Some do live music and all of them are geared towards students, so drinks are pretty cheap and they all have a good atmosphere. The Uni gym is pants to be honest, there is a cheaper and better equipt gym a 10 minute walk from halls called DW Sports, which does a student off peak membership for ?19.99... this is cheaper than the Uni Gym and they have a fully equipt, beautifully modern gym, a pool, a steam room and a hot tub! In terms of computer rooms etc, I don't tend to use the Uni computer rooms because all the buildings hae Wifi, so I just take my laptop to work on. There are two main Libraries, Deniol Road for the sciences mainly and the Main Arts Library for everything else. It's well stocked and well run, and a lot of people go the the library just to work because it's got a lovely cosy atmosphere. The food is awesome, I'm not going to lie. Terras Cafe in Main arts pretty much fed me in my first year, and it's in the main Uni Building so I used to just nip down for lunch between lectures. You never pay over ?5 for a main lunch meal and its good quality and home cooked. There are tons of societies to choose from! T
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Sports / Sports Science, Graduate

(5)·By Sam O·Sports· Jul 2021
Well looked after during freshers, interactive lectures Excellent, well kept, clean and in a good area There is plenty of libraries in Bangor and all kept well, the lectures were great, chairs be uncomfy but enough room for notes. Sports areas were excellent, gym is new and has good equipment My course was good, loved all lectures apart from research methods Great for walks and sports activities
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Psychology, Year 2

(5)·By Anastasiia I·Psychology· Apr 2019
Freshers week was the best first university experience I have had. I made my new friends, found my flatmates and met my fiance. I enjoyed everyday of exploring independent life and exploring the area that I study in. Freshers week was full of activities, tours, new meetings and amazing drunk nights which ended all the same, watching the sunrise on the beach. Freshers week is going be in my memories for a very long time!

I lived in halls and it was an amazing experience. Very comfortable, light, with lots of space and very good security. I lived on the sunny side and had a sunny room, with a well fitted ensuite and a big kitchen that I shared with very good students. The campus life was enjoyable and was filled with the student environment. I am very happy I got to experience the real independent student life with picnics, on campus gym and alarm testing in the middle of the night, something I will not forget!

In the first year, gym was included in the halls fee and I was also previleged to have a student shop and student bar on site. Very modern and very big facilities. This made my day to day life more interesting and relaxing after university studies

The course was and still is my favourite topic and I am still fascinated by all the aspects of it. Lecturers are very helpful and are always there to talk to. Some of the modules I found extremely exciting and interesting as they are the main modules that took my interest. Study room is big, modern and is full of new technology. Advantage of studying psychology is the advantage of participating in experiments, where I have access to the newest technology and to very interesting experiments such as MRI studies.

Bangor city life is nothing like any other city life. Bangor is sourrnded my mountains and Anglesey making it beautiful! Free days and weekends were always filled with beach bbq's and mountain climbing. Like no other cities, all the hangovers were treated by a walk to the top of the mountains and seeing the views of the place we live in. Like no othe city, our nights finished watching the sunrise. Out weekends were filled with more exploring and watching the sunset on the beachfront. Unlike other cities the money we have had from the loan was spent onto fuel and tickets to go placed such as secret lake or abandoned bunker which was the best and most memorable moments of our student life. Our student lives here at Bangor aren't just limited to studying and partying however is full of exploring, swimming, mountain climbing, diving and spending time with friends on the most beautiful beaches in anglesey.

Studying psychology is rewarding however very difficult. It is full of content and full of aspects involving everyone. A lot of punctuality is involved as a lot of work is done on your own in libraries or experiments. Maths is important in psychology as funny as that sounds, and it plays the most crucial role in any scientific research. Going to lectures is not just important but vital because there is nothing like spending time with course mates and watching top psychology professionals talk about the craziest experiments that are so unbelievable. No procrastination is allowed with psychology. Psychology involves so much content, that it cannot be postponed. Studying psychology is hard however the ideas, thoeires, studies and models that we learnt enable us to use them in our ordinary day to day life and when you see something that you know how it works, it is amazing and it makes you want to carry on studying this mind blowing subject
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