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Philosophy, Year 3

(5)·By natalie b·Philosophy· Oct 2018
I love the college the techer is very nice I love the corse at I am doing It is best college ever I have atendid
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Other, Year 2

(4.5)·By Ash E·Other· Oct 2018
It is very positive the staff are lovely and very supportive. They allways wanting you to succeed
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Psychology / Criminology, Graduate

(4)·By Aisha A·Psychology· Jul 2021
It was very interesting and exciting experience, meeting different types of individuals and finding about what my course had to offer. It was very good, clean and was nice meeting other students. The facilities were impressive, diffrent corners and services available The course was a mixture is theory and psychological framework and the lecturers were very interesting and down to earth sharing their life experiences as well as knowledge. The city life was intriguing, I met a lot of people who had the same ideas as me.
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Social work, Year 1

(4)·By Kathryn L·Social Policy· Oct 2018
I've only just started and I'm loving it!! The tutors are actually social workers then became tutors so better than a professor in my opinion!! I can't wait to see what the next years bring.
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Other Subjects Allied To Medicine, Year 3

(3.5)·By Junaid P·Medicine· Oct 2018
In general the course content and college itself is very good, can't dispute anything there. Night life in bradford is awful! Even the student nights! Accommodation and food in bradford is also great. Food isn't too expensive and theres something for everyone. Average accommodation cost is around ?90 a week. Overall i would recommend Bradford university and Bradford college as a fantastic place to go and study
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Education, Year 2

(3.5)·By Emma W·Education / Teacher Training· Oct 2018
The tutors at college are all very helpful and usually quick with replies to emails. Most assignments are marked relatively quickly and provide good feedback for us to take on board. The building isn't ideal, being a college there are a lot of people there who do not want to be there. This can make all areas loud and we sometimes struggle to do work in such environment. The accommodation is quite nice and close to college and the city centre. It is also easy to get a job with so many shops, restaurants and bars in Bradford city centre.
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Media, Year 3

(3.5)·By Rachael·Media Studies· Oct 2018
I got into bradford college through clearing and have been living here for 3 years now. The course is great, tutors are fantastic and my Class mates make everything even better!
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Pharmacology / Pharmacy, Year 2

(3.3)·By Asiyah J·Pharmacology / Pharmacy· Jul 2021
It was good. Found a few friends during this period and understood the way the uni works. Found it helpful. Doesn't really have a good reputation but it's okay. A good place to stay in with good food places nearby Used to use the library a lot. Was able to revise over there and could go to the quite zone and revise in silent or work as a team on another floor. Lots of different areas to meet people from different courses The fact that they was recorded and lectures were put on canvas making it so easier for us as we were able to revisit the lectures if we didn't understand or use it to refresh our memory on the subject. Was mainly about team work and application ie tbl which allowed us to apply our knowledge so we know if we actually understand the lesson City was good. Lots of nice places nearby ie city centre and full of nice food places. People are nice there too so it's easy to make friends
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Drama, Year 2

(3)·By Jennie L·Drama· Jul 2021
Was very fun, we went on a trip the 2nd day we were there. The induction days were full of activities. Was a brilliant way to socialise I live at home. The facilities are very useful, full of up to date equipment. The people running them are helpful and kind. The spaces are ideal for each course. The course offers plenty of experience and opportunities. Especially for those looking for locals education. The city life is pretty standard. I've seen the centre look bright and beautiful but other times it doesn't reach the same standard.
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Media, Year 1

(2.8)·By Chloe H·Media Studies· Oct 2018
It's very creative but very unorganised and there is no freshers week events , I really like the college as it achieves excellence in the subject I'm studying and you can tell tutors are passionate about what they teach but again just very disorganised
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