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Accounting and Finance, Year 1

(4.8)·By Vaidehi P·Accounting· Mar 2019
Freshers week was great, I got to learn so much about the course I’m studying. Everyone around there was so helpful and gave great insights about what I would face in the upcoming years. The atmosphere really drew my attention and made me go for the course, the food, fashion and cultures display was outstanding!

The Leicester college accommodation is located in the heart of the city where all the action happens, it’s the ideal place as every service is at my fingertips! It’s kept very clean, it’s very spacious and well decorated compared to the other unis I saw on open days however it can get noisy. The nightclubs around are the best!

The facilities are one of the best I’ve seen till date! I visited open day and was immediately drawn towards the library which had many facilities including silent areas loads of books that could help my learning and technically facilities. Also seeing the range of out of lecture room activities attracted me towards Leicester! The sports facilities ensure I stay fit and the class rooms are well designed to keep my focus and have a pleasant working environment

The best part about the lectures were the starting times as they were later I was able to revise before and wake up late. The lectures weren’t as congested which made the whole process easier also the help received from lecturers during lectures was immeasurably helpful towards deadlines

the city life here in Leicester is great! The atmosphere is filled with different culture and new learning opportunities. It’s such a diverse place that I have tried many new foods in the past year! Public transport can be hectic at times but it’s the rush of being in a city whichever makes the heart of Leicester the crazy self it is. Night life here in Leicester just tops it all it’s such a safe environment to go out in and club and come back in without having the fear of something happening

A few things other students should know is that it will not always be easy and you will face hurdles but using your time wisely and completing deadlines will get you the achievement you want, I mean don’t you want to make your parent/caretaker proud? It’s hard to find a balance between social life and education but accounting requires constant practice as it can get complicated as the years progress on. I would recommend using past papers and constant revision even if it is as litttle as 30 mins a day as it will keep your focus and please enjoy uni life you will not experience anything like it again!
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Electrical and electronic engineering, Year 1

(3.5)·By Lewis C·Electrical Engineering· Oct 2018
It's been an amazing experience so far, it gives me an opportunity to use everything I've learnt on site to see whether it is effective or the correct way of doing it. Without college I'd never get the qualifications at the end of it which means I'd never be able to join and start new things for the future!
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Criminology, Year 1

(3.5)·By Eliza T·Psychology· Oct 2018
It's a very nice university, the accommodation is clean and social and the course is interesting
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