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Physical Education, Year 1

(3.5)·By Ryan B·Other· Mar 2019
The college helped us understand everything we was going to be learning throughout the year and gave us the information to continue into further education or the option for assistance with employment

We have no living quarters in the college but they supply us with full meals at any time during the day for a small fee the college is well set out and has a nice atmosphere

The libraries have good computers and laptops to help with coursework as do the classrooms, we have little sport facilities which is unfortunate as they only recently got rid of them. We have a costa and a food hall

The course is easy to understand and if you have any issues we can contact our teacher through a class group chat to help with our issue. All the information is set out in a way for everyone to understand and this is very beneficial as it allows us to understand our work

Travelling to college is very busy throughout the week and with train fares it’s a little stressful travelling but other than that it’s worth getting there as it’s helping me pursue my dream job

My best advice is to just apply yourself as much as you can. Put in as much work as possible and aim for the best grades as it really earns your teachers respect and makes you feel good about how well you’re doing.
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Accounting and Finance, Year 1

(3.3)·By Beth T·Accounting· Mar 2019
It was great. The college offered a lot of advice and help when entering new groups. And of course I had fun
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The college is not committed to helping you pass your studies.

(2.3)·By tom D·Engineering· Oct 2022
The college is not committed to helping you pass your studies. They do not support you instead they are unpaired and don't care also their rules are a waste.
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