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My Journey

(5)·By Carissa M·Marketing· Jun 2024
Middlesex University is a place to explore your future and expand your knowledge.
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Performing Arts, Year 2

(5)·By Dean L·Drama· Oct 2018
This is has given me such a great experience. Not only can I stay what I won't to do in my life am also able to do it in the city that I have always loves since I was a kid.
The university is so welcoming and lovely to be. The teachers are great and have so much to give me and I have made so many friends that I will be with for years to come. When living in halls, the staff helped me to adjust to leaving and here and being on my own no living on my own I know I can do this.
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Middlesex University: The Epitome of Excellence in London

(5)·By HAIDER A·Education / Teacher Training· Jun 2023
From its unparalleled academic programs to its vibrant campus life, Middlesex University has consistently exceeded my expectations. Within this exceptional university, the Bachelor of Arts in Education Studies shines as the epitome of academic brilliance and personal growth. Allow me to share my reasons for considering Middlesex University and the BA Education Studies course as the pinnacle of education in London.

First and foremost, Middlesex University boasts a remarkable faculty team comprised of distinguished academics, experts in their respective fields, and accomplished professionals. The educators at Middlesex University possess a genuine passion for teaching, guiding students, and fostering an environment conducive to intellectual curiosity. Their extensive knowledge, industry experience, and dedication to their craft are evident in their engaging lectures, thought-provoking discussions, and invaluable guidance. The faculty's unwavering support and mentorship have been instrumental in my academic and personal growth, making my learning experience at Middlesex truly exceptional.

The BA Education Studies course at Middlesex University is unparalleled in its comprehensiveness and depth. The curriculum is meticulously designed to provide students with a holistic understanding of educational theories, policies, practices, and their real-world applications. The course modules are thoughtfully structured to foster critical thinking, effective communication skills, and analytical abilities. Moreover, the emphasis on practical experience, through placements and fieldwork, equips students with invaluable hands-on knowledge and a solid foundation for their future careers in the field of education.

Middlesex University's commitment to a supportive and inclusive learning environment further sets it apart. The campus is teeming with diversity, fostering a rich cultural exchange that enhances the overall educational experience. The university's proactive approach to student welfare and well-being is commendable, offering a wide range of support services, including academic assistance, career guidance, and mental health counseling. This holistic support system ensures that students thrive both academically and personally, allowing them to reach their full potential.

Additionally, Middlesex University's strong ties with various educational institutions, organizations, and industry partners enable students to benefit from numerous networking opportunities and gain exposure to the practical aspects of their field. The university hosts regular guest lectures, workshops, and career fairs, facilitating connections with professionals and opening doors for future collaborations and employment prospects.

Furthermore, Middlesex University's state-of-the-art facilities, including modern classrooms, well-equipped libraries, advanced research laboratories, and cutting-edge technology, create an environment conducive to effective learning and research. The university continually invests in upgrading its infrastructure, ensuring that students have access to the resources necessary for their academic endeavors.

In conclusion, Middlesex University undeniably stands as the best university in London, and the BA Education Studies course represents the epitome of academic excellence within this prestigious institution. From its dedicated faculty and comprehensive curriculum to its supportive environment and exceptional facilities, Middlesex University provides an unparalleled educational experience. As a student of Education Studies at Middlesex, I am grateful for the opportunities and growth I have experienced, and I wholeheartedly recommend this institution and program to those seeking an exceptional education in London.
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Middlesex University

(5)·By Galani S·Criminology· Jun 2024
Middlesex University has been great for both my career and professional development. The lecturers have been very supportive, as well as other resources such as the 24-hour library, labs, and academic writing support. The school, which gives priority to international students when it comes to accommodation, really helped with my transition from Botswana to the UK. The halls also came with furniture, which was more convenient for me.
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My experience studying MA Graphic Design at Middlesex University

(5)·By Rebeka J·Design· Jun 2023
I remember the first week when we did our inductions in all of the different specialised studios and facilities and how my jaw literally dropped. As graphic design student, I got the access to fully professionally equipped studios like: wood workshops, book binding workshop, printing workshop (silk screen printing is really fun btw ), professional photography studios, laser cutting workshops where you can even try 3D printing or multiple other techniques used in the industry … the list just goes on and on, my point is: Middlesex is REALLY WELL EQUIPPED, it’s all high quality professional equipment and the staff are super nice and friendly so they’ll help you with learning all the processes.
The tutors and programme leaders are really passionate about what they do and they try to give you as many information as possible and they push you forward, so if you’re keen to learn and you ask questions, you’ll go places.
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Life at Middlesex \university

(5)·By Feroza R·Computational Neuroscience· Jun 2023
Middlesex University is an amazing institute with respect to studies, co-curricular activities, fun activities etc. Teachers are very cooperative and have perfect command to the subject areas they are teaching. There are many qualities of the university that could be talked about. For example MDX Works employability center, which helps students to find jobs during their studies and also guide them regarding preparation of a good CV, interviews, and correct ways to a job search in relevant fields after graduation.
This makes the university graduate number the higehst who are pursuing a career or higher studies after they graduate.
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Why I love Middlesex University

(5)·By Eric O·Psychology· Dec 2023
Middlesex University is one great institution that does more for its students than merely understanding their academic and career needs to actually preparing them to be irresistibly desirable to employers and in their post academic pursuits. My course in psychology, for example, has been deliberately and consciously made rich in tailoring me to beat the competition in the field and be a relevant contributor to the psychological discipline
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Social Care, Year 2

(5)·By Emilia P·Social Care· Jul 2021
My first week at Middlesex Universty was great, there were a lot of events for international students to help brig us all together and become friends, the lecturers were also very friendly and willing to help with any question about university, the campus was beautiful when I saw it for the first time, I remember I was impressed and feeling like I was about to play in a movie Unfortunately I don t live in one of university's accompdations, but I have heard from my colleagues that they are very nice, clean, tidy and safe The library is the biggest one I have seen in my life until now, full of all kinds of books and also full of last generation computers, almost every classrom has computers, and everything a student could wish for The way courses were being teached by lecturers was very good, because they are willing to give you even the last piece of their heart if that will make you understand the course London is one of the biggest and beautiful cities I have ever been to. I am feeling blessed to have the opportunity to study in one of the best cities in the world, having the opportunity to learn all the cultures and meet all the new people
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Psychology, Third Year

(5)·By Samiha M·Psychology· Oct 2018
Middlesex university has the best environment to study and achieve your goals, the stuff ara always around to help, the technology is high, and the environment is calm plus the library is open 24/7 so i would therefore highly recommend Middlesex university to anyone.
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(5)·By diane d·Nursing· Jun 2023
the university have a great staff and they know how to support their students
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Business Studies, Year 2

(5)·By Channon K·Business· Apr 2019
Very relaxed and fun, a lot of international students gave me the opportunity to get to know different people from different cultures

Very safe and clean, affordable aswell. Have the right facilities and very well located

Very clean and updated. Everything you need is available to you

The teachers handled the classes well. A lot of engagement between students and the teachers. Perfect amount of information was provided for each module.

Very face paced. Everyone has an end goal in mind and set day.

Very informative. You will learn a lot about the business world in detail touching on finance and so on.
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