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(5)·By Yumnu Y·Architecture· Jul 2023
Middlesex University offers an impressive range of facilities that greatly enhance the learning experience for interior architecture students. The design studios are spacious and well-equipped, providing a conducive environment for creativity and collaboration. The university also has dedicated spaces for laser cutting, 3D printing, metal and wood workshops, and a ceramic workshop. These facilities enable us to bring our design concepts to life and explore various materials and techniques. Additionally, the on-campus shop provides easy access to art supplies, and the availability of free printing is a great convenience.
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My experience studying Information Technology at Middlesex

(5)·By Alex P·Computing· Jun 2023
Studying Information Technology at Middlesex University has been an enriching and rewarding journey for me. The course structure is comprehensive, offering a perfect blend of theoretical foundations and practical applications. It has allowed me to explore both the software and hardware aspects of computing, giving me a holistic understanding of the field. What stands out is the hands-on approach to learning. We're regularly tasked with practical projects that mimic real-world scenarios, which has been instrumental in honing my problem-solving skills and preparing me for the workplace. The support from lecturers has been commendable, they're always approachable and eager to guide us through challenging concepts. Coupled with the vibrant student community and numerous extracurricular opportunities, my time at Middlesex has been a fulfilling experience that I would highly recommend to prospective students.
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My experience studying as a Business Management Matketing student

(5)·By Ariobosa P·Business· Jun 2023
The course has helped me develop business skills alongside the theoretical knowledge required to apply for a real job. This is good for employers who can see that you have a solid foundation for a management career, alongside, problem-solving skills with Excel to manage and finance a business. The university also offers specialised resources such as the financial market lab, which is essential if you want to build your financial knowledge around assets, trades, and portfolio management. Also, the initiation of the emerging business programme is suitable for fostering the entrepreneurship mindset as well as educating them, and advertising jobs that relate to marketing. Which I have found extremely helpful in the competitive business world.MDX Works has very detailed help with our CV and cover letter as they do it in terms of the programme and the specific pathway of the student. Being on the marketing pathway for business management means I've been supported whit job applications regarding business management and marketing. I've also been provided with an elaborate understanding of how to handle job interviews and applications and how to improve LinkedIn has been provided by this facility. MDX Student Union has been great in providing events, representing the university and creating a great student experience. With the help of student voice leaders, they have been able to make students' voices heard and implement changes that will satisfy the needs of students such as late time start for people who live far away from the university. Being part of the student voice leader team has been so impactful. Fostering a sense of community is one thing that student union does well. I personally would recommend this university because they really care about their students.
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My experience as a BSc International Tourism Management student

(5)·By Ajay M·Tourism / Transport / Travel· Jun 2023
My experience studying BSc International Tourism Management has been amazing due to many reasons. Firstly, all my lecturers have been very supportive throughout the course. Also, all my lectures have industry experience which provides an added benefit along with their teaching. In addition, Middlesex University is located only 30 minutes from famous tourist attractions such as the London Eye, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace which attract millions of tourists each year is beneficial for a tourism student as I get to learn about the industry with real-world examples.
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Exceptional Resources and Opportunities for Arts Students: A Review of Middlesex University of London

(5)·By Andzelika M·Art· Jun 2023
The University provides excellent resources and support for students pursuing a career in the arts. With professional recording studios, practice rooms, and equipment rental facilities, students have access to everything they need for personal development. In addition, networking events and talks with successful alumni give students the opportunity to collaborate with professionals in the field.

The University also works with theatres and comedy clubs, giving students the opportunity to perform for a wider audience. The University also assists with work placements, offering a wide range of options and assisting with selection and documentation.

Last but not least, the University offers students the opportunity to study at other drama schools in different countries through its exchange programs, broadening their perspective and exposing them to different ways of teaching.

In summary, the University is a fantastic choice for those seeking a career in the arts, with its exceptional resources, support, and opportunities for personal and professional growth.
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Great all round experience

(5)·By Amelia N·Veterinary Sciences· Jun 2023
Great location for being close to London and easy to get to the centre while staying in a smaller town a little further out, so there's lots of places to visit and do in your spare time. The teachers are all very knowledgeable in their field of work and most have worked in the field or are still working in their field alongside teaching so have plently of current and helpful information. Lots of accommodation options, I stayed at Platt Halls which was great as despite quite a steep hill it was easy to walk to the uni and a good location for the tube station too! The parking here was good too, I felt safe leaving my car on site especially being able to see it from the window. The only downside was being located near a police station so there was a lot of sirens but you soon get used to that. All round it was a good experience and I was happy o chose to go to Middlesex university.
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My Experience at MDX

(5)·By analisa c·Computer Science· Jun 2023
Independent studying, great support, great timetable, friendly andhelp lecterurers
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Art and design, Year 1

(5)·By Arina M·Art· Oct 2018
So far I love it, awesome building, awesome teachers, location, activities
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Business Studies, Year 2

(5)·By Channon K·Business· Apr 2019
Very relaxed and fun, a lot of international students gave me the opportunity to get to know different people from different cultures

Very safe and clean, affordable aswell. Have the right facilities and very well located

Very clean and updated. Everything you need is available to you

The teachers handled the classes well. A lot of engagement between students and the teachers. Perfect amount of information was provided for each module.

Very face paced. Everyone has an end goal in mind and set day.

Very informative. You will learn a lot about the business world in detail touching on finance and so on.
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Sociology, Year 1

(5)·By Danielle D·Sociology· Oct 2018
My university experience has been pretty great so far. All the staff and welcoming groups and teams are extremely helpful and moving in day was very straight forward and easier than I thought with all the help they provided. There's a lot to do and many events in London that go on which aren't too far away from us so it is a quick journey to get from here to central London. My halls and hall mates are brilliant and I'm loving my course at the moment. There's nothing bad I can say about this university.
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Performing Arts, Year 2

(5)·By Dean L·Drama· Oct 2018
This is has given me such a great experience. Not only can I stay what I won't to do in my life am also able to do it in the city that I have always loves since I was a kid.
The university is so welcoming and lovely to be. The teachers are great and have so much to give me and I have made so many friends that I will be with for years to come. When living in halls, the staff helped me to adjust to leaving and here and being on my own no living on my own I know I can do this.
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