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Why I love Middlesex University

(5)·By Eric O·Psychology· Dec 2023
Middlesex University is one great institution that does more for its students than merely understanding their academic and career needs to actually preparing them to be irresistibly desirable to employers and in their post academic pursuits. My course in psychology, for example, has been deliberately and consciously made rich in tailoring me to beat the competition in the field and be a relevant contributor to the psychological discipline
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Business Studies, Year 2

(5)·By Channon K·Business· Apr 2019
Very relaxed and fun, a lot of international students gave me the opportunity to get to know different people from different cultures

Very safe and clean, affordable aswell. Have the right facilities and very well located

Very clean and updated. Everything you need is available to you

The teachers handled the classes well. A lot of engagement between students and the teachers. Perfect amount of information was provided for each module.

Very face paced. Everyone has an end goal in mind and set day.

Very informative. You will learn a lot about the business world in detail touching on finance and so on.
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Sociology, Year 1

(5)·By Danielle D·Sociology· Oct 2018
My university experience has been pretty great so far. All the staff and welcoming groups and teams are extremely helpful and moving in day was very straight forward and easier than I thought with all the help they provided. There's a lot to do and many events in London that go on which aren't too far away from us so it is a quick journey to get from here to central London. My halls and hall mates are brilliant and I'm loving my course at the moment. There's nothing bad I can say about this university.
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Middlesex University

(5)·By Shauna M·Midwifery· Jun 2023
It has been such a joy to complete my degree at Middlesex. I have had an amazing experience and have made some friends for life! Everything from the faculties to the, mdx house to the 24 hour library (yes 24 hours!) has been brilliant and has made my degree enjoyable! Through the pandemic studying midwifery and being in clinical settings was tough, but Middlesex supported us and would do mental health checks to ensure that everyone was coping with the tough times of the world! Overall, couldn't of picked a better uni for myself & will miss it when graduating this year! Well done Middlesex :)
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My experience as an postgraduate international student

(5)·By Mariah M·Social Work· Jun 2023
"My cohort has a strong sense of community and collaboration, and the students were supportive and uplifting to one another. This support has been extremely meaningful to me, particularly as an international student. The inclusiveness has made me feel less alone and more supported while living abroad and navigating, not just a demanding academic program, but a new country and lifestyle.

One of the most important aspects of my degree and another primary reason why I decided on this program at Middlesex University was the ability to attain practical experience. The master's in social work program at Middlesex offers two placement opportunities, allowing me to gain invaluable, hands-on experience working in the field. This has helped me identify my strengths and skills in the field and become more aware of areas I want to improve upon. After graduation, it has made me more employable as a competent and professional candidate in the social work field.

At this point, I am halfway through the master's degree at Middlesex University and have been pleasantly surprised and very appreciative of the many opportunities Middlesex University has provided me with."
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Amazing resources

(5)·By Jamilah M·Nursing· Jun 2023
Middlesex has great available resources in the university such as the library which provides numeracy and literacy lessons. These lessons are extremely helpful for drug calculation exams & for essay writing!
They also provide multiple accommodations near the university and also near local train stations for example Colindale underground station which connects to the northern line.
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Msc. Sport Performance Analysis review

(5)·By Nicodemus K·Sports Science· Jun 2023
If i was a given a chance to redo an Msc in sport performance analysis, i would definately choose Middlesex as one and only option. I loved the experience and course content which was very practional, the course leader Dr. Nimai is always helpful both in class and even while sharing placement opportunities and job.
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Music, Graduate

(5)·By Dayle M·Music· Jul 2021
Freshers Week as part of The Academy Of Contemporary Music served to be refreshing and very informative. Took part in a lot of activities and met a lot of people who I consider to be good friends, even now in this day and age. Middlesex University accommodation was of high standards. Bathroom facilities could have been a bit cleaner. Other than that, no complaints. Student union was great during the start of 2016, but it's standards somewhat dropped afterwards. Classrooms and library were of great use and to the best of utilisation, same can be said with the recording studios in the ACM building. Learning the importance of audio fundamentals and how to conduct yourself inside of a recording studio, this would assist in what's needed to become a music producer. City life was quiet and peaceful, in stark contrast to what it is like in London. No crime whatsoever. No complaints.
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Business Studies, Year 2

(5)·By Victoria O·Business· Apr 2019
I didn’t attend my freshers week

I live off campus on private accommodation. However from what I hear the accommodation is very adequate & close to campus which makes things surprise convenient for students

I absolutely loveeeeeee the onncamous facilities! The last 4 years at Middlesex have been amazing. So sad that I’ll be leaving so soon, the facilities are so good and have good spaces available at the library etc, sports facilities were great too! All the sports team are almost regional and very competitive.

The course was very broad which gave me an opportunity to study almost every aspect of business in the last 4 years. Lecture theatre halls always had good availability never too full or empty. Lecturers were always so helpful & always went an extra mile to help students.

City life was great. Middlesex is not too for from central London with a bus from Brent Cross leading straight into Oxford Circus. Could always dash into central London with some friends after a long day at university.

You won’t regret it!
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I love Middlesex

(5)·By Patrick T·Other· Oct 2018
I love everything about Middlesex. This university just suits me down to a tee. It has everything you would ever need. As soon as I turned up I was settled into my flat where I had 7 other house mates from all walks of life but they were all welcoming and friendly as I was the last one to move in. There is no time to sit around and feel sorry for yourself because the famous fresher week events come thick and fast. The Student Union organise this, they have some quality events and I would recommend everyone attending these. Some of the stories I have from this week alone are unreal, but I've sworn not to reveal them, plus this site would probably have to take my post home.

One piece of advise is to go to Freshers Fair. All the universities clubs and societies are all in one place, you get to meet loads of second and third years. I joined the football team. We trained once a week with matches on a wednesday. Thankfully I had no lectures on a Wednesday. Everyone goes out straight after matches on a social. These are literally the best nights ever. We usually do fancy dress, thats all I can remember from most of them.

The course is really engaging, I only have like 10 hours of teaching each week, but theres a fair bit of work that I can do in my spare time. I had a few issues in the first semester but the faculty and my tutors supported me. I couldn't ask for more from them. The university also support you in job hunting with CV workshops and other stuff like that. I found that really beneficial.

The university is located on the outskirts of London where there is so much going up. One tip, the student loan doesn't spread that far, try save a bit of money before you come to university and you will have the time of your life.
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(5)·By Alice M·Mathematics· Jun 2023
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