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It's actually a great college, learn more in smaller groups!

(4.5)·By Carly -·Other· Oct 2018
Its a great college, you learn in a lot smaller groups than you do at Uni. We have 21 in our group which makes it easy to learn we have a lot of class discussions. I ended up doing the 'top up' after completing my HND in Business Marketing, so much more work do but definitely worth it in the end.

I can't comment on accommodation, as I lived at home throughout the whole time of studying.

I ended up using the library loads as it's pretty good, always someone to help out whenever you need and they even order in the books that they don't have if you ask - not many places do that I'll tell you!

At Northbrook it's most fashion/art-farty students they all look like they're having fun so it's actually a good atmosphere. I'm currently looking for a job and hopefully I'll ended up getting one after summer.
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Art and design, Year 2

(4.5)·By Sam W·Art· Oct 2018
My uni experience is good as I have been given a studio space to do my artwork and like the fact it's a college setting doing my uni course meaning there not that many people on my course. In my year including me is only six of us which is nice as we get a lot of time with our tutors for tutorial.
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Art and design, Year 1

(4.5)·By Hannah J·Art· Oct 2018
?I LOVE IT! I never thought I'd have the opportunity to go to university but then it came along and I jumped at it! Art is my biggest passion in life so to be able to draw and create every day, that's what motivates me. The staff at Northbrook are beyond friendly, super helpful and encouraging, they will help you achieve anything. Having the option to attend a smaller university has made my experience so much better, the whole place is just like a big family. I am my class representative, I wanted to be fully immersed in uni life and next year I hope to apply for student union rep!
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Performing arts, Year 1

(4.3)·By Kayleigh S·Drama· Oct 2018
So far it's been one of the best things I've ever done!
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Other, Third Year

(4)·By Chloe S·Other· Oct 2018
The tutors I have had throughout the three years have been amazing. I've felt comfortable and happy when it comes to each unit however recently, I feel that the college/university has favoured other courses due to getting better classrooms and equipment. The campus shop prices, I feel, are well too high, paying ?3.10 for one sandwich. It used to be a lot cheaper a couple of years ago and I know it puts people off eating there and having to travel to a shop outside of campus on their lunch break which affects their social time.
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Not a Uni... But a great place!

(3.3)·By Andy G·Other· Oct 2018
Remember this is not a University, it doesnt have huge accommodations blocks and massive parties, so if that is for you, then dont come here! I was an older student, studying here hence why I choose this college over a uni, I didn't think I could hack the uni life. The course was very well planned which made it all run really smooth. I lived just a 25 minute drive from here and I was in 3 days a week, this may be different now? Or it may change depending what course you do. Overall, I learnt lots and would highly recommend.
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Art / Design, Year 2

(3.3)·By Mia D·Art· Jul 2021
My university was based in Worthing so there wasn't any official freshers events however there was one event on the pier for students The are not halls and everything is house shares there are only a few student houses Facilities are good however they are not 24/7 meaning it can be difficult I love my course as my lectures are always willing to put in extra help and listen to us City life is great, town is good and trains are easy to get too however can be expensive
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Aerospace Engineering, Graduate

(3.3)·By George K·Aerospace Engineering· Jul 2021
Was very interesting and made me realize this is the career I wanted Unfortunately there was no accommodation The hangar was good for an introduction to aerospace engineering The course was a short time but very intense. The course was split into 15 modules Brighton was very close to where I was based and was very lively and brilliant
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Art / Design, Graduate

(3.3)·By Lucy C·Art· Jul 2021
Quite small and only lasted a day, closest events were in Brighton No accommodation at the time, I believe some was getting built while I was there, I stayed at home during my course but most of my friend were in shared housing near Brighton. We had a fully functioning work shop, including wood working, metal working and sculpting facilities for our course, overall really good resources to use! Library was good sometimes it was hard to find a computer that was free but was usually fine! The course taught me to use a wide range of materials and allowed everyone to create projects in their own personal styles. City life directly around Northbrook was very quiet and there was very little nightlife or groups for university students, however it was close enough to Brighton to not be too much of an issue!
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Accounting and finance, Year 1

(2.5)·By Amelia S·Accounting· Oct 2018
It was great because everyone was so friendly
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