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Student experience at Swansea University

(5)·By Shihana G·Psychology· Jun 2023
I was thrilled to receive a place at Swansea University's master's course. The academic staff at Swansea are extremely supportive and approachable. The module assessments are well spaced out allowing sufficient time to prepare for each. Swansea University consists of peaceful study places, and the library at singleton campus being my favorite. Nonetheless, the environment surrounding the university including of beaches and ample greenery creates a peaceful studying area. However, the city of Swansea is very popular among students for it's night life, as there's wide range of hangout spots you could enjoy with friends. Overall, you'd get to experience a good studying experience whilst having fun with your mates!!
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Student Reviews (262)

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History, Year 2

(5)·By Claire Y·History· Oct 2018
University has been amazing and continues to be so. It is by far the best thing I have ever done and would recommend anyone go to university
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Nursing, Year 1

(5)·By Chloe-Jade J·Nursing· Oct 2018
I have really enjoyed my time so far at university, lots of opportunities opened for me.
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Biology / Biotechnology, Graduate

(5)·By Nia G·Biology· Jul 2021
Brilliant I loved every minute of it, there's so much to do in Swansea and the people are so friendly! They didn't like loads of work on us in freshers week which was nice as we were able to settle into living away from home and uni culture The halls are really fun and you meet loads of new people, the new accommodation on bay campus is also really nice but a bit more expensive with less night life there The library was really big with silent study areas which was nice, they have loads of books that are easy to take out and return or even find an e copy of online The lectures were very interesting as the lecturers went into the wider context of why we were learning about the content of the lecture and how we can use it - Rory Wilson was one of my favourite lecturers, it was like being in a comedy show every week! Really great, everything is so close together and I think it's the safest uni night out I have heard of compared to my friends in other universities - it's small enough you will normally be on the same night out as close friends but big enough for you to avoid certain people if you want to!
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Geography and Environmental Studies, Year 1

(5)·By Amelia·Geography· Oct 2018
My flat mates are the best thing about coming to Swansea. I've made so many new friends and the people here are lovely. The beach is so close, the sports village is amazing and the SU offers a lot to all of us. My lecturers are clearly passionate about what they do and are very influential on us students. The accommodation is perfect, especially because it is on campus and so close to everything I need as all facilities are just a short walk away. The staff are always ready to help and fix problems almost immediately. There are so many great societies to be a part of which I love! Wind Street is also famously an amazing night out!
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Social Policy and Social Work, Year 1

(5)·By Chloe M·Social Policy· Mar 2019
It was brilliant.The accommodation is really good, and I was put in my first choice.The facilities are great...It’s really interesting, and lots of options for work post degree
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Outstanding Experience

(5)·By Olivia C·Law· Jun 2023
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time studying at Swansea University - the people and the place made it for me and I wouldn't change a thing!
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Aerospace Engineering, Year 2

(5)·By Albin J·Aerospace Engineering· Jul 2021
It was great as there's plenty of places to go out with ur course mates and flat mates, one of the best nights out is at swansea Bay campus is excellent, very secure and safe and very conveniently priced for its features Library at bay campus could be bigger and better but Singleton library is great Lecturers were very supportive and course was easy to follow throughout. It got a bit more difficult cause of coronavirus It's a relatively small city but it's got everything you need and everyone is so nice.
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Psychology / Criminology, Graduate

(5)·By Harriet B·Psychology· Jul 2021
Fun, sociable and exciting. There were so many activities we could get involved in, sober or not :) Clean, comfortable and reasonably priced. Plenty of room on campus for studying, with a wide variety of food options. Covers a wide range of topics thoroughly, and the work load is not too intense Swansea is the right sized city, with a bustling night life and plenty of beaches and activities to keep you busy
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Mathematics and Statistics, Year 1

(5)·By Ilayda·Mathematics· Mar 2019
Lost of organised events that bring new students together.. Bay campus accommodation is pricy but worth it if your lectures are at Bay. It's brand new and helps with the transition into the University life. I wouldn't recommend HSV because of the 50 minute journey to Bay Campus.. Library is open 24/7 and very spacious. Classrooms and lab rooms are available to students. There is an on Campus Gym and plenty of socialising settings. Such as the Tafarn Tawe.. Lectures are very informative and organised. There is a course outline which informs students on a daily basis what is covered for those who miss lectures. Lectures are also recorded.. Wind street full of night clubs and bars. Suiting every style.. Study what's best for you.
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Mathematics, Year 2

(5)·By Adele D·Mathematics· Oct 2018
I thoroughly love it! It's set in an amazing location (2 mins walk from campus) with lecturers who really care about how you do :-)
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