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Business Studies / Management, Year 3

(5)·By Lucy G·Business· Jul 2021
Super sociable university so really enjoyable. So many different freshers events allowing you to meet new people. University workshops allowed us to meet people on our course easily. Groupchats on Facebook also helped to find people in your flat, building and course. Really spacious and comfortable. Really clean when moved in and we had our bins changed daily and a flat cleaner once a week. So secure and felt very safe being first time away from home and security easily contactable if something went wrong. Facilities are amazing. So many study spaces around campus- silent and sociable. Student pubs on both campuses with good atmospheres. On site gyms on both campuses as well. Being so close to the beach makes it location so much better. Sports Swansea facilities in Singleton include pool, indoor and outdoor courts, Astro and fields. So many different sporting teams to join. School of management reception is there for any queries and really helpful. Lecture halls are spacious and feel personal not daunting. Lecturers make sure you are engaged in the course and personal tutor meetings scheduled termly and always there to help. Office hours constantly updated for each lecturer do you can schedule meetings really easily. Small city but makes it easy to get comfortable with and very sociable. Plenty of nightlife and shops. Travel to and from campuses and town is really convenient with the bus.
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Psychology / Criminology, Graduate

(5)·By Freya P·Psychology· Jul 2021
So much fun. Loads of freshers events and nights out in the city which has a load of fun clubs and pubs ! The accommodation in first year was good as I had an en suite and the kitchens were cleaned weekly. The housing in second year was easy to find and reliable Library is very big and contains a lot of reading material The course was really interesting and I enjoyed the engagement of the lectures, seminars and workshops City is small but very fun, especially being by the sea there are countless activities to take part in as well as loads of restaurants, pubs and activities such as mini golf
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Medicine, Year 2

(5)·By Sarah D·Medicine· Jul 2021
It was very unique and we had to wear our cultural dresses. It was great with lovely food. I had opted an outside accommodation from the link provided by the Swansea university itself. And it was great! All the facilities in Swansea university are spectacular Tutors always supported and made sure all my doubt were clear. They were guiding me in my every step of masters City life was lit. I enjoyed my year with different cultured people. And all the people in Swansea are so lovely
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Criminology, Year 4 Plus

(5)·By Joe J·Psychology· Oct 2018
Brilliant! Excellent staff and student environment, the college of Law and Criminology was and still is a great place to study - would recommend to anyone looking to at a future in criminology or law!
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Physics and Astronomy, Year 2

(5)·By Nikki S·Physics· Oct 2018
Lots of places to go out, teaches are very passionate about their subject matter. Lots of sports and societies to join, I enjoy archery. It's a beautiful place to live, planning on staying in Swansea a while after I've finished my degree.
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Sports / Sports Science, Graduate

(5)·By Ellie U·Sports· Jul 2021
Really good, there was lots of engaging activities which you could participate in. Lots of the local clubs and places in town were also holding events for the students which was great. The accommodation was amazing! When I moved in I was the first to live there and it's so high spec. It's a brilliant environment to learn and make friends in. The facilities are also incredible with the campus only having recently been built and lots of new buildings constantly being built. It's modern and there's loads of new equipment and places to study and learn. The course is so engaging and what is learnt in lectures is so applied. The lectures are all researchers themselves so are so passionate about the subjects they teach. Swansea city is amazing with there being so many things to do in the town centre which is close to the accommodation. You're also living on top of a beach which is beautiful to walk along and relax as well as play sports on. It's the best of both worlds!
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Aerospace Engineering, Year 2

(5)·By Albin J·Aerospace Engineering· Jul 2021
It was great as there's plenty of places to go out with ur course mates and flat mates, one of the best nights out is at swansea Bay campus is excellent, very secure and safe and very conveniently priced for its features Library at bay campus could be bigger and better but Singleton library is great Lecturers were very supportive and course was easy to follow throughout. It got a bit more difficult cause of coronavirus It's a relatively small city but it's got everything you need and everyone is so nice.
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Social Policy and Social Work, Year 1

(5)·By Chloe M·Social Policy· Mar 2019
It was brilliant.The accommodation is really good, and I was put in my first choice.The facilities are great...It’s really interesting, and lots of options for work post degree
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Engineering, Graduate

(5)·By Jack T·Engineering· Jul 2021
Awesome, got there not knowing anybody and was thrown straight into a flat of 10 people. I quickly got to know more people and eventually people on my course too. Many of these people have become friends for life. Depending on the campus you are on the accommodation varies. My accommodation was brand new and was modern but quite far from the city centre which made some things difficult. Bay Campus Library is very open plan and makes studying much easier. The Bay lecture theatres are the same, modern and very good for learning due to the large amount of recent investment. The course is great because you are with a smaller group of people than other engineering disciplines (materials engineering) and get to know lectures on a first name basis quickly. They also interact with you much more. The nightlife is some of the best in the uni business. The city centre is a bit run down in places but 2019 has seen a lot of recent investment and new buildings are popping up everywhere.
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Physiotherapy / Occupational, Year 2

(5)·By Yasmin B·Physiotherapy· Jul 2021
So fun! In Swansea there are so many clubs to go to, and they had so many fresher's events to choose from. I lived on Bay campus which is so nice and modern. The bedrooms are a very good size and so nice and bright compared to other university halls. Each room had an en-suite which had a spacious shower. We also had a big kitchen which was great for socialising. Swansea uni has two libraries. Both have plenty of room. Bay library is very modern. Sports facilities are excellent, and our sport's centre is host to Wales National Pool. The football team is also linked to Swansea City FC so our training ground and home ground is where the Swansea men actually train. Our lecturers provide so much material for us to revise from. They're always available too to email or go to to ask for help. In Swansea you get the best of both worlds. You're right on the beach and on the shower peninsula, so there's so many countryside walks and things to do in that sense, but then there's so many clubs and bars that are really affordable in town and in Uplands. There's so many options for a good night out. Also, town has all of the amenities you'll ever need with various shops.
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History, Year 2

(5)·By Claire Y·History· Oct 2018
University has been amazing and continues to be so. It is by far the best thing I have ever done and would recommend anyone go to university
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