Swansea University FAQs

What accommodation does Swansea University have?

Swansea University has a four different student accommodation sites.

The campuses are:

  • Bay campus.
  • Beck House
  • Hendrefoilan Student Village
  • Singleton Park campus.

There are also Welsh-language-only accommodation and accessible and adapted rooms for those who need them.

Who is the Chancellor of Swansea University?

Dame Jean Thomas is the chancellor of Swansea University. Professor Paul Boyle is the university's vice-chancellor.

What is the rank of Swansea University?

Swansea University ranks highly in many areas.

The university ranks for:

  • 12 for accommodation.
  • 17 for course quality.
  • 12 for graduate careers.
  • 17 for student life.
  • [england_ranking] in England.

These ranks are voted for by Uni Compare users.

How many campuses does Swansea University have?

Swansea University has a two different campuses.

The campuses are:

  • Bay campus.
  • Singleton Park campus.

Both campuses are located on either end of Swansea’s waterfront.

Does Swansea University offer Clearing courses?

Swansea University offers Clearing courses in 2023.

Is Swansea University a Russell Group university?

Swansea University is not a part of the Russell Group of Universities, it is however part of Universities UK.

What is the acceptance rate for Swansea University?

The acceptance rate for Swansea University is around 50%.

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