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Not easy

(5)·By Arusha M·Pharmacology / Pharmacy· Jun 2023
Not as easy as everyone says it is, exams or coursework is due every few weeks and hours of self learning for subjects I have never done before. You have to work hard but it will be all worth it at the end
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Art / Design, Year 3

(5)·By Alexandra M·Art· Jul 2021
Freshers week was very fun. I really enjoyed all the student deals and freebies. I also liked going to volunteering and society fares. I did not live in student accommodation. I have friends who did and they had an amazing student experience. The library is very well equipped, as well as the learning rooms. I enjoy going there to study. The lecture theatres are big and modern. The teachers are just wonderful and always willing to help. I like how the course is well structured and broad and I enjoy the hands-on parts, like labs and workshops. Manchester is a great city to live in as a student. The nightlife is fun, there is a diverse choice of pubs, bars and clubs to choose from. I love the shopping here as well.
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University Experience

(5)·By Samantha W·Biology· Jun 2023
Awesome experience is an understatement especially after COViD lockdown! It makes it more valuable!!
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Nursing, Year 2

(5)·By Ruth B·Nursing· Oct 2018
I have really enjoyed my time at the university of Manchester. Manchester has many attractions and the university is just one of them.
The university offers top quality facilities and a tremendous amount of support to every student.
There is something for everyone to get involved in at the university of Manchester with a range of socieities for students. I personally enjoy spending my time with the Manchester Harmony gospel choir.
More than anything what I enjoy most about university of Manchester is the friendly people and the amazing friends I've made. I would recommend Manchester uni to everyone!!
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Life Learning Earth and Planetary Sciences

(5)·By Bethany A·Environmental Science· Jun 2023
As someone with a love for geography, physics and maths, this course is perfect. A mixture of several different academic skills, such as programming, chemistry, geography, optics etc give a well rounded experience and lots of opportunities to find something you enjoy. There are also plenty of trips, including residential ones. We are given the choice to specialise in year 2.

As for my overall university experience, Manchester offers a wide variety of societies and volunteering opportunities. There's also plenty of social areas, in both academic and non-academic settings. I especially enjoy living in the city halls, as I am very close to campus. There are also lots of bus services on Oxford Road (main campus area) for those who live further away, charging up to £2. I would highly recommend living and studying in Manchester.
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Dentistry, Year 3

(5)·By Danah A·Dentistry· Jul 2021
It was helpful. Each tutor introduce himself, and we met students from other year's. They provided free food and drinks. Actually, I don't live in the university accommodation. But I heard it's good There are 3-4 libraries which have so many sources, as well as online library. The sports area are huge there is almost all sports. And the student union is so much fun It's more like self study which is helpful in memorizing the information instead of setting in a lecture. Manchester is a big city there is divergent cultures. The centre is busy and there are lots of restaurants from all countries
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Medicine, Year 2

(5)·By Grace·Medicine· Oct 2018
I am really enjoying my time in Manchester, I has reservations about coming at the start but I'm really glad I did!
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Computer Science, Year 3

(5)·By Alexandru M·Computing· Oct 2018
I can honestly say that is the best thing that happened to me, education-wise. I met a lot of new people, I made lots of new friends and, overall, I am glad that I chose a UK university.

One of the most valuable that I got in the university is a group of good friends. When
I was at high school, many people told me that human relationship in university is
very complicated. They said people in university will only make friends with those
can give them advantages. However, I do not really think so. I have a very good
relationship with my friends in Manchester. Whenever I got lost, they will kindly to help
me to out of the lost. I think our friendship can be forever. This is really a great thing
to have so much good friend in my university life.
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Psychology / Criminology, Year 3

(5)·By Izzy B·Psychology· Jul 2021
Really good!! Was easy to meet people on haul group chats and the organised events were good - I know many people accidentally ordered “fake” wrist bands to the wrong events which was annoying as as a fresher you don't know what's legit uni club events and what's not A good variety! They have something to cater for all price ranges which I think is really important as a lot of students struggle for money And student finance. The cheaper hauls tend to be the most sociable anyways!! Really good, very modern but also still maintaining the traditional architecture of old buildings which is really cool as it offers both They kept us up to date with everything that's going on from general things to start the year to covid updates. We also have a student support officer who would relay useful information constantly, I liked how they would reach out to us so it didn't feel like I was emailing a stranger... sometimes it's hard to reach out for help so it's nice they take the first move Very busy which I liked coming from a small town!! Was always something going on, new pubs, bars and restaurants offering a range of things for all cultures and hobbies
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Finance, Year 3

(5)·By Jamie L·Finance· Jul 2021
It was insightful and provided a good introduction to the course. It detailed well the structure of the degree and the modules involved. Manchester accomodation was well facilitated and was given sufficient funding to ensure that students settled well into university life Facilities were great and still are though their could be greater capacity for use during covid19 The modular structure of the degree was great. It meant that students on the same pathway could still study a wide variety of subject areas & specialise in different niches City life was great. There is a wonderful balance between student night life and general night life.
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(5)·By Marcela G·Chemical / Process / Energy· Jun 2023
Very good university, as they prioritise your mental health and give you a lot of support to do not fall behind. Furthermore, university is very modern and the amenities are thought for people with disabilities.

Their teaching is wonderful having multiples drop in for all the subjects you study and so far teachers do not make you feel stupid when you ask questions in fact they are very supportive and say to you "no question is a stupid question".

I absolutely recommend to study at The university of Manchester.
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