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Languages, Year 3

(5)·By R·Languages· Jul 2021
Freshers were welcomed into the university with different societies including ‘an cumann gaelach' which was great because it was exactly the society I wanted to join. The university offered a lot of support and had a lot of different types of events on, especially in halls of residents. The standard of living in duncreggan student village was very high, there was always heating and you felt safe which was key moving away from home for the first time. The halls were very clean as well, even at the most basic level of halls there was a cleaner which definitely helped in communal areas. The library is a very bright and open place so you feel motivated to study as soon as you enter. The university gym is quite small and basic but it is very quiet so you feel very comfortable walking in. Our course is quite small so we gained more of a relationship with our lectures. The lectures weren't overly long as well so you didn't get too distracted. The city life is a lot different to what I am used to, although it is amazing. Now working in the city I could see myself living there after university. The nightlife is definitely not to be missed!
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Physiotherapy / Occupational, Year 3

(5)·By Alex D·Physiotherapy· Jul 2021
In my first year I enjoyed it however due to the pandemic I didn't get a second year freshers week. I lived in halls for my first year and enjoyed it a lot, I met a lot of people I am still in contact with. The gym is excellent and fairly priced for an annual membership, there are lots of options for all kinds of athletes. The practical nature of the course and the lectures are always varied and interesting. Belfast city life is great, I am looking forward to hopefully returning next year.
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Advertising, Year 1

(5)·By Dearbhail B·Marketing· Oct 2018
So far it's been great. The lecturers have been so welcome and my peers are all lovely. The content isn't hard to study as it's interesting. I think it's going to be a very enjoyable 4 years
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Law, Year 2

(5)·By Cliodhna M·Law· Oct 2018
Ulster University has been fantastic. As well as being hands on in regards to further education, they prioritise social development. The course is well structured and focused on securing employment opportunities post-graduation. The facilities, lecturers and general atmosphere are all top notch.
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Law / Legal Studies, Year 2

(5)·By Cliona D·Law· Jul 2021
Freshers week was good. There was loads of freshers fairs in uni which provided new students with essential information about starting university . I also learned about different groups and societies available within my university. Student accommodation was great. Top class security and my parents felt happy knowing I was safe where I was living Library is first class. We are able to access a variety of books to loan which help with assignments and there is plenty of study rooms available which I used for group work to meet with my group I find the course extremely interesting I was also fortunate enough to attend days out including visit to the courts and stormont Very different to get used to at first as I come from the countryside and only ever visited the city with my parents. I thoroughly enjoyed the freedom and having all shops and restaurants on my door step
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Business Studies / Management, Year 3

(5)·By Evandro G·Business· Jul 2021
Freshers week was very pleasant, with the university introducing students to many different societies and support systems offered by the university which covers many different areas of the students needs. The accommodation was very clean with great security and support systems ensuring safety, along with many opportunities of meeting new people via activities for those living within the accommodation organised by the university. Very resourceful and helpful The lectures and course is very interesting with a variety of teaching methods and activities used to make things more interesting and fun to learn too. The city was great with many things to do and places to visit. The university also helped students become more aware of the city.
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Music, Third Year

(5)·By Esther C·Music· Oct 2018
I'm now in my final year and can honestly say I've loved every minute of my university experience, from the friends I've met to the friendly and welcoming environment I've enjoyed every minute and will miss it dearly when I graduate! But many happy memories, some of my best memories have taken place at uni.
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Music, Year 2

(5)·By Fearghal M·Music· Jul 2021
Freshers week was great to get out to socialise with our new classmates I don't use their accommodations but I heard they are good All of the facilities are state of the art and well maintained The course covers exactly what I want to do as a career and the lecturers are super helpful and friendly It's great as I don't live in a city and it's good to be able to visit a lot of bars and shops
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Ophthalmics, Graduate

(5)·By Jane F·Ophthalmics· Jul 2021
Great- everyone was very friendly and I met lots of new people. Not fancy but great value. 1st years live in halls, everyone else moves out New sports facilities and gym, lots of options for clubs. Library- always space and usually quiet. Lecturers really cared about students. Small class sizes are a huge advantage over other unis. I went to the Coleraine campus, which is surrounded by a few beautiful towns.
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Nursing, Year 2

(5)·By Jessica M·Nursing· Jul 2021
Freshers week was a good mix between work and play and I was able to get time to meet new people. This has helped me with the rest of my uni experience The accommodation was great Duncreggan student village is great value for money and the reslife team create many events so that you can mingle and meet new people! The facilities were great, there were many cafes mad places to eat at the university it's not too far from the town centre so location was great. The course mental health nursing undergrad is very intense but so worth it, in my second year and so far I have enjoyed every minuet of it! City life was good in derry , good mix of shopping, restaurants and pubs
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Other, Year 1

(5)·By Kayla C·Other· Oct 2018
My university experience so far has been great and I've been able to meet so many new people.
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