University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh FAQs

What is the main address of University of Edinburgh?

The main address of University of Edinburgh is: University of Edinburgh, 50 George Square, Newington, Edinburgh EH8 9JU.

How many campuses does University of Edinburgh have?

University of Edinburgh has fiver main sites in and around Edinburgh.

These sites are:

  • BioQuarter
  • Central Area
  • Easter Bush
  • King's Buildings
  • Western General

Specific courses are studied at particular campuses.

Does University of Edinburgh offer Clearing courses?

Yes, typically, University of Edinburgh will offer Clearing courses.

Who are some notable alumni from University of Edinburgh?

University of Edinburgh has mad many notable alumni throughout its long history.

Notable alumni include:

  • Hasting Banda
  • Alexander Graham Bell
  • Charles Darwin
  • Kate Forbes
  • Chris Hoy
  • Elijah McCoy
  • Michael McIntyre
  • Pippa Middleton
  • Julius Nyerere
  • William Walker

Gordon Brown, John Russell and Henry John Temple all graduated from University of Edinburgh and became Prime-Minister of the UK.

Who is the Chancellor of University of Edinburgh?

Anne, Princess Royal, is the chancellor of University of Edinburgh. Debora Kayembe is the university's rector. Sir Peter Mathieson is the university's vice-chancellor and principal.

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