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Top university!

(5)·By Yusuf S·Human Resource Management· Jun 2023
Studying at the University of Sheffield was brillaint. My course was highly enjoyable but equally challenging. I completed modules on not just human resource management, but also accounting and strategic management. This gave me a great understanding of the field of business as a whole. The university offered financial help during the pandemic and even allowed students to complete examinations from home. The lecturers were very supportive and offered help with the assignments as much as possible. Each student had their own tutor to guide them with any issues which was very useful. The student Union is fun with lots of things to do, including sports, music, and restaurants. The city itself is beautiful - it is a healthy middle between a busy city and a small town. Coming from London, I really enjoyed living in Sheffield as I took a break from the busy city life. Everywhere is easy to get to without the need to take a tube or train. The rent is also very cheap, specially in comparison to big cities like London. I lived in an ensuite room within the city centre for £360 a month (including all bills). The accommodation even had a private gym and a beautiful rooftop area where you can see the whole city.
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An great university

(5)·By Olivia M·Aerospace Engineering· Jun 2023
I am in my second year of studying an intergrated masters degree in Aerospace engineering and feel that Sheffield is a great university, especially for this subject.
Firstly the university has an amazing building for engineering, The Diamond, which has lots of facilities. I have most my lectures here and at least one lab here every week. As well as labs the diamond has many study areas, computer rooms, a library and silent study areas.
I study 6 modules per semester and in my first and second year have also done an engineering challenge week in the Christmas exam period. The modules, although challenging, are all taught in different styles therefore doesn't get repetitive and boring. The engineering challenge week is also very useful as it introduces you into working with other disciplinaries and in groups, working to meet deadlines. All skills and more which are helpful when applying for jobs.
In my first year i stayed in university accomodation in ranmoor. This was about a 25 minute walk from university and therefore is in a nice quiet area as it is not in the city centre. The accomodation was well maintained and cleaners came every few weeks, there was shops nearby and a free gym and study spaces.
The university offers a lot of social activities. There are lots of societies to join and the university also has a club inside the student union. Although i am on a very demanding course there is also time for social activities, societies and part time work.
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Very good university

(5)·By Charlie O·Aerospace Engineering· Jun 2023
Excellent staff, facilities and also provided with all the resources you require. Great for STEM degrees.
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(5)·By Imogen F·English Studies· Jun 2023
It was a really varied and diverse course with a lot of insightful modules. The teaching was valuable and the lecturers gave a lot of their time. Aside from the course, there were a huge variety of extracurricular activities and societies to take part in, which was a really good benefit.
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Jannas uni experience

(5)·By Janna E·Engineering· Jun 2023
A really down to earth university with a diverse range of students where I feel really comfortable and can fit In. The uni life is really good with ALOT of societies to join such as yoga and more niche ones like Arab society. The student village is welcoming and easy to adapt to with staff on site at all times with any maintance issue which they are really good with. The staff are approachable and a lot of support is available such as counselling and extra support sessions with uni help if need be.
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Civil Engineering, Year 2

(5)·By Kaya P·Civil Engineering· Apr 2019
We had a lot of contact, so making it to all our engagements after trying to make it to as many social events was difficult! Alas, you also feel you have to go to everything, acedemic and social as you feel like you may miss out on a vital part of your student life!

Endcliffe student accommodation was one of the best I saw when visiting uni’s before entering Sheffield, and I still hold this belief after living there for 1 year. The room spaces are lovely with well sized communal areas, and the actual accommodation campus was very green and pretty to be around.

The university really benefited from the opening of the diamond, with high tech lab spaces and lots of study areas (although there is still need for more and the space could be more efficiently used). The information commons is a great space to work in and it being a 24/7 library really helps. The sports facilities are okay, gym prices are a bit high and some of the space seems such as the squash courts need better mantaining. The current closure of the outdoor netball and hockey pitch is also a great lose.

The course has a lot of contact hours so you are getting your money’s worth for your education. The teaching level is also of high quality, with a good number of assignments that are very applicable to future career scenarios (should this be group work, multi discipline design projects or lab studies).

Sheffield is a very well balanced city. The Heart of the City is filled with lots of shops, eateries, bar and a good number of places to go dance the night away. Kelham Island is an absolute treasure for anyone who loves a good Craft beer or Ale, with places such as Cutlery Works just opening. On the outskirts of the city and one bus journey away is the peak district, so if the busy lifestyle isn’t for you there’s an easy escape for some beautiful hikes !

If you want to go into the engineering feel, the Sheffield civil engineering course will set you up for life. The experience and knowledge you gain is of the top level, something which is recognised by many of the top firms in the industry, reflected on the number of students who leave the uni with a graduate scheme secured. It’s hard work, and it’s a lot of lectures, but it’s completely worth it.
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Great Uni, nice people, fun city!

(5)·By Beth B·Architecture· Jun 2023
I know students are always reccommended to find their favourite course, and then think about what city they like, but a bad city can ruin your educational experience! Sheffield provides great education, has a really nice and engaging students union / hub, has walkable accommodation and lots of fun day and night time activities / events. The locals and students are all really friendly. :)
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Politics and IR at Sheffield University

(5)·By Lamiaa R·Politics· Jun 2023
This course has been extremely comprehensive as well as challenging in order to fully optimise students understanding of the subject. The teaching system encourages students to ask for help when needed, and office hours are accessible every day. The content is also engaging which motivates learning. The campus itself provides many useful facilities such as libraries, career hubs, computer labs which are essential for learning and create a very effective learning environment.
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Law / Legal Studies, Graduate

(5)·By Madeleine K·Law· Jul 2021
I spent the majority of freshers week with my flat mates and other people in my accommodation. I met a few other law students who are still my friends today. The accommodation was really nice - flat of 10, each with our own ensuites. It is a student village accommodation so you are surrounded by other first years. So, it was so easy to make friends and there were always parties and gatherings to go to. The student Union at Sheffield is fantastic - centralised and amazingly run. It provides a real hub for students that make you feel included and immersed. The libraries are also great but get far too overcrowded during exam times. The lecturers are all experts so the quality of learning is very high. All lectures are recorded so if you miss any it isn't the end of the world. I found the lectures to be great preparation for the exams. Sheffield is a great city because it is big enough to feel busy and lively but isn't huge like London or Manchester so it doesn't feel lonely or overwhelming. The city is filled with great shops, bars, clubs and restaurants, etc. The city is perfect for students and the big population of young people makes it great fun.
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Economics, Graduate

(5)·By Arushi A·Economics· Jul 2021
Really engaging and interactive Great location, friendly and welcoming atmosphere and very neat and tidy Outstanding!! Great facilities Very high quality delivery and great support through out the academic years Friendly and welcoming. Lots of places to explore and great layout
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I had a great experience at Sheffield

(5)·By Maria M·Medicine· Jun 2023
I loved my time in Sheffield, the university the students and all the professors. My medical training in Sheffield was exceptional, all the doctors were great and understanding. The modules were well taught and structured in a logical manner. If I only I could go back in time and enjoy the city even more!
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