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A community within the course

(5)·By Sophie H·Marketing· Jun 2023
While studying at the uni of Southampton i have experienced many things, while going on course trips to london to watching fashion films in the uni cinema. The main benefit of the fashion marketing and management course is it is small enough to make life long friends while large enough to still get the uni experience! The staff are wonderful and feel more like friends than lecturers
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English Studies, Year 3

(5)·By Suraya B·English Studies· Jul 2021
Brilliant! Lots on offer both in the city of Southampton and on campus. Mayflower halls are the closest to luxe uni living you'll get and I'm glad to have lived there. Sports facilities 10/10, library and research facilities 10/10... Couldn't have chosen a better quality place to study. The tutors are genuinely thrilled about what they teach, that kind of enthusiasm is always contagious. Loads to do and everything is close enough to do it! Even in lockdown the ability to walk around the city and sit out by the docks in the peace of the evening has been beautiful.
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Psychology / Criminology, Graduate

(5)·By Tierney L·Psychology· Jul 2021
Really busy and lots of fun! Had a blast. Modern, clean and simple, very nice. The library is great but could do with more space, unions lovely. Gym can be a bit cramped. I liked the online recording and class discussion aspect of some lectures. The course was assessed in a way that suited me. Busy and vibrant. Interesting characters at times.
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Geology, Year 2

(5)·By Mahmood S·Geology· Oct 2018
The lecturers are very proactive in responding to your emails and questions, lectures are all recorded and practical labs have plenty of phd and masters students to help you. Lots of field experience included. Deadlines and exam dates are always provided well in advance to allow preparations. There is always an extra week of revision lectures before exam fortnight to help you revise.

There are multiple recruitment festivals and conferences run by the very proactive careers service. They always have positions on offer. Also the university has many part time employment opportunities for students.

Long holiday breaks, 3 weeks for xmas and 4 weeks for Easter. Great 24 hour library on main campus. You student card also gets you into the 24 hour Solent library in city centre. the ?165 12 month student wellbeing pass is amazing - grants you access to lots of gyms, pools, classes, slopes, courts and water based activities around Southampton.

The union is very democratic. It's run by students like us. They have many good value outlets and eateries campus. Including a merch shop, a convenience store, a pub, a cinema, restaurants etc. The nightlife is also the best in the UK!
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History, Year 2

(5)·By Jordan L·History· Jul 2021
It was a fun time we spent getting to make new friends. Moving into halls and meeting on campus with little work is how I make some good friends. Introductory lectures were good and introduced to the unis way of doing things Rooms were large when I stayed at mayflower halls and were really good for purpose with a good size desk and room. The kitchen was spacious and there was a good place to interact with the flats next to us it helped being social with our neighbours. I did cricket and still do there is plenty of facilities and sports halls as well as a proper sports ground for outdoor activities. All accommodations have a gym nearby so it's good to just use for casual exercise. Classrooms and large and well spaced into buildings. SUSU has very good facilities on campus such as movies cafes and a pub which are always in use and are worth a visit. Lectures were interactive and leave yourself in good position to go off on making your own points. Seminars in my course were enjoyable and made you accept new points of view to help you appreciate the course and the ideas presented in the course. The city itself is small but has a lot of shops in it. The westquay centre is a good place for lunch or just to shop. Portswood is another centre mainly for discount areas and is a prime student area. The nightlife is good with a variety of clubs including the infamous jesters and is a good laugh for a drinks with friends.
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Education, Third Year

(5)·By Pamini N·Education / Teacher Training· Oct 2018
University is honestly the best years of my life. I have learnt so much and have made such amazing friends
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Economics, Year 2

(5)·By Asha P·Economics· Jul 2021
Freshers week had been a week where I met the most incredible friends. I gained confidence within myself as I began to branch out and meet various types of people. I partied wearing my favourite ASOS outfits and lounged in them too. UOS accommodation was at the epicentre where it was midway from the campus and midway from town. This made it easy to go shopping and easy to get the bus to uni! The commute gave me time to take in the views and reflect on the day. The library bought a great deal of excitement! Level 1 was the place to be as some societies would congregate there. I feel so lucky to be part of india society and by second year I became a dance rep and was able to choreo my own dances. The SUSU team were so helpful at offering a hall and due to covid, made a great effort in making sure there were temperature machines and masks available to us as well as a saliva testing programme checkpoint. The course was challenging. But the help received from peers and lecturers was brilliant. A specific maths lecturer gave us sweets every time we got a question right and this enthusiasm was reciprocated by the class. The lectures have now moved online and this has been quite the shock, but has been set out with ease. City life was amazing!!! West quay shopping centre was the place to be, packed with wonderful Christmas treats in December. The lit up Xmas lights would always put me in the festive mood. I loved the atmosphere. Moreover, the historical components of Southampton were amazing and never failed to interest me.
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Computing / Computer Science, Year 2

(5)·By Bogdan F·Computing· Jul 2021
We had a lot of events hosted by companies. Events consisted of meetings, presentations, career experiences and more other. We also had meetings with some teachers and older students that gave us insight into the course. There are several student halls that you can pick from, each of them having their advantage. The accommodation provides you with a fully equiped kitchen and a very tidy room. You also get to live with 5 other people in a flat so the environment is quite sociable. Library is great, you can find everything there and you always get a spot if you need to study or have a quiet break. Classrooms for us are really big as we are a huge number of students and they are always clean and ready. We also have a gym that allows us to practice all kinds of sports The course provides subjects that will always be helpful to you in this area so this keeps you interested at all times. The lectures are both interactive and online so it gives you the opportunity to rewatch them anytime or attend them if you cannot in person. They are also very clear and you may always ask for extra information if you feel like. The city is well orriented on student life. It has a great deal of clubs, shops and restaurants that offer student discount. We also get a free bus pass to ride the busses throughout town for a year. Overall, whenever you felt like going out, you had a lot of options to choose from.
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Law, Year 2

(5)·By Tom P·Law· Oct 2018
Fantastic university, with a community spirit and the drive to constantly develop not only the campus but also the student experience!

Not only are the academic opportunities immense, there is a breadth on extra curricular activities with a great sense of developing a go-get-it attitude and entrepreneurialism.
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BA English

(5)·By Jenna S·English Studies· Jun 2023
I love Southampton from the social aspect to academic. Lectures are in person but also recorded which is super helpful for revision. They have an amazing student hub team that are very helpful with learning difficulties and mental health. It relly is a lovley place to study - the hybridity of the campus offers the atmosphere of a campus uni with accommodation and halls in the city. Some campuses like mine are a 10 minute walk from the main campus which I really enjoy. There are so many societies available and the student pub is popular especially for Karoke night!
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English, Year 1

(5)·By Jacey C·English Studies· Oct 2018
The first few weeks have been a lot of fun, everyone at the university has been very welcoming which makes moving here a lot easier and less daunting. All the lecture have been very interesting and I look forward to the rest of the year.
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