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It's lethal

(5)·By Ryan M·Finance· Jun 2023
Finance is class
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Accounting and finance, Year 2

(5)·By Abby M·Accounting· Oct 2018
My experience at university has been far better than I ever expected. The independence of living away from home cooking for yourself along with everything else is so nice. It's also great to be able to go out anywhere and till anytime without your parents worrying or waiting on you coming in. Living with friends is such a good experience. My course is good and I'm enjoying it, it does require a lot of work but the lecturers are always happy to help and answer any questions. The best advice I'd give to a new student would be to join a sports club because the sports union is a great thing to be part of. Socials are so much fun and it's another great way of meeting new people, I play hockey and it's the best community to be in as everyone is so close and looks out for each other. Timetables and classes are planned in advance to it was so easy for me to know where I should be and when, Glasgow is always such a student friendly city so I couldn't be happier.
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Electrical Engineering, Year 2

(5)·By abdellahi b·Electrical Engineering· Jul 2021
It was good. Everyone was nice with me. I felt like i was at home. The accomodation is good. Students are sometimes stupid but most of the time it's okay. The facilities are great. We have a well equiped gym. We have really good professors. That makes it easy for us Glasgow is so cold. Specially for a man like me coming from africa.
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Civil engineering, Third Year

(5)·By Benjamin E·Civil engineering· Oct 2018
Year 1 accommodation is on campus which is great for getting to lectures. Clubs are always keen for more people to join. Lots of opertunities for expanding you portfolio like site visits and talking to companies
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Mechanical engineering, Year 2

(5)·By Brooke W·Engineering· Oct 2018
I have found the course good. I have Met a lot of new people and enjoy still learning even after leaving high school. The best part about university life is probably being able to do what you want whenever you want. At first it's hard moving away from home then you get used to the freedom. Overall I have enjoyed my university experience.
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Engineering, Year 1

(5)·By Caitlin D·Engineering· Oct 2018
Teachers are extremely passionate about course and full of in depth knowledge. Nights out in glasgow are great loads of choices and amazing deals for students especially during the week. Ther are many clubs and society, that will suit everyone. I stay at home so do not live with uni friends.
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Business Studies, Year 2

(5)·By Carly M·Business· Apr 2019
Good fun, I enjoyed most when in first year as I was new to the uni! But every year is a good laugh! The union at Strathclyde is great! So easy to make friends with other students either doing the same course or a different course as you.

I don’t stay in Strathclydes accommodation as I already lived in Glasgow before starting the course. However I have been to a few parties at halls and the rooms/flats are a good size and very handy for the campus buildings. Slightly jealous as I have to get up earlier in mornings than those that stay on campus. Staying in halls would be good for making friends as well.

Library is a good size! Lots of computers and areas for silent private study but also good areas for group work. At the business school there is a lot of group projects so the library is great for all meeting up to discuss a project. The new gym is also amazing! So big and always space on machines

I study business analysis and tech. I love the class as it’s a rather small class so it’s easier to get help if needed from lecturers. Also good as the full year are rather close and can help each other out. I also study business law and those classes are really interesting. The business school is great as it encourages you to attend networking/internship talks and meetings

Glasgow has great night life! Always a party going on! Glasgow is known to be a friendly city, if you need help just ask! Glasgow has so many good pubs/bars. Ashton lane in west end is my favourite. Especially in summer so nice to sit outside with a cocktail with the girls

It’s hard work and you need to be able to motivate yourself to keep going. Uni is not like school anymore. You have to get on and do things yourself. And at Strathclyde attendance Is not always compulsory so sometimes it is tempting to skip a lecture or class.but just always be careful and catch up and make the most of the good classes and learning that you will do. The uni is great, highly recommend! The business school is well known so it’s very popular
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Business and management studies, Year 2

(5)·By Charles B·Management· Oct 2018
University is great, meeting people and going out adds to the already interesting experience that you learn on your course. Leaning a specific field in depth and understanding concepts you wouldn't otherwise hear allow you to really see how a business runs and the precautions they take in times of risk and uncertainty.
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Physics and Astronomy, Year 2

(5)·By Emma·Physics· Oct 2018
Lots of societys to join that allows you to make new friends from different faculties. Physics is a great department full of helpful staff who support and encourage their students. On campus there are lots of amenities, lots of coffee pit stops. Also the university has an app which contains a timetable, map, computer avaliablity and many other features such as notification of when exam results are up.
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Aerospace Engineering, Year 2

(5)·By Jameel C·Aerospace Engineering· Jul 2021
It was fun with lots of social events at the Union building which made it easy to fit in and make friends off the bat Depends on what accomodation you get but the halls I saw were really good quality and well kept All were top notch All the material was online and lectures were very interactive Amazing. People make Glasgow
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Chemistry, Graduate

(5)·By Jemma M·Chemistry· Oct 2018
Great University with many academic and non academic opportunities available.
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