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(5)·By Theo F·Economics· Jun 2023
All aspects of my uni experience have been positive. From the social aspects of making friends and having plenty to do on and around campus to the academic side. The lectures and seminars so far have given me a good level of knowledge on my subject and make me confident going into second year.
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Film, Graduate

(5)·By Daisy C·Film· Jul 2021
It was good! Loads of events to attend that made you really feel part of a community Fantastic accommodation, very happy that I chose to have a en suite as it allowed for a good level of privacy. Efficient and well organised staff The library is huge! The student union is full of lovely faces The course was very interactive, the lecturers were very informative and always offered time for questions City life was very vibrant , full of different characters which I loved. Bustling and full of positive vibes
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Sussex is a Place like No Other

(5)·By Ellie G·Psychology· Jun 2023
I love the University of Sussex. The staff, support and care given to the students is fantastic and so detail orientated. I feel both supported and safe on campus, and the education is taught so in-depth that it truly feels like a worthy experience. I have loved my time at Sussex and look forward to more years ahead.
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Business Studies / Management, Year 3

(5)·By Esma P·Business· Jul 2021
A very fun a refreshing week. It was a great experience in transitioning into the university life. Sussex is a great university Accomadation is convenient and located in good places on the campus. Some of the accommodations can be improved however Alot of facilities and support available to students which was great. Library and lecture halls are big which makes it a great learning environment Quality of teaching and teaching material was of high standards. I enjoyed this course alot as it provided invaluable skills and experiences I could not attain elsewhere Brighton is the most vibrant and amazing city. It truly has a magical feeling that makes you feel like your at home. It has many different sides to it and is home to diversity
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Art / Design, Year 2

(5)·By Inaya M·Art· Jul 2021
It's was really nice, amazing people and very nice teachers. Great syllabus, interesting to study. Very nice accommodation. Great flatmates and easy to get around. Nice bed and bathrooms. Great facilities. Most of the things are modern and easy to use. The content was very interesting and the teaching was also amazing. City life is so cool because I'm Brighton something is always happening.
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University of sussex

(5)·By Isha B·Economics· Jun 2023
The University of Sussex is a research university located in Brighton, England. It has a diverse student population and is known for its high-quality teaching, research, and vibrant campus life.

One of the most significant advantages of studying at the University of Sussex is its academic reputation . The university is ranked within the top 20 universities in the UK and is consistently recognized for its research excellence. It offers a broad range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various disciplines, including humanities, sciences, and social sciences.

It has a progressive approach to education, with a focus on interdisciplinary learning and critical thinking. This approach encourages us to challenge conventional ideas and develop their analytical and problem-solving skills.

Furthermore, we have access to excellent support services, including academic advising, counseling, and career services. The university also provides a range of extracurricular activities and societies that allow students to develop their interests, socialize with their peers, and contribute to the wider community.

However, a downside is the quality of accommodation and the cost of living in Brighton. Like many other universities in the UK, the University of Sussex is located in a relatively expensive area, which can make it challenging for students on a tight budget.

Overall, the University of Sussex offers a high-quality education and a supportive community for students who are willing to work hard and take advantage of the opportunities available to them.
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Business Studies / Management, Graduate

(5)·By Jacob B·Business· Jul 2021
My freshers week was very eventful! I spent a lot of time socialising and getting comfortable within the campus. I had a great time learning what it's really like to be a student! Luckily I had the opportunity to stay in Northfield which was one of the best accommodations the university offers. It was practically new and I felt privileged to be living there when some of my friends showed me the state of their accommodation haha The facilities at Sussex were outstanding. The library was huge with never ending resources. There were a large number of areas to socialise which was great. The gym however could have been better. The lectures were generally quite engaging and informative. They could of been more interactive but most lectures are focused around listening so it's hard to incorporate this. The course overall was great and taught me a lot. I loved Brighton as a city, it was full of life and made you feel comfortable. The people there are down to earth and non-judgemental due to the diversity. There aren't many city's like Brighton
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Sussex Uni Is Everything

(5)·By Jess T·History· Jun 2023
I love it at Sussex :) it's a campus uni so you feel like you live in a little student village, it's got the Sussex downs countryside at your doorstep so it's so easy to wander and clear your head with stunning views. I live in Wiltshire back home so I love this little country escape, I feel like I'm back at home! Having Brighton a little bus/train ride away is amazing, I feel like I'm on holiday at a beautiful seaside resort. The laines in Brighton might be one of my fave spots, with the cutest and coolest shops and cafes. Sussex is welcoming of everyone and I genuinely feel like I'm at home here, especially after a gap year and dropping out of a different uni last year, it's so nice to feel a sense of belonging at uni :)
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(5)·By simona t·Psychology· Jun 2023
the lecturers are so good and committed to providing the best lectures they can! the modules are so fascinating and brighton is the best
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Sociology, Year 3

(5)·By Lara K·Sociology· Jul 2021
Really exciting and vibrant. I met lots of wonderful people. Great, cosy and typically studenty Great facilities, I couldn't fault it . The course was relevant and timely, it explored current issues and aspects of societal issues and reform. Highly informative. The city life was exciting and bold, the very best you could expect whilst going to university. It has an open minded and fun feeling and you can be yourself
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Business Studies / Management, Year 3

(5)·By Natalie H·Business· Jul 2021
It was fun, lots of activity and events happening in and out of the university. Lots of club events and promotions too! They're actually quite nice, all seem to be quite clean. My friends had their own bathrooms and the kitchen area was really big. We have a masssssive library, although I can't always find a space. Class rooms are big and always tidy. The lecture rooms are huge and again, always clean. I thought when I started I'd be scared of them but the biggest ones are my favourite. Very well organised and a lot of support is made available. You can always contact you tutors and I've always gotten fast responses. I grew up in Brighton, so I know the city quite well. There's always something happening and the night life before COVID was amazing. We have sooo many clubs, defo something for everyone.
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