What is the MLitt?

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The MLitt is a Master’s degree offered in England and Scotland and covers certain subjects relating to Arts and Humanities.


The MLitt is a degree that focuses broadly on Humanities subjects, but the degree itself goes way more in-depth than that suggests. Expect to delve deep in the realms of Humanities.


What is an MLitt degree?

The MLitt stands for Magister Litterarum, which is Latin for Master of Letters. The MLitt is a level 7 postgraduate degree that is usually studied in Art and Humanities, History, Law, Literature and Theology subjects.

The MLitt is offered as an alternative postgraduate qualification. Generally, it is an alternative to the MPhil., which places it higher than most other postgraduate qualifications.

MLitt degree courses are worth 180 credits, the same as a Master of Arts (MA). 120 credits can be earned through completed modules and 60 credits are awarded for the final dissertation. Research-based qualifications will see the thesis worth 180 credits.

Where can I study an MLitt degree?

The MLitt isn’t very widely known in the UK.. The reason? Well, the qualification started as part of the “ancient universities” of England and Scotland. Some universities outside the UK do offer it, but this is just as rare as in the UK.

Few British universities still offer it. The MLitt is slightly more common in Scotland, where takes the place of an MA. The University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge (or Oxbridge as they’re often referred to) award the MLitt, but as a research degree in England.

It’s probably best to contact your interested institution to find out if an MLitt is on offer.

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What are the different types of MLitt degrees?

The MLitt degree can come in two forms. In Scotland, it is typically a one-year postgraduate course, similar to an MA. However, in England it is more likely to be a two-year research programme, similar to an MPhil or MRes, (Master’s of Research).

What is a Taught MLitt?

This is generally taught at Scottish universities, though has been known to be offered in England. Generally, the Taught MLitt requires 180 ECTS credits, and will usually involve writing a 15,000-18,000 word dissertation. The Taught MLitt is a one year course and is similar to an MA.

What is a Research MLitt?

A Research MLitt is a two-year degree, and is closer to the MRes or MPhil. It’s much more hands-on than a Taught MLitt and will require you to conduct your own research related to your subject. This MLitt degree is usually broken down into a series of modules for specific topics and areas of study. Students usually have the option of choosing the modules that interest them the most.

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What subjects can you study in an MLitt degree?

There are several subjects you can study an MLitt in, with the focus being on Humanities subjects. The subjects you can study an MLitt in are:

  • Creative Writing
  • Geography
  • History
  • Languages
  • Law
  • Literature
  • Marketing
  • Philosophy
  • Politics

If you’re looking to study a postgrad in science-based subjects, MPhil or MRes may be your answer.

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What are the entry requirements for an MLitt?

The entry requirements for an MLitt are more or less the same as most postgraduate courses. Appropriate subjects and lower second-class degrees may be eligible but admission policies for universities tend to be on a case-by-case basis.

Research MLitt degrees may ask for research proposals and theories to showcase your abilities.

Can you get a student loan for an MLitt?

As the MLitt degree is a postgraduate qualification, the same student loan requirements apply. There is a current postgraduate loan offered by the UK government to cover tuition fees and living costs for prospective candidates.

Students can receive up to £10,000 for their course and maintenance to help them study their one or two-year course.

It’s worth checking what funding support you are entitled to and eligible for before applying.

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