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English Studies, Graduate

(5)·By Maya M·English Studies· Jul 2021
During the day, the fresher's week was full of social events, informative talks about the course and university life, free sports sessions, societies and work/volunteering fairs, free carnival games and free goodies/vouchers from a variety of companies. Every night the Guild of students organised a different event and I went to three throughout the week, paired up with different accommodations for different club venues and encouraged to bond not only with my flat but also with my wider accommodation community. University of Birmingham offers a fantastic Fresher's Week, and from what I can see from the unofficial Facebook page, they adapted well with online events to welcome new university students during the pandemic. UOB has a few accommodation areas and I was placed in Tennis Courts Green Community in the Vale Village. Not only is there plenty of opportunities to mix with other accommodations through planned events, a shared accommodation hub and a general welcoming atmosphere, the accommodation I was placed in was particularly community-focused. The Green Community was a chance to live with eco-friendly roommates and shared a gated community with a central green space with a small community. I still have my hoodie and tote bag provided by the University, and I miss my experience there dearly. It was an easy transition from home with stable Wi-Fi, inclusive bills and a clean flat. The services improved massively in my three years there, I was already impressed prior to my attendance, however, the increase in study spaces, dietary options, environmentally friendly services (UOB reusable cups, money off if you brought your own cup, cold and hot water refill stations) continued to impress me throughout my time at University. Before I graduated, the Green Heart officially opened and I am deeply saddened that our summer on this open green space was cut short due to Covid-19. I personally did not make use of the sports ground, but the Student Union was always buzzing with activity, relaxation and new acquaintances. I led and was involved with 4 different student groups during my time, as well as performing and designing a handful of plays. The student union pushes student activity and enjoyment, and it is the most welcoming space to all years of uni. I studied English and Creative Writing. The department offered a huge range of modules, which were delivered to manageable amounts of students in lectures and small, intimate groups in seminars. In first year, you were placed in seminar groups with other students from your course, so the English and Creative Writing students were placed together in English seminar groups. This provided an easy transition into uni and allowed you to find friends in lectures with various English courses as well as build a solid base of friends within your specific learning area. The teaching here is what has inspired me to pursue a career of lecturing. The immediate University area of Selly Oak is a busy student area, with bars, late night shops and plenty of highly rated restaurants. The first years are usually contained to their accommodation facilities, and so it is an exciting step to move into Selly Oak as you progress through your university life. Birmingham's city centre offers plenty of cinemas, gyms, a huge number of clubs, bars, and restaurants, independent shops and a funky art district in Digbeth with a Dining Club of Street Food, Crazy Golf, art galleries, vintage stores and Clean Kilo - a plastic free food store. There is truly something for everyone in this city, and the fact that I continue to live in the Selly Oak area demonstrates the thrill of Birmingham.
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Economics, Year 2

(5)·By Sahib K·Economics· Jul 2021
Very interesting. Alot of new people that i met and now friends with. Just a preview of how uni life is Its very clean and spacious. The location is amazing Library is big and amazing. Sport centres are large and Student Union is very nice The lecturers help alot with the course. The course is simple for me Very crowded. Very Unhygienic
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Engineering, Graduate

(5)·By Khinel P·Engineering· Jul 2021
It was fun. Everyone was welcoming which made it a lot more enjoyable The accommodation was clean and the staff were friendly Library is newly refurbished and is very clean and modern. The gym facilities are all new also, and the student Union is a lively place to be The lecturers are very friendly and the course includes such riveting content that is applicable in almost any work environment Very similar to London and is quite busy. Not for people who enjoy quiet areas
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English Studies, Year 3

(5)·By Isobel F·English Studies· Jul 2021
Very good, lots of events were put on and introductory lectures. This was a good opportunity to meet people on the same course as me. Very nice. Quite expensive, but it was close to campus, I had an en-suite and a big room, it had everything I needed. All very nice and new. Top quality everything. We are taught by different lectures every week which is nice to know you are getting a specialist on your topic. However we have the same seminar tutors every week so that's nice to get to know a member of staff. Very close to the city so easy to get around, but far enough away that it isn't too loud or crowded all the time. Everything you need is always only 5 minutes away.
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Biology / Biotechnology, Year 3

(5)·By seren h·Biology· Jul 2021
freshers week was very good socially and exploring the campus. the introduction to the course was poor. university accommodation was good. very social, nice rooms, very safe, fixed anything we had problems with. however, my flat had mould and ants - which they fixed but that should have never been a problem. the library is very good although could have more spaces. classrooms are great. sports facilities are extremely good. I have not had enough experience with the student union to comment. interesting content, lots of freedom and good lecturers city life is extremely good for nightlife and good day activities. the city can be unsafe though but as long as you're in a group it's good.
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Law / Legal Studies, Year 2

(5)·By Arjun R·Law· Jul 2021
It was great! The university provided a great student package which allowed me to experience several clubs and events and make a solid group of friends. The accommodation was clean, accessible and had very reliable internet access. It was a great place where I always felt safe. The library is incredible and the campus is brilliant. There is a helpful app guide and the the student union provide a lot of useful facilities. The course had a great mix of lectures and seminars, with a helpful online portal to help navigate tasks. The city is full of great nights and food options. The campus is well located to access the city centre.
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Accounting, Graduate

(5)·By Claudia S·Accounting· Jul 2021
Good week of fun. Lots of events. Was a nice intro. Chamberlain was great. Better than other unis. Spacious but expensive. Library was amazing. Rooms were okay. Good sports grounds but never utilised Made good friends. Interactive lecturers. Poor feedback. Great city for clubbing and partying. Arcadian is the best spot. Always busy on weekends and good vibes.
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Accounting, Year 2

(5)·By hamza k·Accounting· Jul 2021
Freshers was what I expected it to be, a massive range of events with deals on cheap booze and a night to forget. I would have liked to have had more events specifically catered to the students on my course so that I could build greater relationships with them from the get go. The accommodation in general was a lot better than i had expected. I was delighted to have had a new place within a good location accompanied by some friendly flatmates. The facilities at this university are incredible, they cater for all needs and activities. I used the library most out of all the facilities at offer and enjoyed every second. The course is in a field i enjoy so learning more about it has been great and the way all the learning is set out has helped to keep on track and focused. Although i was attending university in a major city, i was still not in the central area which meant i had to take a 15 minute journey to reach the town centre. After the surprisingly pleasant journey to town the range of stores and the bullring shopping centre satisfied my shopping needs.
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Medicine, Graduate

(5)·By Kavina K·Medicine· Jul 2021
Was great! I had brought an wristband to all the freshers events. However I think it would have worked out cheaper if I just brought tickets individually for the nights I attended. But the events were great I lived at home in my first year but the halls all looked really good. I had shared accommodation in 2nd year in a good location Good facilities! I usually study at the medical school or main library and there's always space available. New sports area which is good and even has a pool Interesting content and lectures are always happy to help. We have a mixture of lectures and small group sessions to consolidate learning which is useful Birmingham is a great city. Always something to do and great night life!
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Law, Third Year

(5)·By Chloe S·Law· Oct 2018
It has been a great experience. Lovely campus and course to be on. Everyone makes you welcome.
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Biological sciences, Year 2

(5)·By Luca L·Biology· Oct 2018
So far brilliant. Have great fun with societies. Live my course and have had great fun exploring the city. I really enjoy the course and feel like an independent competent adult.
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