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Love brighton uni, ups and downs

(5)·By Shezreah Y·Biology· Jun 2023
Great university for practical skills for biomedical sciences, prepare you to become an IBMS accredited biomedical scientist but also if you fancy going a corporate route they have a great careers team that helped me with applying for placements and showing my what graduate prospects I have available to me.

Facilities are great, affordable gym on site, multiple computer suites and revision areas, great societies to get involved in. Helpful mental health first aiders.

Social life is brilliant. Brighton is great for it, the SU is good too but not many SU social life facilities on site and most events done in brighton town.
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Art and design, Year 1

(5)·By Alice L·Art· Oct 2018
Brighton is great!! A busy and vibrant city with a well equipped campus. The site where I study (grand parade campus) is really spacious and all the tutors are helpful, friendly and very knowledgable about their subjects. Everyone I have met has been so friendly, contrary to popular opinion about the south! The accomodation is really nice too, big rooms and spacious kitchens to accommodate all the people. Nights out are sooo good, some of the best I've been on! There's a real variety of different places to go and different types of music every night.
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Education, Year 2

(5)·By Amelia R·Education / Teacher Training· Oct 2018
It's been brilliant. I have found all the staff at Brighton University to be extremely welcoming and you never feel alone; there is always support if you need it. The facilities are very nice and modern too, and there always seems to be constant work happening to upgrade them. I feel there is always a sense of community at the University which my previous one lacked.

The Education course itself is extremely fulfilling as it encapsulates many different topics and ideas. The course is also very progressive in terms of thinking about the next step, employability.
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Brighton is a great school

(5)·By fathiat b·Medicine· Jun 2023
I like the school so far everything is organised and the lecturers are nice. Brighton is a nice abs student filled city so it fells a bit more safe. It was wasn't my first choice but I'm glad I came here.
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Physiotherapy / Occupational, Year 2

(5)·By Jacky L·Physiotherapy· Jul 2021
Amazing experience, being down by the coasts is really good for your mental health. Really amazing, the facilities and the halls is very new! The catered halls is amazing with dinner and breakfast provided! In the halls there's kitchen if you wanted to cook your own meals! The gym In the uni was state of the art, great Olympic weight lifting equipment with good gym instructor staff, gym was very easily assessable with swimming pool and other activities like basketball, football pitches indoor and 4G pitch outdoor Really good lecturers for the course, with good placements readily available. Great support from the tutors and lecturers throughout the course Amazing city, nice and chilled. Loads of things to do in brighton and nightlife is amazing.
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Marketing, Year 1

(5)·By Jumana A·Marketing· Oct 2018
The university of Brighton has a very supportive educational system. People from all different departments try their very best to help you in many different ways to get you through the year. If you have a difficulty, they tend to investigate further rather than constantly threaten to terminate your studies. They open new doors, possibilities and opportunities for you. I have learnt many new things about myself because of their involvement in my education and, when I desperately need it, my personal life. Just like many students around the world I too am having difficulty coping with university life while juggling a social life and keeping a personal life. I recieved the appropriate support from the university from many different people, which don't necessarily need to be helping me because it's not in their job requirement to do so. Overall it is a very caring environment, therefore it instantly becomes your second home, which is absolutely great especially when you're an international student like I am.

As for my accommodation at the university, they have provided me with a roof over my head which anyone would be more than grateful for. They also have halls that are catered during breakfast and dinner time. Thankfully the food is outstanding, people would usually expect sloppy food from uncaring cooks. I'm not quite sure how things work at other universities but I know UOB has set high standards. When I first heard that I was catered I was a bit worried as I thought the food would be uninviting, when I got to the dinner hall I was stunned to find constant clean up around the hall and the food laid out like a buffet, everyday they had something different, it was rare to have something repeated in a week. They would have a menu as you walk in that describes the soup of the day, a salad bar, 3 different main dishes (2 different kinds of proteins and a vegetarian), a side dish counter, desert cart and a beverage section where you could pick between fresh juices, a variety of hot drinks (different kinds of tea and
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Review on Uni of Brighton (Finance and Investment Course Student)

(5)·By Kimia Z·Finance· Jun 2023
Overall the university is very good, staff and students are all very lovely. Nice community of students and the lecturers I have had so far have been helpful. Student desk is lovely. I did have a rough incident with my mental health last year at the beginning of my first year, so basically all of my first semester, lecturers were extremely understanding especially one specific lecturer. The mental health team were alright, the SSGT was very good and helpful but the actual wellbeing and therapy team was not very good, I couldn't book a session when I really needed one and they made me wait around 2 months for an appointment to meet and discuss what help I need, which I ended up not going to because in the meantime I went to my GP instead. My mental health problems although were nothing to do with the university itself it was personap stuff and to be honest the Brighton uni environment really helped me in my confidence and second semester is now going great! My course specifically has mostly great topics and modules and is taught well, one of the modules I dislike and that is just a personal preference hahaha. I stay in brand new uni halls which are these really nice flats and I just wish I could stay there next year too because they are so nice and clean and new. Overall I am very happy with my choice, but I do wish their mental health department got better.
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Education / Teacher Training, Year 3

(5)·By Louise C·Education / Teacher Training· Jul 2021
My freshers week was amazing. There were so many events to attend and it allowed me to make some amazing friends My accommodation was brand new. The facilities were amazing and all of the rooms had ensuites. The accommodation was fully catered also. The sports facilities were very well kept and we also had an on campus swimming pool. The gym is good with a strength and conditioning floor as well as cardio. The lectures are all very friendly and go above and beyond to help with studies or any problems. My course is very active which works very well with my learning type and keeps the learning exciting and fun. The night life was small but very fun and there is always something going on. My campus is very close to the town and the town now has a brand new shopping centre with restaurants and leisure facilities such as a new cineworld.
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Aerospace Engineering, Graduate

(5)·By Jon V·Aerospace Engineering· Jul 2021
Freshers week was great. I met a lot of lovely people who became my friends all through my uni life, and up to now. It was great time to build your character! Luckily, i lived only 30-40 mins drive away so I stayed in my parents house. I could always easily travel to uni and to party! Brighton has 5 campuses, we were allowed to use any of the 5 if we wished to. I was in Moulsecoomb but often Studied at Falmer for group studies. All different branches of engineering have about 80-90% of the same modules until our final year. I found this helpful when we are grouped by lecturers for a project as we could learn from other students too who focuses on a different branch (auto/mechanical/aero/electrical/automative). Brighton is young, diverse, and vibrant so the city life is always lively! It's always a good time, especially at night!
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Business Studies / Management, Graduate

(5)·By Molly E·Business· Jul 2021
Fantastic- really good fun! Lots of different things organised meaning you could meet lots of people. Not many halls available at the time so lived in a shared house. Super fun and close to town- lived with the same people throughout! All great. Close to each other, nice spaces and modern. You could tailor the course to what you wanted. Manageable deadlines and useful information which I have used in my job Fantastic. Vibrant and fun!
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Psychology / Criminology, Year 2

(5)·By Monika S·Psychology· Jul 2021
Best opportunity to make friends. You discover the ins and outs of Brighton's night life. No club/pub/bar is the same!! Different atmosphere everywhere you go I lived on campus so was nice and easy. Halls were ok good condition etc. Living in campus was an amazing opportunity to make friends. Couldn't fault it Library was amazing very easily accessible, lots of space and availability. Student union was nice and was made to look fun and welcoming. The course i study is extremely interesting and very current to today's world. The lecturers were all very knowledgeable and love their subject which makes it easier for us students to love it too Amazing. I lived in London before I came to uni so it's easy for me to compare but neither are the same. Brighton is full of free souls, no one judges another person. No one looks the same. Everyone dresses how they want. It's amazing
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