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Psychology / Criminology, Year 2

(5)·By Eden W·Psychology· Jul 2021
Freshers week was amazing! The course induction week was really informative and hands on and the university set up a great freshers fair for new students to sign up to societies. Although Portsmouth is a City campus everything is easy to find and current students are so helpful. Lots of bars and nightclubs to enjoy and socialise. University of Portsmouth accommodation varies in price but are all set to a good standard. They offer en-suite/ shared kitchen accommodation as well as studios. All have great facilities including social spaces to meet new people. I cannot fault the facilities at the University of Portsmouth. The library is great! It is large and spacious with areas to book out for group work and small teaching rooms. There is a cafe which is sociable and enough work space for everyone. The university has a gym and great sports facilities with a new sports centre being built! The student union has a big space for events and teaching rooms/ lecture halls across campus are perfect! There are computer facilities across campus for quiet study in faculty buildings. The course is great because it is suited for all different levels of psychology... if you have just started out or have previous experience (a-level) everyone is brought up to speed. The lectures are interesting and informative and the seminars are interactive. Tutorials are given once a week in small groups of 8 which are helpful for progress tracking. All lectures have actively been involved with studies or research and have office hours if you need any help or advice. City life is great! There are plenty of areas to go out: Palmerston Road, Guildhall Walk and Gunwharf Quays. Everyone is friendly. There are loads of places to shop (commercial road, gunwharf) and the beach and southsea common are great for summer. Transport to London and the rest of the south coast is easy with 3 accessible train stations and direct coaches to London victoria coach station from the student union.
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Mechanical engineering, Year 1

(5)·By Chloe D·Engineering· Oct 2018
It has been a great experience so far with new social opportunities, making new friends and learning new skills both in and out of the classroom.
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Sports science, Year 1

(5)·By Conor E·Sports· Oct 2018
My university experience has been great so far. I'm enjoying every minute of it
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Art / Design, Graduate

(5)·By Nicolas R·Art· Jul 2021
It was very busy. Lots of young students from all over the world were in one small area (before covid) and I met so many amazing individuals that I would of never of met at school I had to rent my own housing from a private landlord so it was okay. Would of prefered halls I am an art student so I use the studio in the Eldon building and I love it. Everythings new and some of the equipment there is priceless We are all creatives that share the same creative goals which can be very helpful when you are stuck Amazing. Portsmouth is so big with so much diversity and so much to do
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Psychology, Graduate

(5)·By Jasmine V·Psychology· Oct 2018
I enjoyed every minute of Uni life. I feel like I lost an arm when I graduated.
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Marketing, communications and PR, Year 2

(5)·By Jordan W·Marketing· Oct 2018
Everything is close by, great lecturers and students, the course is aimed to prepare you to go out into the big world of work. Portsmouth's extra career service helps every student to make themsleves more appealing to employers. Nightlife is great and everything is close by so you can pretty much walk everywhere. Accommodation was really good as it was freshly refurbished and all facilities were brand spanking new, staff were helpful and friendly.
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Sociology, Graduate

(5)·By Tilly J·Sociology· Jul 2021
Very wild. Had a great time, uni is very supportive and welcoming James Watson - clean, modern and suited me perfectly. Security very nice and had lots of fun Union was great but I believe this is closed now which is extremely sad. Sports facilities were excellent. Very interesting. Lecturers obviously cared about the subject and were keen to support. Uni was all central despite it not being a campus uni. Loved being by the sea. Nightlife was a lot of fun.
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Mathematics, Year 3

(5)·By Rebecca·Mathematics· Oct 2018
The uni easily is amazing. The staff are friendly and approachable. The lecturers are there to help you with both academic and personal issues. They will always try and help solve your problem or refer you to someone more suitable to help. The facilities are brilliant, there's always a computer or laptop for you to use to assist with the work. The library is well stocked and has helpful and friendly staff to help you with any issues. Portsmouth is a great city and the university fits in around the city centre, so everything is within walking distance. There are shops and restaurants to suit any budget and theres ways somewhere with a sale on. Portsmouth combines a big city with a seaside town perfectly.
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Sports / Sports Science, Year 2

(5)·By Fern D·Sports· Jul 2021
Really good. Filled with sport tasting events, social events, lots of support around campus. Beautiful clean, high standard, modern, amazing location (close to shops, close to uni, close to city center). A range of options, prices. Libary is amazing, so many books, amazing support, lots of study space. Classrooms are very clean and big. Spot areas are incredible, amazing facilities. Student union, has nice study space, coffee shop, nice shop, coop right by. Immense support from staff. Incredible facilities that outshine other unis. Course is in depth and covers a range of interesting topics, and provide lots of options. City is beautiful, close to the beach, has gunwarf shopping outlet, lots of parks. Everything you need is in walking distance. A brilliant social life/night life.
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Architecture, Year 2

(5)·By Emily T·Architecture· Jul 2021
There were lots of events on in the city, allowing you to meet lots of people. There was a lot to do and you were never bored. Where I stayed was very close to the town centre, and very convenient for shopping. The room itself was finished to a high standard and I didn't have any problems. The library is big and has lots of computers and study spaces, the students union is good. there are lots of sports clubs on offer. The modules are interesting and help develop your understanding of the course. The lecture halls and classrooms are new and nicely designed. It is a good city to be in with lots to do, without being so big like London. The seafront is unique and Gunwharf Quays is nice to walk around.
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Other, Year 1

(5)·By Sean E·Other· Oct 2018
The University is great. The course itself is very well organised and laid out by the lecturers, who give clear insight into what we have to do and how we can do it. The online site structure is very easy to use and the student help you can get from the university is endless. The student union is welcoming, everyone in the library is welcoming and even the student society's are fun. The facilities at the university are extremely well kept, which is important because of all the different campus buildings I have to study in. They are very modern, and kept to a very strict standard of hygiene.
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