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(5)·By Eysao E·Building / Construction· Jun 2024
Amazing! I would recommend it to anyone, especially those who are outside of Portsmouth. It's an amazing city with good teachers. I love my course - I'm currently studying construction management and I love everything about it. It comes with great challenges, and personally, I love taking on challenges and exploring new ways and ideas. Love it overall.
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Sociology, Graduate

(5)·By Tilly J·Sociology· Jul 2021
Very wild. Had a great time, uni is very supportive and welcoming James Watson - clean, modern and suited me perfectly. Security very nice and had lots of fun Union was great but I believe this is closed now which is extremely sad. Sports facilities were excellent. Very interesting. Lecturers obviously cared about the subject and were keen to support. Uni was all central despite it not being a campus uni. Loved being by the sea. Nightlife was a lot of fun.
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Art / Design, Graduate

(5)·By Nicolas R·Art· Jul 2021
It was very busy. Lots of young students from all over the world were in one small area (before covid) and I met so many amazing individuals that I would of never of met at school I had to rent my own housing from a private landlord so it was okay. Would of prefered halls I am an art student so I use the studio in the Eldon building and I love it. Everythings new and some of the equipment there is priceless We are all creatives that share the same creative goals which can be very helpful when you are stuck Amazing. Portsmouth is so big with so much diversity and so much to do
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Mechanical engineering, Year 1

(5)·By Nicola S·Engineering· Oct 2018
Really interesting and fun. Met loads of fun people on my course, in my halls and in societies. So far the lectures have all been interesting and in depth.
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(5)·By callum y·Business· Jun 2023
excellent uni experience, catherine house is the best and business is the best course. lol business management, business ops is the best subject. portsmouth is the best location, by the beach gunwarf quays and the town centre.
catherine house is the best place to stay may be more but best quality. don't go to margret or greath
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Media Studies, Year 2

(5)·By Salma E·Media Studies· Jul 2021
I got to know many different people from different backgrounds. I started studying what I like which is media studies, where i got to find a wide range of options of great modules ( journalism, filmmaking) Portsmouth has a wide range of great student accommodation in the city center . They are all big , decent, friendly staff and have different activities for students. The library is not only a great place to study , but also to socialize and find people like you. It's a very friendly environment. Portsmouth has a lot of sports teams , I used to play volleyball and it was great! Classroom are spacious with great furniture! My lectures are quite fun , there's a mix between fun and work and that's what I like about it . Lecturers are like our friends , they're also very helpful and nice. Portsmouth is quite a small and cozy city , but that's what I like about it . There's the beach and everything is walking distance.
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Business Studies / Management, Year 3

(5)·By Niall L·Business· Jul 2021
A fantastic experience, met new people and had lots of different types of nights Stayed in a house with school mates was very good and had good facilities, I visited lots of different students flats they all seemed very clean and nice, however it all depends on who you get living with you which changes the experience Classrooms where full of up to date computers and had good facilities, the librbsry is 24/7 and has the best possible support from the staff, very good for literature and books as well as receiving one to one help Course was very easy to follow and the support was always available, the lectures were well structured and the tutors where very good at offering all the support possible, the online facilities where also very good and could keep up to date on the work The city was very easy to navigate, everything was in walking distance and easy to get to, there was bus support and easy train access, lots of places to go shopping and to eat out, as well as great venues for nights out
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Psychology, Graduate

(5)·By Jasmine V·Psychology· Oct 2018
I enjoyed every minute of Uni life. I feel like I lost an arm when I graduated.
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(5)·By Lauren N·Geology· Jun 2023
Brilliant time. Loads of field trips. Great support from staff within the school.
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Sports science, Year 1

(5)·By Conor E·Sports· Oct 2018
My university experience has been great so far. I'm enjoying every minute of it
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Mechanical engineering, Year 1

(5)·By Chloe D·Engineering· Oct 2018
It has been a great experience so far with new social opportunities, making new friends and learning new skills both in and out of the classroom.
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