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(5)·By Alanna m·Nursing· Jun 2023
University has been an exiting journey, making many friends along the way and therefore having a overall good time. Opening many diffrent pathways and opportunities.
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Law / Legal Studies, Year 3

(5)·By Florina S·Law· Jul 2021
My freshers week was very helpful. I found out how we are assessed, what teachers expect from us and the most important I got to meet a lot of beautiful people that now I call friends. Unfortunately I don't live in an accommodation, but I heard it's lovely. Everything was amazing. Ti be honest I didn't expect such a high profesionalism from everyone. The library is huge and has lods of useful books. The thing I most grateful for are my teacher. I found here a lot of dedicated people, people who love their job. Lectures were always interractive, teachers usually asked about our opinnions. I like the city I am living in. Is not a very big city but still you can easily find new things to do.
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Psychology / Criminology, Year 3

(5)·By Daniela C·Psychology· Jul 2021
We got our student lanyard and and talked to some lecturer explaining the psychology programme. There were year 2/3 students talking to us about their experience and also we got bags filled with freebies. Great experience I don't stay in accomondation but I heard it's very good and clean and I saw that the rooms are really nice. I think staying in accomodation at uni helps you become more mature and making lots of friends eho you have to live with like a family All classrooms are very spatious clean and very modern. The auditorium is very big Lectures are very engaging as the lecturers use powerpoints which are very interesting. Also the study of psyhogy is very interesting as it teaches you about the human mind, biological stuff but also how to read a person It's nice going out with new friends from uni and clubbing after finishing assignments. It's also nice that during breaks we go to restaurants and eat together
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Other, Year 1

(5)·By Chloe R·Other· Oct 2018
Absolutely amazing. Best time of my life. Can't imagine my life if I wasn't at University
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Business and management studies, Year 2

(5)·By Caitlyn M·Management· Oct 2018
So far so good the friendliness of the people and staff are amazing. If you are unsure or something someone somewhere is always there to help you or one phone call away. There's always something to do and enough resources to help you pass
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Sports / Sports Science, Year 3

(5)·By Bradley F·Sports· Jul 2021
Fun and interactive. Friendly and inviting. Relaxed and supportive. Close to the university and town centre. Modern and clean. Spacious rooms Large library with plenty of computers and books. Up to date facilities, modern classrooms and a large sports hall. Fun, friendly and supportive lecturers who made the lectures interesting and engaging. Three good local towns to go to Sunderland, Newcastle and Durham
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Biology / Biotechnology, Year 2

(5)·By Elizabeth·Other· Jul 2021
Freshers week was good! There was lots of different activities/ events on. I personally don't stay in Sunderland's accommodation, however from what I have heard from friends, it is good! All facilities are great, especially on the city campus! Very modern, clean and well kept. Always see cleaners and gardeners around! The course (Biomedical Science) is great! Very interesting content, with very supportive lecturers/ lab support staff. Lectures are content heavy, but have a quizzes throughout to break things up and check understanding. City life is great! Lovely city centre!
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Education / Teacher Training, Year 3

(5)·By Harriet B·Education / Teacher Training· Jul 2021
We didn't complete freshers week as I am a third year student. I do not live in student accommodation. However I'm a student ambassador and have visited them, they are spacious and clean and all of the staff are very helpful. The facilities for students at the university are incredible. They have so many computers/laptops/books and ebooks within the library and the staff are so helpful. The classrooms are also very spacious and have a lot of resources for students. The sports areas are vast and there are a lot of staff on hand to help you within those areas and within the gym. The student union are the best ever! They always have our best interests at heart and always listen to students views. The course is structured very well and we get so much support. The lectures are all very interesting and teach us the skills and knowledge we need to become fantastic teachers. The city life is amazing there are so many places to go for food/drinks or to the cinema or to the beach. There are honestly so many amazing places to visit in the north east area. There are also so many transport links such as buses, metro and trains.
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One of the least stressful changes ever

(5)·By Elizabeth N·Biology· Jun 2023
All of the lecturers are very enthusiastic and helpful, they understand the stress that university has and they guide you through it very well. Accommodation is amazing for the money, very homely and I found it easy to settle into.
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Other, Third Year

(5)·By Laura·Social Policy· Oct 2018
Absolutely amazing. This university was the best choice of my life. I have so much support from my lecturers, not to mention how amazing the disability support is. The campus is also amazing too. I literally have no faults about this university.
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Art and design, Year 1

(5)·By Aneesa A·Art· Oct 2018
Great exciting opportunity to widen skills, great way to meet new people and gain more confidence and be more social
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