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Part-Time Courses

Ben Maples  · Oct 21st 2021

Many students who go to university have started taking up the option of part-time study. Part time courses have become all the rage and more and more unis are offering these courses.


Part-time university courses have been around for a while now, but the benefits of part-time courses have made them even more popular than they ever were before.

Managing work and part-time study

What are part-time courses?

A part-time course is pretty much what it sounds like. It’s a course designed to help students that are looking to study a university course, but still, juggle life around them.

Whether they be part-time college courses or part-time degree courses, you can organise these around your life with ease. Some people organise them around their work-life, family or around other education courses! There are no limits, you just need to find a college or university that offers the course in a part-time capacity.

How long does a part-time course take?

This depends on the course itself, but most part-time courses tend to take around six years for postgraduate degrees.

Part-time degrees, can take roughly the same amount of time as a normal undergraduate degree, depending on how the course is taught, otherwise, it can take around five years to complete.

What are the advantages of studying a part-time course?

part-time adult courses come with plenty of advantages for students. Whether you're an undergraduate student fresh out of school or college or a mature student, there is always a good reason to do a part-time course.

The main advantage is that you can still be earning money while you are learning, which is a huge benefit to students.

Managing part-time study and work

How can you manage part-time work and part-time courses?

Striking a balance between work and university is already tough and many students struggle to find a work/life balance, but we’ve got a few good tips to help you if you're studying a part-time course.

  • Create a Timetable: Having a job shows future employers that you have learned how to time manage and organise yourself to complete all of your tasks and responsibilities. On securing a part-time job while attending university, it is essential that you create a timetable to manage both your study programme and work commitments.
  • Make sure you give yourself some free-time: It may sound silly, but you should plan to have free time, planning at university is going to help, both your studies and work commitments. It is easy to get carried away when you take on part-time employment and sign up to every shift, especially when the prospect of more money in the bank is tempting.
  • Be honest with your boss: The best thing to do is, to be honest, and realistic with your boss. If you can or can’t take on extra shifts one week, let them know! And never feel pressured into taking on any extra shifts on top of your permanent shift, it should be entirely your decision.

When it comes to part-time courses and part-time work, it is likely that your employer will understand.

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