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Pass Plus

Oct 27th 2021

The Pass Plus Test is a scheme run to help new drivers to gain confidence in driving and general road knowledge that goes beyond the standard driving test.


The Pass Plus scheme has become more and more popular for new drivers. The test is a practical and theoretical examination and looks to build on the considerable skills that you will have picked up over the course of your driving tests.

The test is an essential part of receiving discounts for student car insurance later and is a great way of improving your confidence on the road, especially since the course takes you through more verified drivingcourses than you may already be used to.

Pass Plus scheme

What is Pass Plus?

Pass Plus is a test that is designed to help those that have recently passed their driving test to gain confidence and increase their experience on the road.

The Pass Plus Test is an optional course, it is not a mandatory test and can be taken up at the driver’s discretion. The Pass Plus course is offered by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) by an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) that is Pass Plus registered.

The test also exists to sharpen your reactions and knowledge of the road and for those that are looking for peace of mind when driving. It is more advanced than the standard driving test.

You will study six modules for the Pass Plus test:

  • All-weather driving
  • Driving on dual carriageways
  • Driving on motorways
  • Driving out of town
  • Night driving
  • Town driving

Some of these modules are practical and others are theoretical. The course itself is very short and only takes six hours to complete. As with the normal driving test that you take, the practical elements are more forgiving than the theoretical ones, which require precise knowledge of the theory.

There are only two passing grades which are:

  • Achieved: The driver has successfully reached the driving standard required.
  • Exceeded: The driver has exceeded the driving standard required.

There are no fail grades, you will just not receive any of the above two grades, which is equivalent to a fail.

There are a number of councils that offer discounts for new drivers looking to study the Pass Plus test.

How much does Pass Plus cost?

The Pass Plus cost tends to vary as the ADIs set their own rates. You will need to speak to your instructor as early as possible to secure the best deal and see what Pass Plus price they can give you.

Most courses tend to cost anywhere between £150 and £200, though it can cost less depending on the discounts that you receive or the prices that the instructor charges you at the time. Many of the local councils also offer discounts for the test as well.

Pass Plus driving

Which councils offer Pass Plus discounts?

There are a number of councils that offer discounts for new drivers looking to study the Pass Plus test. These discounts are usually taken into account by the ADI beforehand, however, they may offer to pay for elements of the Pass Plus driving course, rather than applying a discount.

The councils that currently offer Pass Plus discounts are:

East Midlands

North West

South East

South West



  • All councils

You must live in the area of the council in order to be eligible for the discount. You can contact your borough, town, city or local council and see if they offer anything for the Pass Plus, whether it be a bursary or grant for it.

Pass Plus is a test that is designed to help those that have recently passed their driving test to gain confidence and increase their experience on the road.

What is a Pass Plus certificate?

A Pass Plus certificate is a certification of having passed the test. Unlike most certificates, you need to apply, as it is not handed to you upon the completion of the course.

Once you have reached the required standards in the course, you will be given a report form, detailing your progress, that both you and your instructor must sign. You must contact the DVSA Pass Plus team in order to apply for your certificate.

How much does Pass Plus reduce insurance?

Pass Plus will usually (but not always) result in a discount for your student car insurance, although you will be required to present your Pass Plus certificate beforehand.

The discount size very much depends on the insurance company, not all insurers will offer discounts, however. Some people often ask to put their discount on hold and can do for around two years, though you will need to check with the insurance company first.

How to apply for Pass Plus

You can only book the Pass Plus test through an ADI and one who is registered with Pass Plus, you will need their name and their ADI number.

Pass Plus insurance discount

What do the six different modules cover?

The six different modules that are covered on the Pass Plus test have different areas that they cover in a practical manner. You will learn different modules, different ways of driving and be able to put theoretical knowledge into practice.

All-weather driving:

  • Aquaplaning
  • Braking on poor or rough surfaces
  • Correcting slower skids
  • Preventing skids

Driving on dual carriageways:

  • Joining and leaving the carriageways
  • Judgement of distances
  • Making observations
  • Overtaking and lane discipline

Driving on motorways:

  • Coping with debris and crosswinds
  • Dealing with fatigue
  • Following markings, signals and signs
  • Improving how observant you are
  • Setting safe speeds

Driving out of town:

  • Cyclists on the side of the road, horse riders and pedestrians
  • Farm and building entrances
  • Livestock and wild animals
  • Road debris
  • Safe passing places
  • Sharp bends
  • Use of the horn

Night driving:

  • Adjusting to different light levels
  • Being dazzled
  • Correct usage of different headlights
  • Driving at dawn/dusk
  • Judging speeds and distance

Town driving:

  • Buses, cycle lanes and trams
  • Multi-lane junctions
  • Underpasses and overpasses
  • Unusual roundabouts

These modules are of the utmost importance and must be studied in order to pass the course. You will be covering most of these in a practical way, though some elements will likely have theoretical modules too.

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