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UCAS Adjustment

Uni Compare  · Apr 12th 2023

Adjustment is an opportunity for potential students who have already filled out their UCAS application and have received and accepted offers from universities.


University Adjustment is a service for students who receive higher grades in their A Levels and BTECs than expected. The system of UCAS Adjustment is a very simple one to understand and one that will help a lot of students attend the universities of their dreams.

The process for UCAS Adjustment is pretty similar every year, with UCAS, understandably, operating an “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, which has stood them in good stead since UCAS Adjustment has not changed in the years it’s been running.

But what is Adjustment in UCAS?

What is UCAS Adjustment?

Well, Adjustment is a process for students who receive higher grades in their A Levels and BTECs than expected.

Adjustment opens at the same time as A Level results day and students are able to choose one different university and course of their choice, if their received grades meet the requirements of that institution or degree course.

How does UCAS Adjustment work?

If students want to attend the same university but a different course then they can contact their university and talk to someone to see if this is possible. Universities have lots of staff during the Clearing and Adjustment process to aid students who want to switch courses or need advice before starting in the term.

For more information, students can visit their account on UCAS Hub.

University adjustment

How to apply and register for Adjustment

When on the aforementioned UCAS Hub page, you will see a button that says “Register for Adjustment”, click this button and follow the instructions on the screen for the UCAS Adjustment service.

You need to have met and exceeded the conditions of your firm offer, before you register for Adjustment UCAS. You don't necessarily have to go through UCAS to find Adjustment courses, you can search on the university websites or search for the courses online.

If you wanted to go to Durham University, you can always search UCAS Adjustment Durham and find some courses there, although you will still need to apply through UCAS.

How to cancel Adjustment

You don’t need to cancel anything if you have not already applied, just let UCAS Adjustment lapse and you will be perfectly fine.

If however, you have already applied for any UCAS Adjustment courses, then you need to go through the usual process of withdrawing your application, which will require you to speak to the university directly.

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