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Sorting Kitchen Essentials for Student Accommodation

Sorting Kitchen Essentials for Student Accommodation

Sorting Kitchen Essentials for Student Accommodation

Preparing for your first year at university is very exciting and there are a lot of things to organise to ensure you are ready for the big change.  One of the biggest changes that you will experience is being away from home and living in either student accommodation or in halls of residence.  And one thing that means is that you now need to cook for yourself!  So what kitchen essentials for student accommodation do you need to take to start your university life?

Living in halls of residence

To start, if you live in halls of residence, then there are likely some essentials that will already be provided for you.  For example, a kettle and toaster are normally provided as well as basic cutlery and crockery.  So if nothing else, you can have a mug of coffee and some toast on a morning! Your agreement when you sign up for the accommodation will let you know exactly what is provided and this will help you create a list of other items you might want to take.  At least now, you’ll know what to expect when living in halls when at university.

Living in private accommodation

When living in private student accommodation, you will either find that you have most of the kitchen elements in place or you will need to take things with you – either way, it will be laid out in the agreement.  If you have a partly furnished location, make sure that you keep an inventory of what was in the house and what you took so there’s no confusion when you leave.  If you are sharing a property and going for something a little bigger and more luxurious, then you may even have extras such as a coffee machine already available.

Kitchen Checklist

Once you know what you have in your accommodation, you can turn your attention to what you will need.  Remember that you can always buy things once you are there – there are shops everywhere that sell kitchen equipment.  So rather than going mad buying all the things you might use, occasionally at some point, once or twice, instead think about things you will use regularly. A kitchen checklist should work in much the same way as a university checklist, you can never over prepare!


Every meal requires a knife and fork, plate and mug or glass.  You will want a basic cutlery set and a basic crockery set if these aren’t included.  A couple of mugs and glasses are important as they always get broken.  In terms of pans, a sauce pan, a wok or a frying pan are great starting points as they open the door to a host of basic meals such as pasta, noodles and stir fry dishes.


Basic kitchen essentials that you should have include: a chopping board, at least one sharp knife to prepare food and a cheese grater.  You will also want a tin and bottle opener and a wooden spoon or another similar silicon utensil.  Kitchen scissors are useful and only to be used for kitchen jobs, not cutting up paper and some oven gloves will protect your hands.  At least one baking tray should be on the list.

Don’t forget

Finally, don’t forget the other kitchen essentials area – items to clean your dishes!  A little box with washing up liquid, sponge and even some gloves if you like should be available to keep your kitchen essentials in top condition, also, a little bit of healthy eating never goes amiss either!


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