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Design Degree

Uni Compare  · Dec 7th 2023

A Design degree is fast becoming one of the UK’s most popular degrees and more and more universities are scrambling to offer a Design degree as part of their overall curriculum.

Design Degree

A Design degree is a multidisciplinary degree. It encompasses both the creative and the practical side of students and it allows students to become more and more inventive with their designs.

Design Degree

What is a Design degree?

A Design degree is a degree that focuses on the creation of new designs and the subsequent production of the design. Students can look at everything from advertising to fashion to game design to textiles to interior design and into manufacturing.

A normal Design degree is a chance for students to flex their creative muscles. The creative side encompasses elements of graphic design and creative writing. You will be able to look into the creation of certain products like a video game or a film and will also be able to see the kind of work that goes into elements like fashion and general textile design.

The practical side of a Design degree will look at how these elements are created, how they work and what materials are required for the manufacturing process. You will also be able to see how the different materials are created, manage the budget for them and will be able to look at the design codes, rules and regulations for the manufacturing industry.

Many students look to study this degree as part of a joint honours degree, so they may study something that will complement the degree nicely, like an Art degree or a Business degree.

Kanye West has an honorary doctorate degree by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

What can I do with a Design degree?

A Design degree will open up a number of different avenues for you to explore.

You can become a Fashion designer. A Fashion designer isn’t just someone who designs the clothes; they also look at the material being used, how it will be produced and maybe even get involved in the manufacturing process themselves. Many Fashion designers got started this way.

You can also find a job in Advertising as well. People in Advertising tend to be very creative and will always have their fingers on the pulse of what people want and what they are looking for. It’s not quite the sleazy corporate world that TV shows like Mad Men portray it to be, but it still has its charms. As someone who has a qualification in manufacturing as well, you may find it even easier to find a job in this sector as well.

Many students also look into the possibilities of becoming a Graphic Designer as well. A Graphic Designer is someone who has to use a number of different software types and applications to create new logos, corporate identities and also advise on rebrands and promotional materials. With a Design degree, you will have a chance of getting a job in graphic design and even looking into the possibilities of other careers like an illustrator too.

Another good degree to look into with a Design degree is a Web Designer. A Web Designer incorporates elements of being a Graphic Designer with elements already learned on a Design degree. You will be asked to design and possibly code a client’s website. Many Web Designers don’t write a single line of code for a site, but do all the fun creative side of things, but a proficiency in coding and other platforms is desired.

Design Degree

How will I be assessed?

Assessment for a Design degree is spread out across two areas: theoretical and practical.

The theoretical element will encompass a lot of the areas of design as well. You will be expected to provide assignments, coursework and a portfolio of your work. The theoretical side will also lean into the practical as well, as you will be expected to type up intensely detailed reports on the practical work you do as well. You will also need to research different styles and pieces and explain how they inform or inspire your work. You will likely not have to sit an examination, unless you're studying at a postgraduate level like a masters degree, however, you will be asked to write a dissertation.

The practical side covers the manufacturing. It is not uncommon, particularly if you're studying the fashion side of things, to look at the manufacturing process and will look at the ways that different types of products are made. You will be graded on the practical side and asked to display your proficiency for it too.

A Design degree will open up a number of different avenues for you to explore.

What skills will I learn?

All degrees give students a number of very important skills for later in life.

With a Design degree, you will pick up a number of skills such as project management. Project management is an important skill to pick up, even if you don't pursue a career in design straight away. Project management will be an asset in all walks of business and your later career and a Design degree will give you a fascinating insight into the world of project management and enhance your skills.

Your communication skills will also see a marked improvement too. Communicating with your fellow students is essential, especially during group work and it will help you when it comes to communicating with your co-workers too.

Your creative skillset will be essential, especially in a degree such as this, so this will be an improvement too. Here, you will learn how to hone your skills, tailor your creativity to the medium you're working in and will also learn how to present your ideas.

Design Degree

Will a Design degree get me a job?

No degree guarantees a job, but a Design degree has a higher chance of finding you a career than you think.

With a degree like a Fashion degree or an Art and Design degree or a Textiles degree, students are only really specialising in one thing, so a Design degree, a degree that focuses on many different elements of design rather than just any one discipline, will be a huge asset to you in the working world.

A Design degree is a degree that focuses on the creation of new designs and the subsequent production of the design.

Many students, post graduation, tend to find work in unpaid internships or through work experience. If you have completed your degree as part of a placement year, you may be able to find a job through previous connections there too.

Famous alumni

Kanye West, studied Art at the American Academy of Art and Chicago State University, though he dropped out (hence his infamous album The College Dropout) and has an honorary doctorate degree by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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