PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Civil Engineering Personal Statement

Submitted by Rishi

Civil Engineering Personal Statement

Submitted by Rishi

Fascinated by how infrastructures, that were once design concepts, have become a reality, led me to choose civil engineering as my career path. By researching immense structural projects from The Great Wall of China to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, I established my interest in civil engineering.

My initial experience of design and construction came from the renovation of my house. I was given an insight into each stage, from the architectural designs to the final construction. This left me with unanswered questions such as what prevented a building from collapsing or how I can access clean water from a tap. These answers lie in civil engineering.

Civil engineering is involved in more than just building construction. I am particularly interested in geotechnics and application of practical skills to make and test materials. The importance of this topic was demonstrated to me when I discovered that the geology of the earth beneath London prevented civil engineers from constructing tall landmarks. I’m also interested in structures, specifically the solutions to foundation problems in a family residence. As a determined individual, I am eager to solve such complications methodically and logically: I enjoy tackling mathematical problems and embracing challenges and so this topic appeals to me most.

I believe my strengths lie in mathematics. I have been taking extra maths classes that have improved my organisation and problem-solving skills. Trigonometry is the area that I enjoy especially because of the challenge of solving problems that incorporate identities, algebraic methods, and trigonometric properties. I chose physics because of its link to engineering and over time I genuinely started to appreciate the subject for its logical reasoning. My mathematical understanding of physics is enhanced by choosing the Mechanics Module. I engaged greatly with the simple harmonic motions topic, more specifically how resonance can affect bridges. Last year I visited the CERN labs in Switzerland, where my passion for physics flourished. This enlightening experience furthered my knowledge of physics and allowed me to communicate with world-leading scientists. The engineering required to build the particle accelerator is truly inspiring and showcased how broad the engineering industry is.

I relished the opportunity to participate in the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award where held a position of responsibility when leading my group on our two-day expedition. Motivation and the ability to communicate effectively was key. I also took part in the National Citizen Service scheme. Project management and critical thinking skills were put to the test when I organised a bake sale, contributing to the money raised for charity, which in total was £1,652. I volunteered to work with the Royal Voluntary Service, in the hospital shops which helped me to develop into a well-rounded person that enjoyed speaking with customers and helping others. I have gained transferable skills, such as responsibility, communication skills, and motivation, that are useful in civil engineering and many other industries.

My career ambition is to become a structural engineer and in doing so becoming a chartered civil engineer. In today’s society, civil engineering changes people’s lives for the better and I want to be a part of that change. I strongly believe that my flair for science, combined with my enthusiasm for problem-solving and overcoming difficult challenges will allow me to excel in this course. I have confidence that engineering is a field where I can apply my skills best and fully realise my potential.

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