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We've collected a list of Classics templates from students who have been accepted at university on Classics related courses.

Classics Personal Statements

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Classics Personal Statement Advice

Reading your classics personal statement, admissions tutors should gain a sense of your ambitions and motivation. You might be writing a classics masters personal statement, or further down the road, be preparing for a doctorate with a classics MPhil personal statement. Regardless of academic stage, your personal statement works the same way: to promote your potential. Your Classics personal statement maximum limit of 4,000 characters, fitting within 47 lines. So you need to be concise! Make sure you plan your personal statement before writing it, to ensure you don’t veer off on a tangent. Listing skills, achievements and passions first will help you include concrete details rather than vague hopes. When it comes to how to conclude a personal statement, just round up your greatest strengths and most persuasive achievements to summarise your personal statement in a simple sentence or two. Get your teacher to read through your draft so you can have some constructive feedback. If you’re applying to a joint degree, even better - a classics and English personal statement can receive feedback from both your history and English teachers. Think about the attributes that you can bring to the course in your Oxbridge personal statement. Has babysitting made you more responsible? Has the debate club built up your critical thinking skills? Successful Oxbridge personal statements will show how students have gone above and beyond when it comes to their subject. Wider reading, expeditions, museum trips or online courses can all be valuable in demonstrating a passion for classics. If you’re pursuing joint honours (maybe for a personal statement studying Latin with classics), touch upon both subjects and explain your reason for combining the two. Don’t be tempted to exaggerate or embellish the facts. Your classical archaeology and ancient history personal statement can always address any gaps in a positive way, explaining how you intend to gain extra experience or do some research in the coming months.

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