PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Dentistry Personal Statement

Submitted by Amy

Dentistry Personal Statement

Submitted by Amy

To me, dentistry is about working respectfully and diligently, being able to take charge as a leader but also work within a team, in paced environment . The profession is very appealing to me, as it not only combines my love of science paired with intricate manual dexterity, but you also have the chance to make a real improvement on the quality of life of your patients. After a total of 3 weeks at 5 dental practices, both private and NHS, I have learnt the importance of communication between patient and dentist and have gained a real appreciation for the hard-work and dedication required in such a demanding profession. I particularly enjoyed engaging with a wide range of people and I believe that my self-motivation and nurturing nature are a great foundation.

Last year, I spend 4 days at 2 private practices where I met an endodontist, prosthodontist and hygienist. I observed multiple root canals, learning how concentration and an eye for detail were essential for complex procedures. Whilst watching the prosthodontist, I observed veneer applications, composite fillings and crown preparations. I learnt about the need for adaptability and the importance of effective teamwork between dentist and dental nurse. I also was very intrigued by how the dental prostheses were made and arranged work experience in a dental laboratory, spending a day learning how porcelain crowns and veneers are made. This year, I arranged 2 weeks at 2 NHS practices, shadowing general dental practitioners and an oral surgeon. I observed amalgam fillings, denture fittings and wisdom tooth extractions, learning the importance of clear communication, being sensitive around nervous patients and fully explaining any treatments, as it means patients are more willing to be open and trusting towards you. I spent 2 days in another private practice, where a ‘CEREC Omnicam’ was used to take crown impressions. This taught me how new technologies are constantly being developed and how important it is to utilise them.

This Easter, I travelled to Botswana, spending 4 days volunteering at a local primary school. I taught English, maths, science and art lessons to a class of 40 children, who initially spoke little to no English, developing my planning, leadership, and communication skills. I also spent a day planting trees near the local care home, teaching locals basic IT skills and visited the ‘Smiles’ Dental Clinic. I raised £200 for the ‘Elephants without Borders’ charity by doing multiple bake sales, after attending a lecture on the preservation of elephants in Botswana. I volunteer at my local care home, building relationships with residents by acting in an approachable and friendly manner. Last year, I volunteered at a charity shop for a year, allowing me to interact with a wide range of people, improving my inter-personal skills and I also volunteer at my local animal sanctuary, walking dogs, as I enjoy using the time to relax after a busy week. I stay informed with latest dental news by reading news articles and journals for my EPQ topic, about forensic odontology. Outside of school I am working towards my grade 6 Flute, which maintains my manual dexterity and is a source of relaxation. Having completed my silver Duke of Edinburgh, working towards Gold, I have learnt to be determined, adaptable and think on the spot. I ride horses and play tennis once a week to maintain a healthy lifestyle. All my extracurricular activities have allowed me to develop a wide range of skills, which will help shape me into a conscientious dentist.

I am a hard-working, enthusiastic and compassionate student with a huge desire to learn. I realise that a good dentist must be responsible, dedicated and ethical and believe that I am capable of that. Therefore, I will be able to fit into social and academic aspect of dental school.

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