Submitted by Georgia


Submitted by Georgia

Dietetics combines my interests in biology, chemistry, food, and helping people. Having experienced the impact that poor nutrition has on health and wellbeing, I can use my experience/understanding to help others. Through observing everyday life, I have found we cease to function without a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Without nutritional values we are nothing; it is important to educate people who are struggling to properly nourish themselves (obesity/eating disorder suffers). Beyond the chemistry specification, I received lectures on pharmacokinetics and drug composition. English Language aids my verbal and written communication skills/ability to articulate concepts. Dietitians have helped me through my eating disorder. I can show compassion and empathy towards those who have negative relationships with food. Having a caring instinct, I would enjoy educating the patients I see day-to-day.

Reading an issue of ‘Dietetics Today’ inspired my Extended Project on E numbers- a widely discussed, yet poorly understood topic. I was interested to learn the links between chemical compounds in E numbers and their effects on us. I spoke to people of all ages/backgrounds for my primary research. It displayed the lack of understanding that people have about what their food contains/how their body reacts to it.

On a laboratory experience day at Warwick University, I learnt about genetics in the context of switching on genes in E-Coli. I learnt techniques such as electronic pipetting, spectrometry, and data analysis/presenting at degree level. I received a commendation from the college Principal for my English language skills, showing the strength of my communication skills. I completed an Aspiring Medics day, when I learnt about physiology beyond A level specifications. I was given scenarios which occur in hospitals- preparing patients for theatre and preparing anaesthetics. I applied my knowledge of how the human body works to carry out real surgical procedures. A healthy lifestyle is essential in ensuring these body systems function for a lifetime.

Chosen by my school to visit CERN, I learnt about subatomic particles in the context of The Large Hadron Collider. I attend weekly mindfulness/wellbeing classes, improving my understanding of the powerful link between mind and body. This is relevant to the course as a healthy lifestyle is proven to improve mental wellbeing. Having guitar lessons demonstrates my commitment/openness to learning new things.

Volunteering at the (NHS) You+ Clinic, I witness dietitians’ daily roles. I was curious to know what the most rewarding part of the job is, as well as what problems they face. The most common response was despite people’s willingness to make lifestyle changes, they often struggle to maintain these commitments. Being outgoing, I enjoy talking to people in the local community. I read patients’ food diaries, helping tailor diet/exercise plans for them. With many patients being obese, BMI and medical conditions must be considered, helping tackle the obesity epidemic. In my retail job worked as part of a team, for example when piercing ears. I simultaneously communicated with both my colleagues and the customer. I will use these skills on my course when working as part of a team, and in laboratory work. I can adapt information and communicate it to anybody, of any age/background, due to my customer-faced experiences. Balancing a job, A levels and extracurricular activities (e.g. the EPQ) means my stress/time management skills are excellent. In retail I problem solved on the spot such as when serving on the till whilst another customer needed information on a product. I would politely and quickly deal with both customers, dividing my attention. In my family business, I am responsible for completing timesheets, ensuring employees get paid correctly and promptly.

I am excited to learn more about how I can help others achieve their optimum health and happiness.

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