Submitted by Sabrina

English BA Personal Statement

Submitted by Sabrina

I have always been fascinated by the way writers can influence people or even manipulate reader’s emotions by their expression of thoughts, and by their ability to encourage the expansion of our understanding and imagination. My interest in English stems from my upbringing as a child, as I have always been exposed and surrounded by strong minded people who have always advised me to express myself and I have chosen to do this within the arts of English. From reading various books and understanding the concept of words that hold value, it has led me to create my own pieces of work which I have produced through my own experiences. Therefore, I want to study English further as a catalyst, for my own writing and to extend my knowledge of a subject for which I have developed a passion.

During my spare time I have invested immense time reading novels and also creating my own form of poetry, due to difficulties in trying to connect with loved ones, I found myself getting lost in books instead. At the age of 10 I started writing poems based on my own personal experiences on life itself, the various relationships I was exposed to, and my own understand on the true meaning behind the cycle of life. Moreover, I have read a great deal of speculative fiction, as my favourite is The Handmaid’s Tale, a tragic story consisting of an oppressive future in America. The foreign idea of a dystopian society existing intrigued me, which as a bonus came to my advantage as I studied Margaret Atwood’s novel during my AS English course.

Additionally, my enthusiasm for Drama inspired me from a very young age, as I would always participate in school productions by competing against other student during auditions and successfully securing parts. The stage is quite intoxicating, the huge curtains, bright lights, the set stage, all these factors of theatre amazed me as a little girl; as I would visit theatres and perhaps believe I was living in a dream, making me wish to become a part of the magic on stage. The act of expression interlinked with both my subjects of English and Drama, due to being alert in creating extravagant pieces of work through both subjects but also creating a great passion for expression alone. One play I massively enjoyed performing was Blood Brothers, as I was intrigued by the undertones of the story including the various roles in society, and how wealth brings privileges. My intensity for social debates allowed me to commit to the role of Mrs Johnstone, as I was able to express myself through her character as well as presenting the downfalls of living lower class to the wider audience. Due to the reception and feedback I have received from participating in various productions, I decided to take on using it as an advantage of entertainment. I would perform short shows at local care homes, alongside peers, as making others smile was my joy.

In addition I have developed other interests outside of Sixth form as well as hobbies such as sports. Growing up in a rural background allowed me to look beyond the walls of my room, pushing me to involve myself physically. Throughout my primary and secondary years I have participated in a number of sport including football and netball, however I performed exceptionally great in athletics. Every year I would participate in the 100m and relay race, constantly training before the event in order to become the best. I have taken part in many races all over Birmingham as well as taking on the role of Sports Captain and Prefect during year 11. Prior to this, my greatest achievement was taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh bronze award, which challenged my leadership skills as well as my teamwork skills. The expedition challenged my lack of patience and my ability to work alongside peers in order to complete tasks successfully. Furthermore, my love for fashion has enabled me to express myself through what I wear. Due to this I have used my social media to publish various stylish looks, enabling me to do many paid styling jobs for brands and also photo shoots for upcoming clothing lines in London.

My aspirations in becoming a secondary English teacher is what led to want to study English Language and Literature, as this degree will allow me to obtain the right path for my career. This achievement will act as motivational purpose to be the best version of me, not only me but my younger siblings and to anyone who has ever doubted me in the past. “Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”- Chris Grosser.

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