PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE International Event Management

Submitted by Chloe

International Event Management

Submitted by Chloe

I am applying for event management because it has interested me throughout my life, and planning events and managing them is something that I have always enjoyed and I push myself to get involved with. An example of this is when I was the head of the prom committee at my school. This meant me and the committee needed to plan things such as the theme, music, photographer, activities to do at the prom, and catering. We also organised events such as bake sales to raise money for the expenditure. This course I will excel at, because I am able to confidently learn in any format such as independently, in groups or by practical work. I want to apply to learn more about the subject so that in the future it will allow me to have an occupation that I thoroughly enjoy.

The course interests me because I am a creative person, so for it to become my occupation that I could work in for my lifetime would be fantastic.

I am suitable for the course because I am a very hard worker and will be able to work to meet deadlines, as I will be producing work in a subject that I relish in therefore the work will be enjoyable to me. I enjoy working in all conditions due to the course being something that captivates me and is my goal to make a career out of. I have leadership qualities, so when working in groups I will be a valuable asset because I will be very involved and I am prepared to lend a helping hand to anyone who may need it.

I will be engaged in all classwork, and will be prepared to give my opinion when asked. I think to be suitable you need to have creative and innovative attributes which I have, and this will help me to learn and manage my own events. In the past I have taken subjects such as media studies and product design which I believe relates to event management, since both of these studies are artistic and they helped me to possess the skill of thinking of innovative ideas and to communicate them effectively. These subjects made me think about experimental and original ideas, and as a part of the assessment in these subject's, event management was incorporated and I had to plan an event to help advertise my product which links to event management with experimental marketing.

Also, while at secondary school, I was able to complete charity work such as children in need. For one year I wanted to do something personal to raise money, so I gathered my class and asked them to dress up with me to collect money from sponsors or by direct engagement with potential donators. I am proud of this achievement because although it was not a major event, we were able to raise a lot of money for charity and I was the one who organised it.

An award commending my dedication and progress in media studies is an achievement I am proud of. I was the only individual to receive an award, and I was praised for the hard work and effort I put into my subject, which helped me achieve my grade.

Some events that I have managed and planned myself or have joint managed are: my sister's wedding, my 16th birthday party, charity days, and my secondary school prom. I played a major role in assisting my sister in her wedding planning, I helped her do activities such as finding her venue, picking a florist, photographer, catering and the features in the venue. For my 16th birthday party I organised similar features, and this has helped me gain some experience as it enabled me to have a glimpse of what planning and managing an event entails.

As an independent student I am not afraid of hard work in order to progress and achieve the best grades. I am organised which means that all my work is completed to a good standard and that I will be prepared for every lecture. My work experience working at McColl's for five years, and working in hospitality has enabled me to develop skills such as working well in teams and under pressure, plus time management and communication. I aspire to be an event management student as the course will lead me to many job opportunities.

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