History Personal Statement

I am captivated by the ways in which History has moulded the world’s leading economies and has set the standards for the social values that surround us; this shows the influence that history has on the modern world, in seeking a more prosperous future that allows us to thrive. History enables us to understand the foundations of modern societies and gives us an insight into the lives and philosophies of those who envisioned it. By studying these shifts in societal norms, I wish to advance my understanding of the concept of human error and how we can implement it into our lives, to ensure a secure future. The impact that history has on the world around us has always fascinated me and is why I wish to continue studying it.

My passion for History stems from my education and experiences. By visiting historical landmarks such as; Hampton Court Palace and St Pauls Cathedrals, I was able to enhance my knowledge beyond the classroom; this fuelled my curiosity in learning about different eras and the history of our predecessors. After studying Civil rights in the USA, I read, ‘Better Day Coming’ by Adam Fairclough in addition to watching documentaries on the topic in order to broaden my knowledge of historic moments and events, that have had major impacts on the world and still have relevance to today’s society. One topic, outside of the school syllabus, that has interested me was on the ancient Chinese dynasties and has provided me with knowledge regarding the development of the Chinese culture up to, and following, the 1911 rebellion and has enabled me to form a stronger understanding of the motivations of later leaders such as Mao Zedong and Sun Yat Sen.

My visits and further willingness to seek knowledge has led me to pursue A-levels in; Classical Civilisation and History which have allowed me to extend my range of knowledge in both ancient and modern History. This has given me the ability to analyse changes in; trends and interpretations throughout time and in different regions of the world.  In AS history I studied the conflict and change in 19th and 20th Century Britain and focused, in particular, on the changing role of women during this period. By researching this I was able to form an understanding of how various groups in society gained more social and economic freedoms, and the varying methods that they had to use in order to achieve them.

In combination with History and Classical Civilisation, I am currently studying Mathematics through this I was chosen to represent my school in the junior and senior Maths challenges. My interest in Mathematics has provided me with a deeper understanding into further analytical and problem solving, which have aided my studies in History.

My commitments outside of formal education, that include; being part of the National Citizen Service programme as well as my part-time job, have given me a wide range of skills which are beneficial in preparing me for university. In addition to this my work experience has given me practical skills and has allowed me to develop a broader understanding of the careers I wish to pursue. I feel that at degree level my knowledge and abilities will be challenged allowing me to strengthen my understanding of History.  I hope that my enthusiasm and commitment will support me in securing a career in which I can implement the skills that history provides.

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