PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE International Law Personal Statement

Submitted by Zehra

International Law Personal Statement

Submitted by Zehra

When discussing my future aspirations my family and friends ask me, why international Law? International Law is no longer something that is unique to individual countries as in today's increasingly globalized world, legal problems are becoming universal. The aspect of promoting global peace and prosperity has influenced my choice of studying Law.

This interest in Law covers many areas of my life, as I am currently participating in a voluntary scheme befriending the elderly that is run by YOPEY. This enables me to interact with people that I normally would not communicate with. Interacting with different people who originate from different cultures and backgrounds triggers my desire to understand how and why certain sets of Laws have affected their experiences. For example, the free healthcare Law in place that is eligible to UK citizen’s aged 60 and above.

A Level History has provided me with further knowledge of policies, which have helped shape the society we know today. For example the Treaty of Versailles which has shaped historical events as well as political ones. For me learning about the legal side of making agreements is worthy of study and learning in greater depth, which is a contributing factor to why I am interested in studying international Law. An important skill that I have gained is being able to research relevant information in a fairly short amount of time; which is a vital skill under pressured working conditions. My English Literature experience has helped me understand the depiction of the Victorian legal system. I have seen this shape the storyline of Emily Bronte’s novel “Wuthering Heights” and Oscar Wilde’s play “The Importance of Being Ernest”. Which is a reason to why I want to learn about how the Victorian legal system has affected today's Law and order. English Literature has enabled me to read between the lines and make fast and sensible decisions. Studying A-Level Sociology has helped me understand the different communities within a society and how different aspects of the legal systems have influenced decisions of lifestyle, for example, the increase in divorce rates in the UK and how the Law of divorce has led to increasingly diverse families in many societies.

Additional voluntary work I have undertaken was a sponsored silence, where I raised money for the RSPCA charity and I took part in a dress-up charity event at my school for Children in Need. Supporting voluntary events has raised awareness not only for myself but also for the community, as these events undoubtedly have a positive impact on millions around the UK. I believe that social responsibility is paramount to our values, beliefs, and systems.

I am fluent in Turkish as a second language. A second language provides a wealth of cultured experiences, as it is a beneficial skill to have in my future career that I aim to excel in. My favorite hobby is reading books from different genres is as it allowed me to not only think about what influenced the author, but it also allowed me to improve my literacy skills. I receive Current Awareness news feeds from the Inner Temple Library via email, keeping me up to date with current legal events, for example the Brexit negotiations. Being able to see how the legal system plays a huge part in the transition period the UK will undergo, the role of courts during this time provoked my passion to study and learn the aspect of what will in the near future affect the future society. Being able to shadow a fellow Law student and taking part in a Land Law lecture was a definite eye opener, not only was I able to experience a day in the life of a university Law student but able to have an unforgettable time as I was intrigued by the exquisite learning style.

My aspiration is to join an institution that will provide me with the opportunity to becoming a successful lawyer as well as being a part of a community socially and academically.

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