Law Personal Statement

I am interested in studying a law degree after attending the local courts to observe law in action. I was intrigued by the roles of the different advocates for the defence and prosecution and the position of the defendant in the process. Following the experiences of observing cases, I believe my experience of ethics study and further philosophical underpinnings of A Level Religious Studies have given me the understanding of the issues of morality, justice, moral positions and ethical solutions within society. I am enthusiastic about studying law at university.

In studying ethics I have been particularly interested in ethical theories like Utilitarianism and Situation ethics which all attempt to answer ethical dilemmas and create a basis for ethical decision making. This has given me an interest in ethical solutions which is why I want to study law. Further in my studies of RS I have recognised the importance of understanding different cultures, belief systems and historically important figures such as Aristotle and Karl Marx who have all impacted on my opinions and ideas and given me stronger understanding of how the world operates.

I feel that the historical perspectives attained through studying at modern history in terms of the events contributing towards the Russian revolution and the establishment of the Nazi movement pre-World War II will help me in considering the importance of the role of law within the establishment of society.

My studies in A Level English Language have helped me appreciate the role of power positions and the interplay of language in the establishment of roles and the interplay of roles within communication. As such the role of advocacy might draw from both the written and spoken word and appreciation of the nature of language in its interpretation in action.

Out of school I enjoy developing my skills as a magician, which I feel demonstrates my aptitude, dedication and application of learning as I have been accepted as a member of the Ipswich Magic Society (and hope to join the Magic Circle now I am 18). This involves my attendance at Magic Society meetings and interaction with magicians across the region who are both my seniors and more experienced as professional magicians within the community. Within my role as a magician, I have gained considerable interpersonal skills working with individuals and crowds by entertaining at local charitable events such as the Framlingham annual ‘Sausage Fest’.

I have provided entertainment and employment through card skills mastery for birthday parties, local entertainment nights and the school annual ‘Summer Fun Evening’. Within the magic society I am required to learn new tricks and perform within the monthly show nights to develop my standing within the magician community. I am an established guitarist and have performed solo at the local Open Mic circuit and at birthday parties accompanying singers. In addition to attaining a high level of accomplishment, I have performed at public houses, at my school prom, Christmas and summer church festivals and many family events. I have played football for local teams at league level since I was 10. This has involved travel around the county and play against and with team members from a variety of teams over the last decade. In addition I am a member of the gym which I attend regularly for weight lifting and fitness training. During sixth form I have been working for my father in the family business which has given me experience in terms.

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Build the skills needed to excel in the Law industry by studying Law at University of Roehampton. Within their 'law in practice' environment you'll learn to think like a lawyer in no time. Apply now!

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