Submitted by Rhian

Law Personal Statement

Submitted by Rhian

Society would be a jungle without the law; our civilisation would be corrupted. Law needs to be reformed according to the developments that our country face; for example, legislation to allow same-sex marriage in England and Wales only came into force in 2014. Our law is altered and updated all the time; without these essential changes, the law cannot keep pace with society. It is vital to have this structure and guidance.

A passion for law has encouraged me to attend university to enhance and develop my expertise. This will empower me to become proficient in this subject that I have been fascinated in since an early age. Visiting relatives in the Middle East on a regular basis presented me with the image of injustice; this was my trigger. I realised how a proper legal system is a huge attribute in having a successful society; law is a voice, a weapon. As a child, and to this very day, I would always find myself arguing for what I knew was right. Because of this, I am especially looking forward to studying Equality and Human Rights.

The A-levels that I study link strongly to the career in law that I want to follow. Studying law has enabled me to gain knowledge within the sector. All of my experiences combined with my studies have, and will continue to, broaden my horizons within a legal setting. Recent studies in criminal law have led me to read the case of Stone and Dobinson (1977), which shows how we should assume that we have a duty do the correct thing.

Studying history has strengthened my understanding on the past of our country and it's English Legal System, and helped to make sense of the world we live in today. Furthermore, it has enlightened me on how our justice system has changed over time as our nation has advanced. It has also enriched my analytic skills while learning about different legislation that have been passed.

Religious Studies has educated me on how our law guides us to moral responsibilities. For example, it is interesting to see how religious ideologies used to play an active part in the English Legal System and how we have evolved from this. For example, in the case of Drury v. Defontaine (1808), it was said by Lord Coke that the Christian religion is part of the common law. Moreover, it gives me the chance to be critical and practice my debating skills in order to express my opinions openly and fairly. I know that I can excel in my remaining time at college, and show that I am a worthy candidate who is motivated, striving, and resilient.

A non-academic achievement of mine, that I am extremely proud of, is my participation and completion of a pledge to raise ten thousand pounds for the Syrian Crisis. This required a lot of group work and team skill. I was inspired, driven, and put in a lot of commitment towards the charity and refugees in need. For me, this was very rewarding. Taking part in something not just for the community, but also for a bigger cause, educated me a lot. For example, it gave me a lot of self-awareness and I realised that I can respond to a challenge with enthusiasm, no matter the situation. My work experience, and later part-time job in a doctor's surgery, helped me build on my decision-making and problem-solving skills.

After achieving a degree in law, I hope to carry on my education to become a Barrister. Advocacy is a huge interest for me in law; I think that it is important to have a voice. Being a confident and opinionated student among my peers will impact my path towards a prosperous career. Hand-on involvements, such as attending various court hearings, have facilitated me in widening my understanding of law in practice.

I am a student who enjoys helping the community on a daily basis and contributing a genuine, passionate, and well-rounded individual. All of my experiences have prepared me to be successful beyond even graduate level. I am determined to flourish academically in the present, and in the future; university will be the next stage of this journey.

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Build the skills needed to excel in the Law industry by studying Law at University of Roehampton. Within their 'law in practice' environment you'll learn to think like a lawyer in no time. Apply now!

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