Submitted by Jack

Law Personal Statement

Submitted by Jack

Considering law as a closely woven network preserving society's safety, protection and continuity is a construct I think is built upon effective communication and application of legislation. Witnessing a consultation between a solicitor and counsel is what kindled my interest in law and the legal system. The whole system captivated me and I instantly wanted to know more about the procedures. Further to my GCSE law studies, I have engaged with a range of scholarly material to feed my curiosity of the English Legal System. The traditions upheld in the profession, combined with a modern approach, make the legal system an intriguing and unique concept. I have seen the impact that legal professionals have on the lives of others and the difference they can make to a person's life. It is this sense of ensuring justice is impartial, and the ability to change people's lives, that has inspired me to pursue a career as a barrister. I am especially interested in the law of litigation and tort and hope to follow this into my career. It is my interest in these areas that leads me towards a degree in Law.

The theoretical aspect of the law interests me deeply. From Albert Venn Dicey's constitutional theory to the Hart-Devlin debate on law and morality, the theory and debate of the law is continuously evolving. I feel this is important because it ensures that law suitably serves its purpose in society. I engage in this debate with other critical thinkers on points of law such as jury service, discussing the level of social representation in juries. I take particular pleasure in engaging with articles in The Guardian's Law section and the Law Society Gazette.

My Religious Studies course has instigated my interest in the relationship between the law and religion. The relationship between religious rules and law can be turbulent or harmonious, and it is the question of which should persevere and what people should do when their faith clashes with law that interests me. For example, Sharia Law often clashes with British law due to their opposing roots. During my reading, I have found the arguments for and against Sharia Law compelling as the ambiguity of whether the law of the land must stand above the law of the religion of a minority is frequently contested. I indulge my interest of law and ethics through my independent reading, and have found ethical theories such as utilitarianism are present in our country’s law by ensuring that the majority are served by the law in line with the utility principle. During a six-week work experience placement at an established law firm, I was shown cases ranging from unfair dismissals to conveyances. This improved my analytical and problem-solving skills. In this placement, I explored forms of law such as family law, corporate law, conveyancing, personal injury, probate and employment law. Due to my performance, I was invited to volunteer at the same law firm on a more regular basis. I have also sat in the public gallery at Chester Crown Court and witnessed an array of criminal cases. I think these experiences have suitably acquainted me with the life of a legal professional.

As Head Boy, I have developed strong teamwork skills by liaising with my peers to solve problems and introduce new ideas. My interpersonal skills have also been enriched through public speaking including presenting to an audience at open evenings and in assemblies. I have also further developed these skills through the debating team which has enhanced my oracy and research skills. I feel that these skills put me on the right path towards becoming a skilled barrister.

My aspiration is to become a barrister and, eventually, a judge or Queen’s Counsel. This is driven by my desire to ensure justice is impartial through careful, consistent application of the law, ensuring it does not discriminate and serves everybody equally. Studying law will enable me to progress towards achieving this goal.

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