Submitted by Aine

Law Personal Statement

Submitted by Aine

Communication, debates, opinions and current issues, what immediately comes to mind when you hear these words? For me its Law and the Judicial System. From the issue of minimum alcohol pricing in the UK to cuts that have put many elderly and disabled people beyond the reach of legal aid; the world of law is never ending. I've been inspired to study it because of the current issues happening in the world in the twenty-first century. Through studying English literature to AS level, I have acquired many skills including great communication. These skills have been developed throughout my years at school by often reading at school assemblies and at mass. Through studying Religious Studies my debating skills and also my communication skills have been advanced and I believe I am confident to express my own views and opinions within a group setting.

Over the years I participated in a number of shows for Bosco Drama Group and through these experiences, I have learnt to effectively work in a team. Also, I gained new creative thinking skills from having to work on designing the set for the shows. Attributes all necessary to develop me into a person highly suited to study law at a higher level. Through my part-time work in Dunnes Stores for over a year now has provided me with an insight into the argumentative and difficult people in society, through facing problematic and challenging customers on a weekly basis, I have adapted to understanding people and this would be useful in a law career. Through it all, I still have a curiosity for law as a further study of education. Law first appealed to me when I partook in a debate in English in year 10 about wearing school uniform to school, I was intrigued to hear everyone's different views and opinions and I believe this inspired me to dive deeper into this as a career option. In October 2016, I obtained a place working with and gaining knowledge through my three-day work experience placement in Rosemary Connolly Solicitors. I was very eager to delve into the life of a lawyer. On the first day, I was the student again learning how to use the specailsed software for adding and deleting clients from the system, I succeeded well in doing these tasks on the computer due to my ICT background, this helped me to carry out the task effectively and smoothly. The courts were very captivating as I got to see how the court system worked as I eagerly watched the lawyers defend their clients.

I think I am a well-rounded student, through partaking in the Pope John Paul II award, I volunteered in school and became part of the school's eco-committee, helping the younger girls in school become more knowledgeable and eco-friendly in their everyday lives. Faith Friends was another project that I volunteered with, I led presentations and engaged with the younger girls and boys while balancing and studying for 4 AS level exams. In carrying out this award I developed my communication skills and eliminated my fear of speaking in front of an audience of strangers, hence, giving me confidence to do so now. Over the years, in Sacred Heart Grammar School, I was nominated to be prefect in year 12 and now in year 14 I am currently holding the position of vice prefect. These roles have given me confidence to lead tasks and prepare and read at assemblies.

I believe that studying law is the path that has been chosen for me, not only due to my interest in public issues and criminology but my passion for debating and arguing my case. In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson; "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." I believe that I have the drive and the real enthusiasm for studying Law at a higher level of education.

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