Submitted by Minwenhle

Law Personal Statement

Submitted by Minwenhle

My decision to study Law was never difficult to decide. Having always been inspired and motivated to fight for people's rights and witnessing situations which resulted to going to court had only added more passion to study law at a higher level. During my time at college I have been to Crown Court and the Magistrates Court as well as personally witnessing cases on domestic abuse and breach of a restraining order. Which allowed me to gain an insight into how solicitors prepare files and interact with their clients and how the clients are treated before providing evidence in the court of law. In addition to this I have gone to the courts several times voluntarily. With each visit I find myself becoming more interested and intrigued to become part of the legal system community. I know this is something I will do for the rest of my life. Having a law degree would allow me to follow my passion also build a broad knowledge on the legal world.

Studying Law at GCSE and A-Level has furthered my ability to analyse information, cases, legislations and to use the information to form an effective argument. Psychology has allowed to me gain an understanding on human behaviour and behaviour categories. The chosen subjects that I have decide at college has allowed me to mature as a young person because health and social allows me to focus on how individuals in society can be mistreated and the effects that it has on them, Sociology has allowed me to analyse why some commit crimes according to theoretical groups. Whilst Law has allowed me to build on my passion.

I decided to do an extended project on investigating if serial killers are born to kill or are they were created by society. This gave me the opportunity to look at legal cases Bundy, Kemper and Garavito. Within this extra-curricular I was able to learn how to make arguments by gaining evidence to back my claims. This lead to me being able to work with group, communicate and learn how to handle myself when it becomes heated. It allowed to control my emotions and think different ways of saying something without giving the opposite side a chance to make rebounds. As I had to learn to do the project objectively instead of being subjective.

Whilst taking part in summer residential, I was given the opportunity to have an insight in how Law is taught in university. This allowed me to become more confident that Law is what I want to do in higher education. In addition to this, I have recently taken part in law society at the college. I believe is important for me to focus on. Currently we have been making our own laws for the college, in future weeks we will be conducting a mock trial in addition to this I have volunteered to offer the elderly a meal at college near Christmas time. This would allow me to learn about the community around me. My hobbies outside of college is me doing the gardening, reading books and making images out of stars allows me to destress as they fascinate me especially during summer.

My time at university will be a challenge to balance academics and spending time with my family. However, as I am currently doing four subjects at college I know I will be able to manage my time adequately. I am very friendly and interested to meeting individuals from different backgrounds. I am open to criticism as I know teachers provide it to increase my level of work but also to continue to be organised and punctual to my lessons. I believe I am the best candidate to study this course because I have the passion for it but also because I am able to adapt in different situations and act maturely towards them. As I have had personal experiences with the legal system, I have witnessed the work that an individual with a legal degree does as a glimpse, I know that communicating with clients and gaining the correct information is important. For this reason, I know that I will be an excellent university student as I will take all advice into account for my future after university.

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Build the skills needed to excel in the Law industry by studying Law at University of Roehampton. Within their 'law in practice' environment you'll learn to think like a lawyer in no time. Apply now!

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