Submitted by Olivia

Law LLB Personal Statement

Submitted by Olivia

I believe that all humans should have; the right to life, freedom from slavery, the right to education and all the other rights we are entitled to under the Human Rights Act 1998. The study of Human Rights is a passion of mine and travelling to Brazil in 2014 to represent Team England in the Street Child World Cup fuelled this passion even more. As a care leaver I was given the opportunity to travel to Brazil and meet children from the streets of multiple countries. The experiences they shared including the lack of humanity they are shown in their country not only brought tears to my eyes but ignited a fire inside of me to do all I could to change these injustices. This is why I believe that Human Rights Law is the perfect fit for me.

I previously planned to go to university at eighteen however, life does not always go to plan. Getting pregnant at eighteen meant that this was not possible for me at the time however, now as a mother of a one year old child, I now have the motivation and determination to follow my newly founded plan. I am working extremely hard to complete the goals I have set forth for myself which include getting distinctions in my Access to Higher Education Diploma units and in turn gaining a place at your university and not only graduating, but graduating with First Class Honours. I am not only doing this for myself, but also for my daughter; so she can have the best upbringing I can give her and most importantly, so I can make a change to the world that every child will have to grow up in.

When deciding to go back into education, I researched the options available to me which would allow me to study Law at university. Throughout this research, I found information regarding the Access to Higher Education Diploma which greatly intrigued me. The Diploma has not only widened my knowledge in the fields of Law, History and Politics; it has also taught me many study skills such as how to take notes from lectures properly. In turn, it then enables me to make notes for myself that allow me to understand the topics fully and see the gaps in my knowledge. Therefore I can then do further external research to fill in these gaps. These are not only important and necessary skills to have at this level, but also at university and in working life as a lawyer. I had the opportunity to partake in Pathways to Law with the Sutton Group and UCL University. During this time I attended a conference at Warwick University in which I participated in many workshops and seminars. One of the most notable workshops I participated in was the debating workshop in which we were put in teams and given a motion which we either had to argue for or against. Our motion was 'should obese and smokers have limited availability to the NHS', and my team was arguing against this. We ended up winning out of our small group and had the opportunity to argue this on the stage of a large hall in Warwick against the winners of another group. We did not win this debate however, the opportunity greatly developed my confidence and mooting skills which are integral skills to have when working in the legal field. My participation in Pathways to Law also gave me the opportunity to complete a one week work experience placement at Clifford Chance LLP. This was a challenging yet extremely enjoyable experience as I was able to attend networking events, during which I was able to talk to and gain insight from people currently in the legal profession. This experience taught me the need for first impressions, how to present yourself and the questions you should and should not ask.

As a mature learner I believe that I have many experiences which have shaped who I am today and who I achieve to be. I know that law is the only degree that will satisfy my hunger to help change the injustices I have seen and heard throughout my experiences.

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Build the skills needed to excel in the Law industry by studying Law at University of Roehampton. Within their 'law in practice' environment you'll learn to think like a lawyer in no time. Apply now!

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