Submitted by Jabelyn

BA Management

Submitted by Jabelyn

Business in our neoteric world is constantly evolving. The way businesses operate on a global scale in our daily lives, and can impact societies is what sparked my interest for this subject when I was studying for GCSEs in year 10. I became even more engaged with business as a whole after studying it in greater detail at sixth form, and I knew I wanted to develop my knowledge further as a degree at university. Business theories really captured my attention, like how Maslow's 'Hierarchy of Needs' can be used to explain the various levels of motivations, and that it can only be achieved once the lower level deficit needs have been satisfied. It helps explain and understand the theoretical side of business and how it can affect individuals, which I personally find very interesting.

As an innovative and broad-minded individual, these characteristics help my critical thinking when it comes to analysing various aspects of a business, such as in marketing, finance, human resources and operations management. An example of when I applied this was when I took part in the ‘Enterprise Programme’ in school, which consisted of my team members and I, planning and pitching our own product and then convincing the school to 'invest' in our product. It involved considering key features such as the target market, devising a unique selling point (USP) and applying the 7 P's of marketing after thorough research. Applying these skills effectively enabled our team to win the programme and helped not only my confidence, but also my presentational skills, which are key attributes in business. Additionally, participating in this programme progressed my understanding of business and grew my fascination for business even more.

Alongside Business Studies, taking A-Level Sociology includes application, analysis and evaluation. This has improved my skills in essay writing significantly, which is also very important when it comes to decision making and identifying a firm's problems to manage the information effectively and generate alternative solutions. Moreover, Sociology relates to business as it focuses on the evolution and demographics of society, and how institutions take part in shaping the society we currently live in. Businesses play an important role from a functionalist view as it helps keep society cooperating harmoniously by working and helping the community in fulfilling each other's needs.

Successful business moguls such as Alan Sugar inspire me by showing that success is the result of hard work and persistence, which makes me determined to prosper within a business career. His TV series 'The Apprentice' helps me recognise the importance of entrepreneurial qualities and how having a multi-skilled personality helps them adapt to different business roles.

The retail element of business particularly appeals to me as I have a passion for fashion, especially the marketing segment of it, and how social media is such a powerful platform for businesses to promote and advertise their products. For instance, Influencers blogging about fashion companies and their clothing is an effective form of marketing strategy. In relation to this, I have worked in 'USC' (a fashion retail store) as a sales advisor. It enabled me to adopt and improve the necessary skills needed, such as teamwork and communication, to provide excellent customer service which are essential when working with any company. Working in retail allowed me to gain insight into how the store operated. This extended my business knowledge in terms of management styles, the operations behind the shop floor, such as delivery, as well as promotional tactics- especially during the Christmas seasonal period where demand is very high.

Studying business at university will allow me to develop a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics within a business and equip me to pursue the career in business I aspire to.

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